What Does A Golf Cart Attendant Do? — (What Is The Position?)

what does a golf cart attendant do and what is the golf bag attendant position

The first person you meet at your local golf course in the parking lot before you play a round of golf might be a golf cart attendant. 

They could help you load your golf clubs onto your golf cart when you get to the course and clean your clubs after the round. But, you might wonder what exactly does a golf cart attendant do? The Tell Me More Golf team will tell you what a golf cart attendant does to ensure that you have a wonderful experience while you’re at the club.

what does a golf cart attendant do and what is the golf bag attendant position

What Is The Golf Bag Attendant Position?

The golf bag attendant’s job description includes:

  • Helping Golfers With Their Golf Bags
  • Keeping Golf Carts Clean and Operational
  • The Upkeep of the Driving Range

The golf bag attendant job requires excellent customer service skills and an eagerness to provide top-notch service to club members and guests.

At some courses, golf bag attendants may take a member’s golf clubs to the bag room in the clubhouse and clean the clubs and equipment before they are stored. In addition, golf bag attendants will often polish and clean golf shoes for members between rounds.

Golf bag attendants will also be waiting in the parking lot or at the bag drop to help members and guests with their clubs and load them onto the golf cart.

After the round, they might clean your golf clubs before taking them to your car.

An attendant’s job description also includes ensuring the carts are in good working condition before returning them. They clean them, fuel them, and perform simple or extensive repairs if need be. That’s why most priority is given to applicants with an impressive set of automotive skills. 

Golf attendants may also be tasked with picking golf balls at the driving range with a specialized golf cart. Although most employers today won’t need any formal education qualifications or requirements in the recruitment process, it’s important for anyone applying for this position to have them anyway.    

A golf bag attendant’s resume also requires strong communication and listening skills.

They need to be able to communicate with guests and members and answer any questions they may have. Should any problems or issues arise, they also have to be able to communicate them quickly and discreetly to their co-workers.

A cart attendant should have have physical strength and stamina, a positive attitude, and commendable customer service skills. Majority of employers today offer on-the-job training to acquaint the recruit with important factors such as guest accommodations, the ball ranges, the golf course, the available services and so on. 

The golf bag attendant job is typically a seasonal one. It can be either full-time or part-time. The golf bag attendant must also have flexibility in their schedule to accommodate the operational hours of a golf course. An attendant’s duties will take place during the days, nights, weekends, as well as holidays. They must also be willing to work outside in inclement weather.


The golf cart boy job description is similar to the golf bag attendant position. However, at some clubs, the golf cart boy’s job description is focused on outside golf operations, like cleaning and maintaining the golf carts.

They will wash and clean the trash out of golf carts before putting them into a staging area where they are used again.

They ensure that the cart doesn’t suffer from any form of exterior damage, including rust and stains, that might spread without regular and careful inspections. The attendant also cleans the cart’s interior by vacuuming the floor, clearing any leftover debris, and so on. 

In addition, they can stock a golf cart with a scorecard, tees, towels, and other amenities. They will also refuel or charge golf carts between rounds and perform light maintenance. These include refilling air in the tires or resetting the GPS.

They might drive the golf ball picker out onto the driving range to pick golf balls up and clean them before restocking them in baskets or into a machine. Then, when it’s wet, and the range is closed, they may hand-pick golf balls out of the muck. They will also fill divots on the driving range.

They will often walk the grounds and look for trash and other items to be picked up. In addition, golf cart boys will often perform maintenance around the golf course and pick up random job duties assigned by the golf course managers.

They should be able and willing to work full shifts and arrive early to work. Golf cart boys/girls should be competent enough to accomplish all their duties prior to the end of the shift. Strong dependability is a plus and shows the employer that the employee is trustworthy enough to do a great job. 


How Old Do You Have To Be To Be A Golf Cart Attendant?

You have to be at least 16 years of age to be a golf cart attendant in most states. A high school diploma isn’t necessary, but they may need a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart.

Some courses provide professional courses in golf cart maintenance and operation. This involves learning the entire golf course layout, the features of the golf cart, and the rules of the game.

A cart attendant may also receive customer service training where they learn about interacting with golfers and how to go about issues that might arise at any time.   

Many junior golfers have worked as golf cart attendants at their local clubs.

One favorite perk is the ability to play golf or hit golf balls on the driving range during non-peak times for free.

Seniors can also be golf cart attendants and perform many of the same job duties as their younger counterparts. It’s a great part-time job and gives seniors the chance to be outside and around people and the game they love.

