Does Tesla Make Golf Carts and Do They Exist According to Elon Musk and Electric Golf Carts and Cost Comparisons

As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, I often receive inquiries about different aspects of golf, including swing methods and gear selection. But one query that seems to spark the interest of golf lovers and Tesla fans is whether Tesla manufactures golf carts.

While Tesla is famous for its revolutionary electric cars and green energy solutions, earning a name for itself as a pioneer in the industry, they do not make golf carts

Given their dedication to environmentally friendly transportation, it’s no surprise that people are curious if Tesla has dabbled in the golf cart market and if they plan to enter it.

This blog post will unravel the mystery behind these rumors and closely examine the intriguing connection between Tesla and golf carts.

Tesla Golf Cart: Does It Exist?

At present, there’s no confirmed news or data suggesting that Tesla is in the business of manufacturing or marketing golf carts. There’s been some gossip and conjecture about Tesla stepping into the golf cart scene, but there’s no solid proof backing up these rumors.

But, considering Tesla’s innovative stance on electric vehicles and their pledge to green energy, it wouldn’t be a total shocker if they decide to dip their toes into the golf cart sector sometime in the future.

For now, though, Tesla focuses mainly on its electric car lineup, energy storage through batteries, solar panels, and other similar products.


Electric golf carts are becoming a big hit, and there are several reasons for their rising popularity.

  • First, they’re a greener choice than the usual gas-powered carts. Emitting zero emissions and running quietly, electric golf carts offer a more eco-friendly and serene golfing experience.
  • Next up, they’re energy-efficient. They can run for more extended periods and use less power compared to their gasoline-fueled cousins.
  • Also, electric golf carts are a breeze to maintain and are generally cheaper to operate. This benefit is thanks to their straightforward mechanical structure and fewer moving bits and pieces.
  • Finally, the growth in accessibility and advancements in battery tech, from lead acid to modern options such as lithium-ion batteries, have boosted electric golf carts’ performance and traveling distance.

All these factors have led to an increased fondness for electric golf carts among golf enthusiasts and communities who value sustainable modes of transport, especially for short trips.

Regulations for Using Golf Carts on Public Roads

Rules about driving golf carts on public streets can differ based on the state or local area.

Some states do allow golf carts to hit certain roads.

Still, there are usually specific rules and prerequisites that you have to follow to be classified as low-speed vehicles and street legal.

Take Florida, for instance. Here, you can drive your golf cart on roads with 30 mph or under speed limits. But there’s a catch – the driver has to be at least 14 years old and abide by specific safety guidelines.

On the other hand, in California, golf carts have to meet a set of standards, like carrying no more than two passengers and having certain safety features installed.

So, if you’re thinking of cruising around in a golf cart as a neighborhood electric vehicle on public roads, make sure you’re clued up on the specific rules and regulations of your local area to stay on the right side of the law.


Cost Comparison Between Electric and Gas-Powered Golf Carts

There’s a bit to consider when weighing the costs of electric versus gas-powered golf carts. At first glance, electric golf carts usually come with a steeper price tag than their gas equivalents.

But, in the long run, electric carts could help you save some bucks due to their lower running costs.

In addition, they require less upkeep because they have fewer mechanical parts to look after and don’t require fuel or oil changes.

Plus, electricity costs less than gas, so you’ll save on fuel expenses too. Gas-powered carts, however, may be cheaper to buy initially but could end up costing more down the line due to higher fuel, oil change, and regular maintenance costs.


What Are the Environmental Benefits of Using an Electric Golf Cart Over a Gas Golf Cart?

Choosing an electric golf cart over a gas-powered one has many eco-friendly perks.

  • First, electric golf carts don’t emit pollutants while running, reducing air pollution and shrinking their carbon footprint. Zero emissions are a big deal, especially in places sensitive to environmental changes, like golf courses or residential neighborhoods.
  • Next, electric golf carts are a lot quieter, which means less noise pollution and a more peaceful atmosphere.
  • On top of that, electric golf carts are good at using energy efficiently. They make the most out of electricity way better than how gas-powered carts use fuel. This efficiency means less wasted energy and a more negligible impact on the environment overall.
  • And finally, by picking an electric golf cart, people are backing the move towards greener transportation and encouraging clean, renewable energy sources.


Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tesla make golf carts?

No verified news or data suggests that Tesla has ventured into the golf cart business. There’s undoubtedly been some buzz and guesswork about Tesla stepping into the golf cart world, but there’s no solid proof to back up these talks.

Tesla’s main area of interest concerns its electric cars, energy storage via batteries, solar panels, and associated products.

What does Tesla produce?

Tesla is all about creating products centered on green energy and transportation. They’re best known for their lineup of electric cars, featuring models like the:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3,
  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Cybertruck

But it’s not just cars – Tesla also makes battery energy storage solutions suitable for homes, businesses, and utility companies, helping to store and use energy more efficiently. They even offer solar panels and roof tiles for those seeking to generate clean, renewable energy.

And let’s remember Tesla’s Supercharger network, which provides a vast charging system for their electric vehicles.

Who is the CEO of Tesla?

The big boss at Tesla is Elon Musk, a widely recognized entrepreneur, business tycoon, and visionary. Musk co-founded Tesla and has been steering the ship since 2008.

Under his watch, Tesla has grown into a world leader in the electric vehicle space and sustainable energy solutions. Musk’s bold vision and unstoppable determination have thrust Tesla into the limelight of the car industry, making it the highest-valued car manufacturer globally.

But Musk doesn’t stop at Tesla. He also dabbles in other projects like Twitter, SpaceX (a company that makes and launches spacecraft), and Neuralink, which is all about neurotechnology.

Does Lamborghini make golf carts?

Indeed, Lamborghini has revealed its intentions to dip its toes into the golf cart market. They’re teaming up with Kinetic Green Energy, an EV company based in India, to cook up some golf carts designed in Italy and built in India.

These golf carts are rumored to come equipped with solar panels and are primarily aimed at hotels, airports, and golf courses worldwide. Lamborghini hopes to deliver high-end and environmentally friendly transport solutions through this venture.

Does Ford make golf carts?

Ford does manufacture golf carts that are specifically crafted for use in golf course rental services. These carts can be rented for extended periods at exceptionally competitive prices. 

They’re perfect for golf courses, resorts, and other businesses that need electric utility vehicles, passenger carriers, guest transport, industrial, or airport vehicles.

Moreover, some Ford golf carts are even modeled to look like classic Ford cars, like the Bronco and Mustang. How cool is that!

Does VW still make electric golf carts?

Volkswagen has a reputation for its electric cars, like the ID series. However, no concrete info or confirmation exists about them manufacturing electric golf carts.

It’s interesting to point out that Volkswagen owns many brands, one of which is Lamborghini. And Lamborghini has made it known that they plan to step into the golf cart scene, teaming up with Kinetic Green Energy.

Did Harley Davidson make an electric golf cart?

Harley Davidson did once make an electric golf cart. The 1969 Harley Davidson Electric was a slow-paced vehicle made especially for golfers. It had plenty of storage space behind the seat, a single headlight, and a unique Y-shaped steering wheel.

It’s worth mentioning that Harley Davidson’s electric golf carts were manufactured before the brand was snapped up by the American Machine & Foundry Company (AMF) in 1969. However, these electric golf carts were a hit during the ’70s and could be spotted on golf courses all over the US.

Today, these old-school Harley Davidson golf carts are seen as collector’s items and are highly coveted by enthusiasts.



Although there have been whispers and guesses, Tesla hasn’t officially shared any plans to make or sell golf carts.

Tesla’s main interest has always been centered around its electric cars, energy storage through batteries, solar panels, and similar green energy solutions.

But considering Tesla’s knack for innovation and its dedication to eco-friendly transportation, it would be reasonable to think they might dive into the golf cart industry at some point.

We’re all eagerly awaiting any official word from Tesla about whether they’ll be stepping into the golf cart arena.


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