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When it comes to golf, there’s no topic too big or too small, and we’ve certainly covered lots of topics, but we’re not done yet, far from it. In this article, we’re focusing on a particular type of golf cart. Terminator golf carts, so let’s get into it. 

Who Makes Terminator Golf Carts?

So, who makes Terminator golf carts?

Well, Terminator golf carts are produced by an electrical vehicle manufacturer known as Terminator Electric Vehicle Inc. This company has been making sustainable and environmentally friendly electric golf carts since 2008. 

If, like me, you’ve spent lots of time on the golf course, then you may have encountered a Terminator golf cart. Terminator golf carts are quite popular in the United States and can be found at a variety of golf clubs. 


Where Are Terminator Golf Carts Made?

Many golf carts that are commonly used in the USA aren’t actually made in America.

For example, lots of golf carts are manufactured overseas in locations such as China. 

However, this is not the case with Terminator golf carts. As touched on in the section above, these golf carts are made by Terminator Electric Vehicle Incorporated, which is an US-based company. Not only is the company based in America, but all of the production work that goes into making Terminator golf carts takes place on US soil. 


Are Terminator Golf Carts Any Good?

The big question is always the one regarding quality. Are Terminator golf carts any good? The answer would have to be yes. In fact, for what you pay, they are excellent, but of course, there is a little more to it than that. 

Naturally, in my experience as a professional golf coach, I have worked at an awful lot of golfing venues, so I’ve used my fair share of golf carts.

I have indeed both driven and ridden in Terminator golf carts on several occasions. I would say that these golf carts, with their all terrain tires, offer a smooth ride, while they are also very strong and robust, which is ideally what you want for a low-speed vehicle that must deal with the varying terrain on a golf course. 

One of the main selling points of a Terminator golf cart is that it is quite cost effective. There are many similar golf carts on the market at considerably higher prices, which is great for those golfers who are looking to purchase a brand new golf cart but aren’t blessed with an unlimited budget. 

Who Owns Terminator?

As mentioned above, Terminator golf carts are made by Terminator Electrical Vehicle Inc. This company is not part of a larger organization, nor does it have a parent company, which is something that is quite common in the golf cart trade. For example, EZ-GO is actually owned by Textron. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Terminator a good golf cart?

Terminator Electric Vehicle Inc. generally produces high-quality golf carts. They’re produced sustainably, are relatively pleasing from an aesthetics point of view, especially in matte black, while they are quite cost effective too. 

Who makes the Terminator golf cart?

Terminator golf carts are made by a US-based electric vehicle producer known as Terminator Electric Vehicle Inc.

What kind of batteries does a Terminator golf cart take?

Terminator golf carts take two types of batteries, and the options are a 48v lead acid battery or a 48v Lithium ion battery, which is typically the more costly option. 

There are certain boxes that a golf cart must tick before it can be classed as street legal. For example, it must contain seat belts, mirrors and taillights. 

When purchasing a Terminator golf cart from a dealer, you can choose to take the standard option, which would mean that the golf cart is not street legal, as street legal mirrors and seat belts come as optional. Choosing these optional upgrades makes the cart street legal. This is where Terminator falls down compared to many other carts, from brands such as Yamaha and Club Car, that come as street legal without the need for optional extras. 

How long does a Terminator golf cart take to charge?

For a full charge, a Terminator golf cart will need around eight hours, give or take. On a full charge, Terminator golf carts typically travel between 30-50 miles without requiring another charge. 

Why is Terminator so expensive?

For someone not too up on the world of golf carts, a Terminator golf cart may seem quite expensive, though compared to many other golf cart brands, Terminator golf carts are actually quite reasonable. If nothing else, Terminator golf carts are far from the most expensive carts on the market right now. 

How do you tell the year of a Terminator golf cart?

The year of a Terminator golf cart should be detailed in the inside of the cart, typically under the dashboard, either inside or on the glove compartment. If this is not the case, then you should consult the user manual for the year of the cart.

How fast will a Terminator golf cart go?

Terminator golf carts are not slow by golf cart standards, but don’t expect to be going at high speeds, as they can only reach a maximum speed of 25 MPH, which is great for getting around the golf course without a cause for concern in terms of safety.


It’s worth finishing up by saying that Terminator golf carts are really rather good given that they’re far from the priciest in the industry. Are they the best golf carts? No, there’s better out there, but they are certainly not poor, absolutely not. The ride is smooth, while the golf cart is made to be very strong and sturdy, which is great if you’re traveling around a golf course with testing terrain.


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