Tire Inches: 10 vs 12 Golf Cart Wheels (Golf Coach’s Advice)

10 vs 12 Golf Cart Wheels Inch Size Is Best for Tire Sizes from Golf Instructor Editors

Golf carts are one of the most fun things about the game of golf, as there are few better feelings than driving fast over to your golf ball with a tasty drink, instead of walking. That’s why many golfers want to make modifications to their carts, and we’ve received several questions about what wheel and tire size is the best.

The research team at Tell Me More Golf has put together this article, which will cover the differences between golf cart wheel sizes, what tire size you should get, and lastly answers to some of the most common questions about golf cart tires. 

10 Inch vs 12 Inch Wheels

Both 10-inch and 12-inch golf cart wheels are slightly larger than the standard 8-inch. Through our research, we’ve found that the biggest differences between the two sizes lie in appearance, ride quality, speed, and ground clearance. 

Appearance Differences 

As you can probably imagine, 12-inch wheels look bigger than 10-inch wheels. While 2 inches might not seem like a lot, it does actually make a very noticeable difference. So if you want a sleek and discrete golf cart, consider going for the 10-inch wheels, and vice versa. 

Ride Quality Differences

Generally speaking, smaller golf cart wheels will be more comfortable than larger ones.

This means that a 10-inch wheel will likely give you a better riding quality than 12-inch wheels.

However, this is mainly the case on cart paths where the only uneven surfaces are small holes. When off-roading, larger wheels can feel better.

Speed Differences 

How fast your golf cart will go mainly depends on its engine, battery, and weight, but larger wheels can increase your speed. A set of larger wheels, like the 12-inch over the 10-inch, can make your golf cart drive 2-4 mph faster, which is quite significant for a golf cart. 

Ground Clearance Differences 

Larger wheels have better ground clearance than smaller wheels. This makes the 12-inch wheels better than the 10-inch wheels for driving on very uneven surfaces, like the rough or bumpy fairways. 


Golf Cart Tire Size Explained

Golf cart tires come in many shapes and sizes, and here we’ve gathered valuable information regarding tire size, tire aesthetics, and all terrain tires. 

Tire Size

When talking about wheel sizes, it’s crucial to remember that it’s the rim’s size, not including the tire, that’s being discussed. A 10-inch rim can have a large tire, making the entire wheel stretch out over 20 inches.

The tire size plays a big role in how the golf cart looks and performs.

The standard size of the entire wheel is 18 inches tall.

Tire Aesthetics

Golf cart tires come in two different designs: low-profile tires and high-profile tires. Low-profile tires are noticeably smaller and usually better for speed and performance, while high-profile tires look larger and give your cart an off-road look

All Terrain Tires

All terrain golf cart tires can look cool and give your golf cart great grip, even on uneven and slippery surfaces. However, most golf courses will not allow the use of these, since they can damage the turf quite severely. 


Inches: 12 vs 14 Golf Cart Wheels

Inches 12 vs 14 are two trendy sizes for golf cart wheels, with both being larger than standard. Just like with the 10-inch and 12-inch cart wheels, the biggest differences between the two sizes are in appearance, ride quality, speed, and ground clearance. 

Appearance Differences 

12-inch wheels are noticeably larger than 10-inch wheels, and 14-inch wheels are very large. 14-inch wheels give your golf cart a unique look, but in some cases you may need a lifted golf cart to put them in, especially with high-profile tires. 

Compared to the 14-inch wheels, 12-inch wheels look relatively normal.

Ride Quality Differences

Larger wheels can mean a worse ride quality, especially on the cart path. That means that the 12-inch wheels can be a better choice if comfort is the most important thing for you. 

However, on very uneven surfaces, larger tires, like the 14-inches, can be more practical and lead to a better riding experience.

Speed Differences 

The speed gains from going from 12-inch to 14-inch wheels are probably quite negligible, but it can sometimes make a noticeable difference. You can expect a 1-2 mph difference in speed between the two sizes.

