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The first time I stepped on a golf course I was nine, and it soon became my reason for getting up early every day. Those mornings translated into a golf scholarship to a Southern California University and coaching career working with talented young golf prospects.

TellMeMoreGolf.com combines a coaching website that answers all your golf questions with instructional articles, videos, rants, tips, and musings. Our photo projects of little-known golf courses (that have many millions of views) and the rest of our instructional golfing content are ultimately geared toward making you a better golfer and having more fun!

My approach is to share what I actually know, the techniques and products I use in playing and coaching, and how and why they can help your game.

Over the past 50 years of playing golf, I have learned a lot about golf and life. The highs and the lows have taught me invaluable lessons and how to keep my head in the game when things get tough. That’s the beauty of golf, trying to figure out why something works, or why it doesn’t. We want to share that valuable information with you.

Our team brings it all to you:  from equipment rants and favorites, Do It Yourself equipment fixes, to just plain old good advice from a coach, and little-known course reviews, we strive to bring our readers authentic golf knowledge they want and deserve.


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