How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh? — (Average Weight)

how much do golf carts weigh with the average golf cart weight here for you and the methodology included from tell me more golf

Today’s golf carts feature lighter batteries than ever before, and smaller and more efficient engines have led to decreases in weight for both electric and gas powered golf carts. 

Most golf carts available for rent at a golf course will weigh somewhere between 600 and 800 pounds, and larger carts can easily weigh over 1000 pounds!

how much do golf carts weigh with the average golf cart weight here for you and the methodology included from tell me more golf

Average Golf Cart Weight

On average, a golf cart generally weighs somewhere between 500 and 1200 pounds. There are a number of factors that will lead to different total weight of a golf cart, the most important being the size and seat capacity of the cart. 

Electric golf carts are also heavier than gas powered golf carts for the most part, as the heavy batteries that power electric carts weigh significantly more than a tank full of gas.

Both electric and gas models will be lighter in two seater models, and get heavier with more capacity. 

Golf courses most often use to seat golf carts like the club car precedent, or EZGO RXV and TXT models. These standard two seater golf carts feature a single bench seat, and a large opening in the back optimized for holding two golf bags.

These standard rental golf carts usually weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 to 800 pounds. The main factor that will determine the cart’s weight is the size and number of batteries that are used to power the cart.

Newer golf carts feature lithium ion batteries that are smaller, lighter, and longer lasting than older batteries. For this reason, newer golf carts will generally weigh a bit less than older models. 

Some golf courses elect to add extra batteries to each cart to help the carts last longer and be used for multiple rounds per day without charging. The more batteries that a golf cart includes, the more it will weigh.

This always depends on the model and location the golf cart is driven.


Four seater golf carts generally weigh between 750 and 1200 pounds, as they have a larger frame and body than a standard two seater golf cart. 4 seaters are also equipped with more power, meaning either a larger engine or more batteries to power the cart

All of this extra equipment adds up in weight, and stronger more durable materials are needed to reinforce the cart for the added weight of extra people. Additional frame and chassis material as well as upgraded and reinforced suspension materials also add to the overall cart’s weight

The higher the number of seats, the more a golf cart will weigh.

The golf cart designer has to take into account not only the added weight, but how the weight will be distributed throughout the vehicle around sharp turns, bumpy areas, and when breaking.

All of these factors mean that the golf cart needs to be able to carry more than just the additional weight of extra people and seats, as the total passenger weight increases as the cart changes direction and gravitational forces are put on the cart’s frame and suspension.


Electric Golf Cart Weight

Depending on the size of an electric golf cart, it weighs anywhere between 500 and 1000 pounds. Smaller, ultra lightweight golf carts are designed with weight reduction in mind, and feature smaller seating areas and fewer batteries.

For this reason, the range and power on smaller golf carts is very limited, and they usually have just enough power to make it 18 holes. Standard golf carts will weigh between 600 and 900 pounds, and have enough power for 36 holes with new batteries.

Extra large golf carts have the capacity to carry four, six, or eight people, and also come in flatbed varieties. These carts require much more power, and the design emphasis is primarily on battery power and not weight reduction.

These are the heaviest electric carts, weighing up to 1200 pounds. Now that’s heavy!

Flatbed golf carts are some of the most heavy duty options available, and are primarily used for maintenance around golf courses and large facilities. These flatbed work carts can weigh well over 1300 pounds, and often feature a tow hitch for pulling small trailers and golf equipment like rolling grass mowers and golf ball pickers.

Golf Cart Weight Limit

As a general rule, a golf cart’s maximum carrying capacity will be somewhere in the ballpark of its overall weight. This means for a standard 600 to 900 pound golf cart, the maximum weight should not exceed 800. 

This 800 pound cart weight and weight limit is a good balance of power and weight for golf courses, as they will have enough power for 36 holes carrying two 300 pound golfers as well as golf clubs.

This is more than enough juice for most courses, and the reason this size is standard. 

Larger golf carts that are built to carry four or six people at a time will have a weight capacity of around 1200 pounds. This is enough power and stability to transport six 200 pound people at a time, or four 300 pound people. 

The weight limit on a golf cart is not a recommendation, and exceeding this number can be extremely dangerous, as well as damaging to the golf cart itself. Both gas and electric golf carts feature a maximum amount of horsepower, and pushing past the power limits is one of the quickest ways to burn out an engine and ruin a golf cart. 

Another factor to consider when it comes to weight limits is that the chassis and suspension of the cart are designed to carry the load of weight in a certain way. By overloading a cart, it is possible to bottom out the suspension and damage the frame and tires of the cart.

It is also very dangerous to drive in a golf cart with too much weight, as this makes them prone to flipping over. A golf cart carrying more than the recommended maximum is one of the most common reasons that golf carts flip over when making turns. 

It is always better to go back and make a second trip compared to causing expensive damage to a golf cart, or even worse causing serious injury. While today’s golf carts are extremely powerful, they have set limits that should not be exceeded under any circumstance.

FAQ Section

How Much Does A Yamaha Golf Cart Weigh?

The Yamaha Concierge 4 is a very common “club car,” the style most used for rental at golf courses around the world. It is gas powered, and weighs just over 750 pounds. The most similar electric version of the cart is around 900 pounds, and their largest carts weigh up to 1250 pounds. 

Why Do I Need to Know My Golf Cart’s Weight?

One of the most common reasons that an owner needs to know a golf cart’s weight is for towing purposes. Choosing the correct size trailer and weight capacity is key, and the trailer’s maximum weight should exceed the cart’s total weight by at least 1000 pounds. 

What are Dry Weight and Curb Weight?

The dry weight refers to the weight of the golf cart without any fluid in the gas tank or water in the batteries. It can also refer to the weight of the cart without the batteries included. The curb weight is the total weight of the golf cart with everything needed to be 100 percent operational.  

How much does an EZ golf cart weigh?

The EZGO RXV Fleet is one of the most common electric golf carts rented out at golf courses, and it weighs a total of just over 900 pounds. Their gas golf carts are significantly lighter, weighing in at just over 750 pounds curb weight. 

How heavy is a 4 person golf cart?

4 seater golf carts are significantly heavier than their two seater counterparts, and generally weigh in at somewhere around 1000 pounds. Even larger golf carts can feature a six person capacity, and these generally weigh somewhere around 1200 pounds.

How much do Club Car golf carts weigh?

The smallest and most lightweight model of Club Car golf cart is gas powered and weighs just over 600 pounds. Larger versions of Club Cars can hold four and six passengers, and the largest electric Club Car weighs over 1250 pounds. 

What size trailer do I need to haul a golf cart?

For most standard sized golf carts, a five foot by ten foot trailer is ideal for hauling. Be sure to check the weight capacity of your trailer before hauling a golf cart, and the general rule is that a trailer should always be able to hold 100 pounds more than the cart’s total weight.

Conclusion: Research by

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Golf carts are becoming increasingly powerful and light as battery technology improves, and today’s lightweight lithium-ion batteries are both lightweight and long lasting. These lighter batteries lead to lighter golf carts, and many golf courses use 500 to 600 pound carts today.

It is very important to pay attention to the maximum weight limits of a golf cart, as keeping the load under the maximum limit is the best way to ensure a safe ride.

The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf strongly recommend that you find the total weight of your golf cart, and to never exceed the posted weight limit on the cart. When towing a golf cart, it is important to always use a stronger trailer than needed, and a 5’ X 10’ trailer is usually the best option.


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