Who Makes EV Titan Golf Carts According to Tell Me More Golf Instructors and Coaches Telling You Who Owns Ev Titan

Who Makes EV Titan Golf Carts? (Golf Coach’s Advice)

Who Makes EV Titan Golf Carts According to Tell Me More Golf Instructors and Coaches Telling You Who Owns Ev Titan

As the Head Golf Coach here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m somebody with over 50 years of professional coaching experience and it’s my job to help you along the golfing path. 

We’ve covered lots of topics and we’ve got lots to come. After all, there’s so much to cover, for golf is a sport with many hidden depths, while there are so many branches that extend from the golfing tree, which is both tall and imposing.

In this article, we’re looking at golf carts. In fact, we’re discussing a specific golf cart brand. That brand is EV Titan, so let’s get into it and look at all things EV Titan golf carts. 

Who Makes EV Titan Golf Carts?

A good place to start is to address who makes EV Titan golf carts. EV Titan golf carts are made by American electrical vehicle and golf cart manufacturer EV Titan LLC. 

EV Titan LLC specializes in designing and producing upgraded and customizable golf carts, which are street legal as standard, not to mention quite stunning in design. If you’re looking for a high-performance golf cart that will have you looking like a smooth operator on either the golf course or rolling through your neighborhood, then EV Titan can help. 


Where Are EV Titan Golf Carts Made?

If you’re a fan of American-made products and are searching for a new golf cart, then you won’t be disappointed with what EV Titan has to offer. 

The design and production of EV Titan golf carts takes place right here in the USA.

Specifically, EV Titan LLC is headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, which is where the vast majority of the work that goes into manufacturing these rather beautiful golf carts takes place. 

EV Titan released two superb new golf carts not that long ago. These are: 

  • The Phantom 4 Seater – 4-seater golf cart that looks very cool, especially in black, though other colors are available. Features a prestigious interior and loads of extras. 
  • The Phantom 6 Seater – 6-seater golf cart that offers everything that the 4-seater does but with room for two extra passengers. 


Are EV Titan Golf Carts Any Good?

I can say with a real degree of certainty that EV Titan golf carts are very good, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

I’d be very surprised if anybody says that they don’t like the way the EV Titan golf cars look, as they really are easy on the eye. 

Having worked as a golf coach in the industry for over 50 years, I’ve naturally had the benefit of sampling all the top golf cart brands. Of course, I’m a fan of EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha, and such brands are hard to beat, but in my experience, EV Titan golf carts are up there with the best, especially in terms of what they look like. Rarely will you see golf carts that catch the eye more than EV Titan carts. The Phantom 4 Seater is a fantastic golf cart, one that I have used on several occasions. I really liked the adjustable suspension, the bluetooth touchscreen sound system is excellent, while the 72 volt, 125ah lithium battery allows the cart to reach speeds of 25 MPH, which makes getting around just that little bit more convenient without becoming unsafe. 

Given the quality of EV Titan golf carts, I would have to say that they are rather affordable too. Look, you’re not going to pick one up for a few thousand dollars, but for what you get, compared to some other products on the market right now, the pricing is competitive to say the least. 


Who Owns EV Titan?

As mentioned above, EV Titan golf carts are made by EV Titan LLC, which is a company in its own right, based on United States soil, located in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EV Titan a good golf cart?

Yes, EV Titan golf carts are very good. They perform well, look great and come with loads of customizable options. Given the level of quality, they’re quite affordable too. 

Who makes the EV Titan golf cart?

The EV Titan golf cart is made by EV Titan LLC, an electric vehicle and golf cart producer, based in the United States. 

What kind of batteries does a EV Titan golf cart take?

Currently, those looking to get their hands on an EV Titan golf cart have two options. Those options are the EV Titan Phantom 4 Seater and the EV Titan Phantom 6 Seater. Both golf carts take a 72 volt, 125 ah lithium battery. 

For a golf cart or low speed vehicle to be considered street legal, it must meet a certain criteria. For example, it must have seatbelts, turn signals and brake lights. Some golf carts are not street legal from the outset, leaving users in a position where upgrades are needed, but fortunately that is not the case with EV Titan carts, which come as street legal. 

How long does a EV Titan golf cart take to charge?

One of the great things about EV Titan golf carts is that they have rather speedy charging times, at least compared to many other types of golf cart. Typically, an EV Titan golf cart will take around five hours to achieve a full charge. 

Why is EV Titan so expensive?

On the face of it, EV Titan golf carts are expensive, sure. An EV titan cart is certainly not an everyday purchase, let’s put it that way, but given their overall quality, compared to some other brands in the industry, they’re somewhat affordable. 

How do you tell the year of a EV Titan golf cart?

If you purchase an EV Titan golf cart brand new from a dealer, then this information will be presented to you at the time, though if you bought a used golf cart, you can find the model year in the cart user manual. 

How fast will a EV Titan golf cart go?

EV Titan golf carts have a maximum speed of 25 MPH, which is quicker than some other brands, without being so fast that safety becomes an issue.



Ultimately, there’s very little criticism to go the way of EV Titan golf carts. In truth, you won’t find many better put together products in the golf cart industry. The recently designed Phantom is one of the best electric ev’s that I’ve ever driven. The praise for EV Titan golf carts goes way beyond the driving experience too. To look at, these golf carts are delightful, while the inclusion of a 72 volt battery set-up is fantastic, especially if you’re looking for an electric golf cart that charges rather speedily.


Patrick Corley

From a golf scholarship to a Southern California University, to a private golf coaching career and an instructor position at a nonprofit organization, I’m here to help you get better at golf! With my 50+ years of golf experience; I bring you Tell Me More Golf. A golf coaching website that helps your game with instructional golfing content that’s ultimately geared toward making you a better golfer and having more fun!
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