Ground Clearance Differences 

Larger wheels mean better ground clearance, which makes the 14-inch wheels the winner over the 12-inches on very uneven fairways or roughs. However, if you use large tires or have a small golf cart, you might need a lift kit to make 14-inch wheels fit. 

There are many different lift kits, but simply put, a lift kit is a set of parts that you install on your golf cart’s suspension to raise its length by several inches, which increases the height of the golf cart.


8″ vs 10″ Golf Cart Wheels

The two perhaps most common wheel sizes for golf carts all over the world are 8 inches and 10 inches. When comparing the two, the biggest differences are, once again, in appearance, ride quality, speed, and ground clearance

Appearance Differences 

8 inches is the standard size for golf cart wheels, meaning they often look the most normal. However, if you have a large golf cart, 8-inch wheels can look too small.

Ride Quality Differences

Smaller wheels often mean better ride quality, making the 8-inch wheels more comfortable. But that’s not necessarily the case on fairways or other bumpy surfaces, and in those cases, the 10-inch wheels can provide a more comfortable experience.

Speed Differences 

There can be a significant speed difference between 8-inch and 10-inch wheels, with the 10-inch wheels being faster. You will often see a couple of miles per hour faster speed on 10-inch wheels compared to 8-inches, which makes a big difference

Ground Clearance Differences 

10-inch wheels have better ground clearance than 8-inch wheels because of the larger size. This is very handy on uneven surfaces, like a bumpy fairway. 10-inch wheels rarely require a lifted golf cart, even with oversized tires, making the added ground clearance nothing but great

TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Are golf cart wheels universal for all makes?

To make things easier for golfers, most major golf cart and wheel brands use the standardized 4×4 bolt pattern, meaning that the wheels are universal and can be installed on many different models. This is true despite potential differences in sizes and materials. 

However, there are some brands and particular models that don’t follow this, and that’s especially the case for larger golf carts that sometimes use a 5-lug pattern instead of the 4×4 bolts. 

Will bigger wheels make my golf cart faster?

Generally speaking, bigger wheels will make your golf cart slightly faster, since the wheel’s rotation becomes larger. However, the most significant factor for your golf cart’s speed is still the cart itself, with the engine and design playing big parts. 

If you want your golf cart to go faster, we instead recommend focusing on the battery, engine, and shedding weight, since those are the things that can impact your cart’s speed the most. A new engine can be costly though, but removing weight is most often free and will make a noticeable impact. 

What size tires should I put on my golf cart?

The standard tire size for golf carts is 18 inches tall with an 8-inch wide wheel. This combination offers adequate performance and a smooth riding experience, but it’s possible to increase speed and off-roading capabilities with larger wheels and tires. We recommend going for a standard size, but it’s up to your personal preference.

How big of wheels can I put on my golf cart?

Most golf carts can take wheels up to 18.5 inches tall, including the tire. Some carts can go over that, but in most cases you’ll need to lift your golf cart if you want even larger wheels. However, with a lift, you can go much, much larger. 

What size tires are best for EZGO golf carts? 

E-Z-GO golf carts are among the most popular in all of golf, and they can accommodate most tire sizes. The standard wheel size, which is 8 inches, will work perfectly on these carts, as well as larger wheel sizes all the way up to 14 inches. With these sizes and a low-profile tire, you won’t need a golf cart lift kit

With a lift kit, you raise the suspension to increase the height of the golf cart, which requires certain parts that can be quite costly. 

What size is a standard golf cart wheel?

The standard size of a golf cart wheel is 8 inches in width. It’s important to point out that an 8-inch wheel, which means an 8-inch rim, can have a total size including the tire of as much as 18 inches, making the entire wheel quite large. The size of the tire depends on what qualities you need, such as off-road capabilities, and if you like a sleeker or larger design.



The decision of what golf cart wheels you should get is undoubtedly challenging, as there are many different sizes and designs to choose from. The standard wheel size is 8 inches, but 10-inch or 12-inch wheels can provide better speed, looks, and ground clearance, without sacrificing much comfort.
Hopefully, you now know what wheel size would fit you the best, and if making an upgrade is worth it or not. Thank you for reading this article from TellMeMoreGolf.com.


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