Who Makes Coleman Golf Carts and Why Is It Coleman Powersports with Tell Me More Golf Instructors Giving Golf Advice to You
Who Makes Coleman Golf Carts and Why Is It Coleman Powersports with Tell Me More Golf Instructors Giving Golf Advice to You

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will answer some of the many questions we’ve received about Coleman golf carts. 

Coleman Powersports is a company that sells a lot of different vehicles, including a premium electric golf cart that has become very popular for its many great features like the fast speed and fantastic comfort.

Who Makes Coleman Golf Carts?

Coleman golf carts are made by Coleman Powersports, which is a part of the much older Coleman Outdoor Company.

Founded in 2010, Coleman Powersports has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona.

The company’s mission was to create high-quality outdoor products that were both fun to use and reliable, which they’ve been very successful at. 

Where Are Coleman Golf Carts Made?

Coleman Powersports’ golf carts are manufactured in their Tempe, Arizona facility, making them American-made.

Because they are built in-house by Coleman, we think that they can ensure a high attention to detail and reliable quality and performance on their golf carts. 

Are Coleman Golf Carts Any Good?

Coleman golf carts are in the premium segment of golf carts, as they feature a high-quality design that comes with a relatively high price tag of around $9000 when brand new. Here are some of the reasons why the Coleman cart is great: 

Engine and Battery Type

Coleman’s golf cart is an electric cart. This means that it’s run on a battery. The battery in Coleman’s golf cart is a 48v one, and more precisely an 8x6V Deep Cycle Lead Acid. Electric golf carts are appreciated by many golfers as they’re generally quieter and more eco-friendly.

However, some golfers may not want an electric cart because of the poorer performance in hilly terrains, but Coleman’s golf cart can handle this well as it’s very powerful. 


Top Speed 

The Coleman golf cart is a very fast golf cart, with a top speed of 20 mph. This is high when compared with standard carts that often top out at less than 15 mph.

The high speed is also great as it’s an electric cart, which otherwise might not be great in tougher terrains. 

Premium Quality 

It can be seen on the price tag that the Coleman golf cart falls in the premium cart category. Costing around $9000 when brand new, there are many more affordable options available

However, the quality is extremely high on Coleman golf carts, and the driving experience and features available are top-of-the-line.

So if you’re looking for an electric cart that’s fast, a pleasure to drive, and likely to get your pals jealous, there are few options better than the Coleman. 

Who Owns Coleman?

Coleman Powersports, a part of the Coleman Company, is owned by Newell Brands. Newell Brands is an American company that owns a wide range of consumer brands, including Coleman Powersports. 


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Coleman golf cart?

Coleman golf carts are made by the Coleman Powersports Company, which is a part of the Coleman Outdoors Company. All of these are owned by Newell Brands, which is also an American company.

The carts are made in Tempe, Arizona at their manufacturing facility, meaning they’re American-made. 

What kind of batteries does a Coleman golf cart take?

Coleman’s golf cart uses 8x6V Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries, totalling up to 48v. This is a relatively common electric golf cart battery design.  

Coleman golf carts are not intended to be driven on streets, and they explicitly say that it’s for off-road use only.

However, you might be able to make it street legal if it checks all the necessary criteria, but what you need to do differs from place to place. Generally speaking, a street legal golf cart needs to have headlamps, tail lights, a slow-moving sign, and a few other things. So just make sure that your Coleman cart ticks the necessary boxes in your place of residence. 

How long does a Coleman golf cart take to charge?

Exactly how long it will take to charge your Coleman golf cart depends on your charger and a few other things, but it will generally take around 8 hours for a full charge when there’s zero battery left. 



In this article, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive about Coleman golf carts. Coleman Powersports creates great golf carts, and if you’re in the market for a new cart, you should consider them along with the major brands like Club Car and EZ-GO


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