Golf Cart Attendant Salary And Tips

A golf cart attendant’s salary can vary from club to club, depending on the specific duties they are asked to fulfill. Golf cart attendant jobs typically start at minimum wage for those just beginning. The minimum wage varies on a state-by-state basis. A cart attendant can earn a higher hourly rate by acquiring new skills, such as assisting in the pro shop or the clubhouse.

The golf cart attendant may be a voluntary role at some golf courses. Being a golf cart attendant is popular with junior golfers looking for experience working at a golf course. It is also popular with seniors who might get discounted or free driving range and golf course access.

Tipping a golf course attendant is optional at most clubs as they are paid an hourly rate. However, as they perform a service for you, you should tip them. For example, a standard tip for a golf cart attendant is between $3 and $5 a bag.

TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Do golf cart attendants get tips?

While tipping at golf carts at most golf courses is optional, it is recommended and in good form to tip them. They perform a service and other unseen tasks that help give you a better experience at the golf course.

The standard rate of tipping a golf course attendant is $3-$5 per bag. It’s not uncommon for one golfer to tip the golf cart attendant before the round. Another golfer might tip the attendant after the round for cleaning, storing, or taking your clubs and putting them into your car.

Is being a golf cart attendant hard?

Being a golf cart attendant can be a hard job because there can be a lot of components to it. They must have excellent customer service skills as they are ambassadors for the golf course and the first and last people that members and guests might talk to at the course.

They can have many job functions, including helping members and guests with their bags, cleaning and keeping golf carts operational, and keeping the driving range clean and well-stocked.

A golf cart attendant can expect to be on their feet and move around most of the time they are at the golf course. However, a golf cart attendant might be asked to go out in inclement weather conditions when the golf course is closed.

For example, they might fill in divots on tee boxes, the golf course, and the driving range. When the range is closed, they may also have to hand-pick golf balls on the driving range.

Being a golf cart attendant can also be pretty enjoyable, especially if you’re open to new ventures. The more players a cart attendant interacts with, the likelier they are to forge friendships that may make their time on the course more congenial.

Their friendly/professional interactions with the players won’t go unnoticed. The cart attendant can make good tips, as well as be promoted to a head golf cart supervisor or attendant. 

What is a golf cart girl called?

A golf cart girl is typically called a beer cart girl, beverage cart girl, or beverage cart attendant. They drive around the golf course in specially designed carts that are equipped with coolers and ice to keep drinks cold and storage for snacks.  

A beverage cart attendant must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license in most states. Because they handle cash and credit cards and inventory, many golf courses and country clubs require a high school diploma for the position.

Beverage cart attendants are also hourly employees, and tipping them is optional but recommended. You want to tip your beverage cart attendant like you would tip a bartender or server in your local restaurant. So take care of your beverage cart girl, as they can be lifesavers on those hot days when you need a tasty beverage. Or some swing oil.

What are the duties of a cart attendant?

The cart attendant can perform many duties at a golf course that are imperative for keeping the course running smoothly. For example, cart attendants must professionally greet members and guests and help them with their golf clubs. Cart attendants can also walk the grounds around the clubhouse and pick up trash and refuse.

Sometimes, a golf cart might develop mechanical issues. The attendant, having an excellent understanding of the cart’s design and engine, will be tasked with carrying out a couple of basic repairs.

For gas-powered golf carts, the golf attendant needs to ensure that the tank is full at the start and end of the day. Whenever the cart runs out of gas in between a golfing trip, the cart attendant will locate and disperse gas to the cart. 

Their job title makes them responsible for cleaning golf carts and stocking them with items such as golf tees and a scorecard. In addition, they can put the golf carts in a staging area for easy access for golfers when they arrive at the golf course.

A cart attendant is often responsible for range operations and the picking, cleaning, and restocking range balls. They will also fill in divots and wash golf ball buckets to ensure they are clean.

As needed, some cart attendants will assist in the pro shop, golf shop, or clubhouse.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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Being a golf cart attendant might not be considered a hard job for some people, but it is an important job. 

They do unseen things that allow golfers to have an outstanding experience at the golf course, both before and after their round. The position requires a positive attitude and the desire to provide exceptional customer service. 

They might be required to work outside, cleaning carts and maintaining the driving range. In addition, they can be asked to work inside, assisting in the clubhouse or the bag room. So, the next time you play a round of golf, thank a golf cart attendant and tell them you appreciate them for what they do for you.    


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