Who Makes Advanced Ev Golf Carts from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Advice and Coaches Helping You

Who Makes Advanced EV Golf Carts? (Golf Coach’s Advice)

Who Makes Advanced Ev Golf Carts from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Advice and Coaches Helping You

As the Head Golf Instructor at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years of professional golf coaching experience, my role is to talk to you about all things golf. If it’s golf related, I’ve got your back. 

In today’s article, we’re once again looking at golf carts. More specifically, it’s the turn of Advanced EV golf carts. Who makes these golf carts? And are they any good? Well, let’s get into it and find out together. 

Who Makes Advanced EV Golf Carts?

First things first, who makes Advanced EV golf carts? Well, it will come as no surprise to learn that Advanced EV golf carts are made by an electrical vehicle manufacturer known simply as Advanced EV. 

Created by people who wanted to bring the best parts of several different golf carts on the market together in one superior golf cart, Advanced EV was born and is now known within the golf industry as being a top producer of electrical golf carts.

It’s not just golf carts that Advanced EV produces, though, oh no.

They also make cars and utility vehicles, not to mention buses. 


Where Are Advanced EV Golf Carts Made?

From humble beginnings, as touched on above, Advanced EV has evolved and now produces many top-quality electrical vehicles, such as golf carts, the production of which is carried out in the US.

Specifically, Advanced EV golf carts are made in Rosenberg, Texas. 

Advanced EV golf carts are made in Rosenberg, Texas, but don’t worry if that’s not local to you, as these golf carts are popular throughout the United States and are thus available from a number of dealers located nationwide. 

There are a number of Advanced EV electric golf carts currently available, from two-seater carts to four-seater to six-seater. 

Advanced EV Golf Cart Models 

Here are the golf cart models that are currently in the Advanced EV range: 

  • Advent 2 – two-seater golf cart, with multimedia capabilities, toughened glass windshield, plus lots more. Available in a range of colors.
  • Advent 4four-seater golf cart, with multimedia capabilities, flip-to-golf kit, looks very stylish in black, but available in a range of colors. 
  • Advent 4L – four-seater golf cart with everything that the Advent 4 offers, but with off-road aesthetics in the form of brush guards and fender flares. 
  • Advent 4F – four-seater golf cart with more conventional front-facing seats throughout.
  • Advent 4FL – Similar four-seater golf cart with front-facing seating, like the 4F, but with the sturdier off-road look. 
  • Advent 6six-seater golf cart, similar to the Advent 2 and Advent 4 but seats six.
  • Advent 6L – six-seater golf cart, offering everything the Advent 6 does, but has the off-road look to it. 

In addition to the golf cars above, there’s also the Advanced EV Advent HD, which is similar to the two-seater Advent 2, but comes with a Cargo Box built onto the back for extra storage. Like all Advanced EV models, the Advent HD comes with onboard charge capabilities. 


Are Advanced EV Golf Carts Any Good?

The answer here really is a resounding yes. Advanced EV golf carts are superbly crafted, well designed and are great to drive. They are high-quality, much like carts made by other top-end brands such as EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car. 

Fortunately, in my role as a golf coach, I have had the chance to drive a plethora of golf carts over the years, and have always had positive feedback when it comes to Advanced EV carts. My personal favorite is the Advent 4, mainly for the way it seats four people but still looks very compact, while the design is super slick. 

There’s lots to like about Advanced EV golf carts, though perhaps the best thing is the level of choice afforded to customers. As we can see from the list of carts above, there really is lots to choose from in terms of cart models, while there’s so much customization available, which means that it’s easy to get the golf cart that perfectly meets your requirements.

To be honest, whether it be color, body configuration or add-ons, whatever you’re looking for, Advanced EV has you covered. 

Who Owns Advanced EV?

Advanced EV is its own entity and is not part of a larger corporation or holdings company. At this present time, the exact ownership structure or higher-level personnel set-up is not information that is readily available.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Are advanced EV golf carts made in China?

No, Advanced EV golf carts are not made in China. Advanced EV golf carts are made in the United States, specifically in Rosenberg, Texas. 

What is the voltage of the advanced EV golf cart?

In most cases, an Advanced EV golf cart will run on an AC Motor that carries a voltage of 48. 

Who makes the Advanced EV golf cart?

There are several different types of Advanced EV golf carts, all of which are designed and created by Advanced EV. 

What kind of batteries does an Advanced EV golf cart take?

This depends on the model. For example, the Advent 4 takes six US8VGCXC batteries. All models run on either Lead Acid or Lithium batteries. 

There are certain things that you can do to ensure that a golf cart is street legal, though fortunately, you won’t need to do anything with Advanced EV golf carts as they all come fully street legal

How long does a Advanced EV golf cart take to charge?

You will be able to get some use out of your Advanced EV golf cart on a three to four-hour charge, but for a full charge, it’ll take somewhere between eight and ten hours. 

Why is Advanced EV so expensive?

It really does come down to a simple matter of quality. Advanced EV golf carts produce high-end golf carts that are very reliable in all areas, so much so that in some cases, the prices are relatively reasonable given the level of product. 

How do you tell the year of a Advanced EV golf cart?

When purchasing your Advanced EV golf cart, your dealer will inform you of the model year, plus loads of other details, though if you do not buy a brand new cart and are not sure of the model year, then this will be detailed in the user manual. 

How fast will a Advanced EV golf cart go?

It varies depending on the model, but typically, the max that you’ll achieve on the speedometer of an Advanced EV golf cart is around 24 MPH. 



The bottom line is that Advanced EV golf carts are up there with the best in the industry. You won’t find a poorly designed Advanced EV golf cart, that’s for sure. What you will find is reliable and comfortable low speed transportation that comes in many shapes and sizes, so whatever you’re looking for from a new golf cart, give Advanced EV a try and my guess is that you won’t be disappointed.


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