Who Makes Star Golf Carts and Other Fa Qs from Professional Golf Coaches at Tell Me More Gol

Who Makes Star Golf Carts? — (Golf Coach’s Advice)

Who Makes Star Golf Carts and Other Fa Qs from Professional Golf Coaches at Tell Me More Gol

As the Head Golf Coach at Tell Me More Golf with over 50 years of professional experience, I’m here to talk you through a plethora of golfing topics. Today’s area of focus is golf carts. 

Specifically, we’re going to look at a certain type of golf cart: the Star Golf Cart. We’ll be looking at who makes these carts, the quality of them, plus more, so let’s waste no time and dive right in. 

Who Makes Star Golf Carts?

Star Golf Carts are made by US company Star EV, which is also known as Star Electrical Vehicles. 

Star Electrical Vehicles is a leading brand in the golf cart industry and has been ever since the early 00’s. 

I myself have driven Star EV golf carts and have only positive things to say. 

This golf cart is not the same as the carts made by Jiaxing Henglong Star Car.

However, there is another golf cart with a similar name. 

There is a Star Golf Cart made by a Chinese manufacturer that goes by the name of Jiaxing Henglong Star Car. The company has been producing several models of golf cart for nearly two decades, beginning operations back in 2005. 

Jiaxing Henglong Star Car makes golf carts that are sold both in China and around the globe. Many of their golf carts make it to the United States, where they are often used as rental golf carts by patrons at public and private golf clubs alike. 


Where Are Star Golf Carts Made?

We’re talking about the golf carts made by US company Star EV, which operates out of the USA in Simpsonville, South Carolina. 

Star EV makes their carts in South Carolina, though they work with authorized dealers across the world and do indeed source parts from outside of the US too, though their production line is very much based in the US. 

As touched on above, there are Star Golf Carts made in China. Naturally, as a Chinese company, Jiaxing Henglong Star Car produces their golf carts on Chinese shores.

However, many of the parts used in the production of many models are sourced from various locations outside of China. 

Are Star Golf Carts Any Good?

The easy answer here is yes they are, absolutely. If you asked a whole bunch of people about their experience using Star golf carts, I’d be incredibly surprised if you received more than a handful of negative reports. Just look at golf cart reviews and you’ll see that Star golf carts rate highly.

To be honest, I’ve yet to meet someone who rates star golf carts poorly, and I certainly wouldn’t rate star golf carts as anything but top tier. 

As mentioned above, playing at several golf courses around the states, I myself have used golf carts made by Star EV on many occasions and the quality is always high and always noticeable. 

They’re well designed, modern and easy to use, while in general, there are loads of customizable features. What’s more, with the safer technology that the guys at Star EV have harnessed, their models are street legal, which is a nice added bonus. 

Here are some of the best selling points of Star golf carts based on my own experience:

  • Comfort – Star golf carts are super comfy, while there’s plenty of room both for yourself as the driver and the passenger, not to mention there’s ample space for equipment and clubs. 
  • Longevity – I’ve worked at golf clubs that have had Star golf carts on site for several years and they really do stand the test of time. Star golf carts offer great longevity, that’s for sure. 
  • Customization – Star golf carts are great in their standard form as there are lots of nice features that come as standard, though what’s great about golf carts made by Star EV is the number of customization options. Users can really play around with the set up and get a spec that suits their needs. 
  • Easy to use – Star Golf carts are simple to get to grips with. The features are easy to understand, while the general driving experience is great. 
  • Safety – Star golf carts are made with safety in mind. These low-speed vehicles include lots of features that put safety first, such as optional seat belts and brake lights, so you know that you’re in for a smooth and safe ride. 


Who Owns Star?

Star EV is the creation of Jane Zhang, who is both the current CEO and owner of the company.

Zhang recently announced that Star EV would be partnering with Reesink, with whom Star has an exclusive agreement to bring Star golf carts to the market in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Star golf cart?

Star golf carts are made by Star EV, an electrical vehicle company from Simpsonville, South Carolina. 

What kind of batteries does a Star golf cart take?

Most Star golf carts run on a 48-volt lithium battery. Depending on the AMP chosen, you’ll get a varied amount of distance per charge. For example, a 48-volt 60 Amp will provide 20-25 miles per full charge, while a 120 Amp will provide 40-45 miles per full charge. 

The best thing about Star EV golf cart models, such as the Sirius, is that they’re already street legal. Star Electric Vehicles have been designed, built and equipped specifically for on-street use, as well as golf courses, this means that you can use your golf cart on the road too. 


How long does a Star golf cart take to charge?

This depends on whether or not your golf car requires a full charge. You can charge the golf cart from a low battery level for a few hours and reach a point where you can get moderate use out of it. However, to achieve a full charge, you will need to leave the cart charging for 8-9 hours. 

Why is Star so expensive?

In short, Star Golf Carts are expensive simply because they are high in quality. Star Golf Carts are some of the best in the business, and like it or not, you have to pay for quality.

How do you tell the year of a Star golf cart?

Most Star golf carts will feature a plate on the passengers side, typically located in the glove box area. This plate should have on it a manufacturer’s code, which will include the model year. 

How fast will a Star golf cart go?

With most Star Golf Carts, you can expect top speeds of around 19.5 MPH, which is more than quick enough if you’re simply driving around a golf course. 


To conclude, Star golf carts are some of the best electric golf carts currently available to both golfers and those simply looking to make use of an electrical vehicle. Carts made by Star EV really are high-performance, reliable, comfortable and safe to take off the road. Sure, they’re not the cheapest, but you’re paying for quality and at the end of the day, that’s what’s important, as it’s better to have a great golf cart that does the job well and lasts than a cheap one.


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