Who Makes Epic Golf Carts and Where Are They Made from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

Who Makes Epic Golf Carts? — (Golf Coach’s Advice)

Who Makes Epic Golf Carts and Where Are They Made from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the Head Golf Coach and Tell Me More Golf with over 50 years of professional experience, my job is to educate you on all things golf. We’ve covered lots of topics, focusing on several areas of the game. In this article, we’re going to once again dive into the world of golf carts. 

This time, it’s the turn of Epic golf carts. We’ll look at stuff such as who makes Epic golf carts, where they’re made and see how good they are, so let’s go for it. 

Who Makes Epic Golf Carts?

Epic golf carts are made by renowned electric vehicle manufacturer EPIC Carts, who’ve been making high-quality golf cars for a decade. 

Epic Carts was originally the brainchild of Sean Heatley, who founded the company in Texas back in 2013.

Heatley’s vision was to create a high-performing electrical vehicle that had all the customization of a golf cart, so that’s exactly what he and his team set about doing. A decade on and it’s fair to say that things went well as Epic golf carts are now known for producing golf carts that are absolutely epic. 


Where Are Epic Golf Carts Made?

Originally founded in Texas, EPIC Carts is based in Tampa, Florida. It is in Florida that much of the work that goes into making the carts is carried out.

In other words, Epic golf carts, such as the epic e20, the epic e40 and epic e40L, are made on US soil in the Sunshine State. 

If you’re not in Florida, then fear not as Epic golf carts reach far as wide and can be purchased from a whole host of authorized dealers located in various areas across the United States. 

Are Epic Golf Carts Any Good?

The short answer is yes, Epic golf carts are typically very good. We’re talking about high-end golf carts here, that’s for sure.

EPIC Carts specialize in producing golf carts that not only perform well but look great too. 

One thing that is really impressive is the number of options that EPIC Carts offer. There really is a wide range of choice when it comes to Epic golf cart models. Currently there are lots of models to choose from, such as the classic E40, which is hugely popular because of its super sleek, all-black finish, while there are also some great four-seater options, such as the more robust E40L, which has a more sturdy and menacing look to it. In addition, EPIC Carts have gone the extra mile and rolled out not one, but two six-seater options, which is not something that all the top golf cart manufacturers offer. 

There’s also lots of customization available for each model, with many eye-catching and striking color schemes to choose from, such as Pearl White and Kansas Blue, plus you can choose from a whole host of other extras too, such as bluetooth and back-up cameras. 

Having worked in the golfing industry in a coaching capacity, I’ve come into contact with quite a few golf clubs who make use of Epic golf carts, while I was recently fortunate enough to ride in the E60L when playing with a golf coach friend, who had access to the six-seater at his club. Not only does the epic e60l look fantastic, with its slick, blackout finish, but it was super comfy, had tons of space and felt smooth to ride in. 


Who Owns Epic?

As mentioned above, EPIC Carts were originally founded and owned by Sean Heatley. However, there’s been a bit of a shake-up in recent times. In 2020, EPIC Carts became part of the ICON Electric Vehicle Brand.

At the time, spokespeople for EPIC Carts cited ICON’s commitment to customer satisfaction as being a key reason for taking the plunge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the Epic golf cart?

The Epic golf cart is made by EPIC Carts, a US-born electric vehicle maker that since 2020, has been part of the ICON Electric Vehicle family. 

What kind of batteries does a Epic golf cart take?

EPIC Carts state that AGM batteries are the best option for their golf carts The benefits of using AGM batteries include faster charging times and a lesser chance of sulfation build up. 

Many golf carts can be made street legal by users simply making a few modifications. It’s easier to do than you might think, though the beauty here is that all golf carts made by EPIC Carts come as street legal, so you don’t need to do a thing. Neat, right? 

How long does a Epic golf cart take to charge?

Most Epic golf carts take between 8 and 10 hours to charge fully. Typically, on a full charge, an Epic golf cart is capable of traveling up to 25 miles. 

Why is Epic so expensive?

Sure, golf carts made by EPIC carts tend to be quite pricey, but there’s a reason for this, and it really comes down to the fact that epic golf carts are high-quality golf carts, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

How do you tell the year of a Epic golf cart?

This information should be located in the glove box of the golf cart. Alternatively, the year of an Epic golf cart will be detailed in the paperwork issued by the dealer when purchasing. 

How fast will a Epic golf cart go?

Epic golf carts are low-speed vehicles built with safety in mind, which means that none of the models available go particularly fast. Carts made by EPIC Carts typically have a max speed of 19 MPH as standard. 



The last word here is this: EPIC Carts make some of the best golf carts in the industry and are thus a worthy rival to fellow electric golf cart makers such as Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car. In fact, you’d struggle to find a high-end golf cart maker that offers a better combination of choice, stylish builds and performance.


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