Where Is The Best Place to Buy a Used Golf Cart?

where is the best place to buy a used golf cart from tell me more golf instructors on our website

More and more people are turning to golf carts as a fun way to get around the golf course and their neighborhoods. You might have even thought about picking up one yourself.

You may have seen golf carts for sale, thought about buying one and wondered where is the best place to buy a used golf cart?

The Tell Me More Golf team will tell you what to know about the best place to buy a used golf cart, the things to look for, and the questions to ask before buying one.

where is the best place to buy a used golf cart from tell me more golf instructors on our website

Where To Buy A Used Golf Cart 

You’ve plenty of marketplaces to look at when buying a used golf car.

Like when buying anything, doing one’s research is essential when purchasing a used golf cart, online or in person.

Look for sellers with good reputations. Then, shop around and compare prices for similar models.

Let’s look at a couple of our places where you can be comfortable buying a used golf cart.

From the Dealer/Manufacturer

If you have a local E-Z-Go, Club Car, Trojan, RXV, Star EV, or Yamaha dealer near you, that’s a great place to look for a used golf cart. Dealers will have a selection of used golf carts, both remanufactured and refurbished, with warranties for choosing one that fits your needs.

Buying direct from the dealer might cost a little more. Still, you’ll be paying for the comfort of knowing that the cart will have been inspected and refurbished to company standards.


eBay is a great place to look for a used golf cart. You can use filters like location, condition, price, capacity, and power type to find what you’re looking for and its availability.

You have to take standard precautions when meeting someone in person from the internet. 

Luckily, eBay sellers have ratings with feedback that you can look at to see what others have experienced when working with the seller.

Facebook Marketplace

You can find almost anything on Facebook Marketplace, including an excellent selection of used golf carts. However, like buying from any online source, buyers beware.

It’s always wise to research to ensure the buyer and posting are legit. Try to get all the information like make, model, serial number, etc., before meeting the person to inspect the cart.


You’ll want to do some homework before buying a used golf cart.

So here are some questions you should ask before buying one:

Does It Have The Features You Are Looking For?

Take some time to ask yourself what you want from a used golf cart and the features you need.

Questions to Ask About a Used Golf Cart:

  • Is it the brand and model you want?
  • Does it have the seating capacity you want?
  • Will you use it for roads or all-terrain?
  • Is it street legal?
  • Is it a gas golf cart or an electric golf cart?
  • Do you need to have it licensed to drive in your area?

How Old Is The Golf Cart?

Finding out how old a golf cart is can be tricky. However, there are a few things to look for to help accurately determine the age.

Details to Help Determine the Age of a Golf Cart:

  • The Make
  • The Model
  • The Serial Number

With those three things, you should be able to confirm the golf cart’s age and how easy it will be to get replacement parts.

You’ll also want to ask to show you the number of hours or cycles on the cart. Again, if they won’t share this information with you, this is a red flag that the cart has a lot of miles on it.

What Condition Are The Batteries In?

The time to determine the condition of the batteries is when you inspect the car in person. 

How to Determine Battery Condition:

  • Do you see corrosion on the batteries, cables, or connectors?
  • Are the batteries bulging?
  • What is the brand of batteries?
  • Can they verify the age of the batteries? (Service records, receipts, etc.)
  • How many volts?

You can also ask if there is any manufacturer’s warranty with the batteries.

Used Golf Cart Or Refurbished Golf Cart?

When looking at used golf carts, you’ll probably see the terms used and refurbished/reconditioned.

A used golf cart is any golf previously owned and sold by a private seller. Because they’ve been owned and maintained by private owners, buying a used cart is similar to buying a used car. You’ll need to do your research, ask many questions, and take it for a test drive.

Refurbished carts come directly from the manufacturer or dealership. They are broken down, inspected, and refreshed before being test-driven and given new serial numbers. This process ensures that the cart meets the manufacturer’s quality standards.

Is It Worth The Asking Price?

The only way to find out if it is worth the asking price is to shop around and compare the age, the condition, the features, and the cost to see if it is worth it.

Used golf carts will typically be cheaper than refurbished ones.

Don’t be afraid to haggle. The more prepared you are when negotiating the price, the easier it will be to move negotiations in your direction.


What’s Required To Make A Golf Cart Street Legal?

Used golf carts typically go for between $2000 and $5000 and are typically three to five years old. A refurbished golf cart will usually cost more than a used one, but they generally are in excellent condition.

Used electric golf cars usually are less expensive than gas golf carts and are cheaper to maintain.

You can find older golf carts for less than $2000, but you might have to invest in new batteries and a new battery charger.

Tricked-out golf carts with lift kits, a light kit, extra seating capacity, or are street legal can sell for between $5000 and $10000.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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Buying a used golf cart is a lot like buying a used car. You’ve got to do your research to find a reputable seller and shop around to find a great deal.

A used golf cart will cost about half of what a brand new golf cart costs in the showroom, but that will vary according to the golf cart’s age, model, and features.

Always lift the flip seat to examine the golf cart batteries and look for bloating and corrosion. Then, take the golf car for a test drive to see how it drives and handles.

A used golf cart can be a fun way to get around your neighborhood for you and your family if you take the time to do your research to find the right one.


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