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Who Makes Evolution Golf Carts and More Tips from Golf Instructors at Tell Me More Golf

As the Head Golf Coach here at Tell Me More Golf, I’m here to help you along the golfing cart path. We’ll be going over a plethora of golfing topics. Today, we’re here to talk about Evolution Golf Carts, so let’s get into it. 

Who Makes Evolution Golf Carts?

Let’s start with the basics. Who makes Evolution Golf Carts? Well, these golf carts are made by EVolution Electric Vehicles, which is a California-based company that makes electric vehicles, owned by parent company HDK Electricals, a car manufacturer based in Kuwait. 

EVolution Electric Vehicles make a variety of golf cart models, such as the Classic 2 Pro, the Forester Series, and the Turfman Series.

Some of these models feature a two-seater set-up, while other models can seat four golfers

Where Are Evolution Golf Carts Made?

As touched on above, Evolution Golf Carts are made by a Californian electric vehicle company known as EVolution Electric Vehicles.

Some of the work that goes into making Evolution golf carts takes place on US soil in California, though many of the parts (and some of manufacturing) comes from the parent company in Kuwait. 

Evolution golf carts can be bought throughout the US from a variety of electric vehicle dealers. There are dealers selling Evolution golf carts situated in many states both in the east and the west of the United States, so if you’re looking to get your hands on a new model, then the chances are that you won’t have to go too far. 


Are Evolution Golf Carts Any Good?

Nowadays, regardless of the golfing equipment in question, players and consumers are spoiled for choice. This is absolutely true when it comes to golf carts.

There really is a plethora of golf-cart models, while there are lots of manufacturers to choose from too. Evolution golf carts may not be right at the top of the list in terms of popularity, but maybe they should be as we’re talking about very good electric golf carts. 

Of course, it depends what you want from a golf cart. The first real positive with Evolution golf carts is that there are several options. For example, if you need a golf cart to carry heavy loads, then the Turfman 800 plus is a great electric cart as it’s designed to carry more weight and has lots of storage space.

If you want one that has extra seating, then the Forester 6 Plus would be the way to go, though in that case, you better be prepared to pay a little extra. 

Not only have I personally heard lots of good things about these golf carts, and seen plenty of positive evolution golf cart reviews, but in my experience working at various golf clubs, I have had the pleasure of using several Evolution golf carts. My personal favorite would be the Classic 4 Plus.

This particular Evolution golf cart performs well in all areas, seats four people and offers some really cool features, such as the ability to fold out the rear seats to increase space. 

Pros & Cons 

Here is a quick run down of the pros and cons of Evolution golf carts: 


  • Premium, high-quality 
  • Modern-looking 
  • Some models feature a slick design that is perfect for the modern golfer
  • Built for use on a variety of terrains, including off-road, so they’re not just for golf courses
  • Built to be used legally and safely on the roads
  • Some models feature touchscreens 
  • Lots of options/extra features


  • Batteries can wear out over time, requiring a replacement 
  • Some older models have had motor issues, though this isn’t the case in the newer models 
  • Mirrors cannot be adjusted vertically on some models


Who Owns Evolution?

EVolution Electric Vehicles is the company that brings us Evolution golf carts. EVolution Electric Vehicles are owned by HDK Electricals, which is a car manufacturing company that is based in the middle eastern country of Kuwait. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Evolution golf cart?

The Evolution Golf Cart is made by an electrical vehicle company known as EVolution Electric Vehicles. EVolution Electric Vehicles is a part of a parent company that goes by the name of HDK Electrical. 

What kind of batteries does a Evolution golf cart take?

This depends on the model. The list of lithium batteries that Evolution golf carts take is as follows: 48V60AH, 48V100AH, 48V110AH, 48V180AH, 48V205AH. 

There are certain things that a golf cart must have before it is considered street legal, these are: head, tail and brake lights, front and rear turn signals, AS4 windshield, a windshield wiper, seat belts for every seat in the vehicle, exterior mirrors, and a parking brake. Many Evolution golf carts carry all of these features, making them safe for road use. 

How long does a Evolution golf cart take to charge?

The time your Evolution golf cart needs to be fully charged depends on the level of charge that it already has. If you’re going from zero charge and want a full charge, then you’re looking at a good 8 to 10 hours. However, if the cart already has some charge, then charging for a few hours should give you enough charge for a round of golf. 

Why is Evolution so expensive?

Evolution golf carts can be expensive, but this is because they are high-end golf carts. They are well built and typically carry many great features. You know you’re purchasing a quality golf cart when you buy an Evolution golf cart. Exact pricing can vary, though you should expect to spend between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the model. 

How do you tell the year of a Evolution golf cart?

You can tell the year of an Evolution golf cart by checking the serial number, which can be located on the left side of the chassis. The first four digits will represent the model year. 

How fast will a Evolution golf cart go?

This largely depends on the model. For example, the Turfman 800 plus, which is built with carrying heavier loads in mind, tops out at 19 MPH, though other models can get up to 25 MPH quite easily. 



In summary, Evolution golf carts are solid. You can’t really go wrong with the golf carts made by EVolution Electric Vehicles. This brand may not have as big of a name for itself as some other golf cart brands, but don’t let that put you off.

You’re still dealing with a high-end brand that builds really great golf cars. You can be sure of that. With an Evolution golf cart, you get a real blend of quality, aesthetics and safety, so if you’re in the market for a new golf cart, then you really should consider one of Evolution’s models.


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