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As the head golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, I’m here to help you with all things golf and aid you on your golfing journey. Today, we’re talking about golf carts. 

Now, this isn’t like many of our articles. We’re not looking at a specific part of the game. This article probably won’t help you in terms of game improvement, but golf isn’t just about improving, it’s about fun too. In fact, that’s why most of us play the game in the first place, because it’s fun. So let’s have some fun. 

Naming Your Cart 

Lots of people choose to walk the course in golf, which is great. Walking is great for getting those steps in and for overall health. However, if you play lots of golf, you don’t want to walk or the time, especially if you’re getting nearing the twilight of your life, as many golfers are. 

Sometimes, you just want to take the golf cart and save your energy for hitting shots, as opposed to wasting it on walking and carrying your clubs. 

Now, lots of players rent golf carts, which is a great way to keep the cost down, but if you do that regularly, after a while, it makes more financial sense to get your own golf cart, which is why a whole host of regular golfers throughout America purchase their own carts. 

Once you’ve purchased your own golf cart, you want to give it a name, of course.

And hey, if you’re going to name the cart, why not have some fun with it, right? 

Funny Golf Cart Names

Of course, we’re going to cover a range of golf cart names below, but why not start off with the funny ones? Here’s a small list of the funniest golf cart names out there: 

The Bogey Man 

Many golfers like to make fun of their ability to make plenty of bogeys. If you’re a serial bogey hitter, then naming your cart ‘The Bogey Man’ is a great way to pay homage to that fact. 

Crusty Caddy 

Now this is a great one if your cart is on the old side. It’s old, it’s crusty but it gets the job done, like many older golfers! 


Bogey Buggy 

Again, we’re talking to those golfers who love to crack a joke about their endless bogey’s. Why not do so by naming your cart the ‘Bogey Buggy’. 

Fore-Wheel Drive

You’ve heard of four-wheel drive, right? Well, what about ‘Fore-Wheel Drive’ paying homage to those golfers who need to yell “Fore!” to let others know that the ball is heading their way. 

Tree Trailer

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. If you hit your ball in the trees a lot, then this one’s for you. 

The Slice is Right 

This one really got me! You’ve probably seen or heard of the famous TV show ‘The Price is Right’, well here’s ‘The Slice is Right’, the perfect caddy for anyone, such as a high handicapper or beginner, who can’t help but slice those golf balls.  


Get it? It’s not T-Rex, it’s Tee-Rex, as in golf tee. If you’re going to crash round that golf course like a prehistoric creature, then why not use this clever play on words to name your cart ‘Tee-Rex’.

Angry Birdie 

I also laughed at this one quite a bit. It combines the name for popular game Angry Birds, with the golfing term birdie and the fact that golf can cause lots of players to get angry!

Rough Rider 

Another favorite of mine, Rough Rider is a great name, as you’re combining the fact that you’ll be riding in the buggy with the fact that you’ll probably take it into the rough on occasion. 


85 Golf Cart Names 

There’s more than just being funny to think about when naming your cart. After all, the novelty route isn’t for everyone. Some people want to go for a more serious, slick, or cool approach. 

The beauty of naming your golf cart is that you’re totally free to call it whatever you want. You can be as boring or as creative as you like, so let’s look at some examples. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for naming your own golf cart. 

Funny Golf Cart Names

Let’s start with a more comprehensive list of funny, punny and novelty golf cart names: 

  1. Caddyshack Attack
  2. Crusty Caddy
  3. Bogey Buggy
  4. Bogey Buddy
  5. The Bogey Man 
  6. Not-so-Hot Wheels 
  7. Hole in Fun
  8. The Slice is Right 
  9. Fore-Wheel Drive
  10. Tee-Rex
  11. Green Machine
  12. Caddy Daddy
  13. Tree Trailer
  14. The Fore Fathers
  15. Plain White Tees
  16. Mulligan Mobile
  17. Angry Birdie
  18. Rough Rider

Here are some less funny, less punny, more serious golf-related name ideas for your golf cart:

  1. Rahm Rider (names after Jon Rahm)
  2. Jack’s Jalopy (after Jack Nicklaus)
  3. DeChambeau’s Chevy (After Bryson DeChambeu)
  4. Lefty (after the famous nickname given to Phil Mickelson)
  5. Ballesteros The Buggy (named after legendary golfer Seve Ballesteros)
  6. Tiger (after one of golf’s greatest ever players Tiger Woods)
  7. Rory’s Racer (after popular golfer Rory McIlroy) 
  8. Walter’s Wagon (after one of the most famous golfers from the early era of the sport: Walter Hagan)
  9. Brooks The Buggy (after multiple major winner Brooks Koepka)
  10. Big Daly (after the golf-cart loving popular golfer John Daly)

Here are some (non-golfer) golf related cart names

  1. Driver – play on words involving one of the main golf clubs in every golf bag: a driver
  2. Tee-to-Green – play on words involving a popular golf phrase that involves your game between tee and green. The golf cart also gets you from the tee and the green.  
  3. Tee-rific – Many golf carts do a terrific job, so why not combine that with one of the most used pieces of golf equipment: a tee. 
  4. Iron Man – Combines a popular superhero with the fact that golfers use their irons lots when out on the course
  5. To the Hole – Simple but effective, you essentially use the golf cart to travel to each golf hole.
  6. Ace – A hole-in-one is known as an ace, so why not boost your luck by naming your cart after one.
  7. Albatross – Going two under par is called Albatross, which just so happens to be a pretty cool name for a golf cart. 
  8. Birdie – Every player wants to make birdies, so why not start each round with one by naming your golf cart Birdie. 
  9. On Par – Riding in your golf cart may just help you to make par, so why not name the cart after par. 


Cool Golf Cart Names 

Below is a selection of cool golf cart names. They need no explanation, they just sound cool. 

  1. Desert Storm 
  2. Panther 
  3. Thunder
  4. Shadow
  5. Rocket
  6. Ace
  7. Black Widow
  8. Hawk
  9. Eagle 
  10. Flash
  11. Cruiser
  12. Glider
  13. The Tank
  14. Bomber
  15. Lightning
  16. Cherokee
  17. Cobra
  18. Speedster
  19. Tornado
  20. The Knight
  21. Bullet
  22. Tracer
  23. Crash & Burn
  24. Cowboy
  25. Hurricane
  26. Ghost
  27. Cheetah
  28. Phantom 
  29. Beast
  30. Desert Fox

Other Golf Cart Name Suggestions

Completing our list of 85 golf cart names, here are loads more suggestions for you to mull over when naming your golf cart. 

  1. Stars & Stripes
  2. Speed Gonzalez
  3. Name after your child
  4. Name after your wife/husband
  5. Name after a person from history 
  6. Your nickname
  7. Mighty Mouse
  8. Happy Wheels 
  9. Booze Cruise
  10. Midnight
  11. Mudslinger
  12. Hulk
  13. Black Pearl
  14. The Batmobile
  15. Millennium Falcon
  16. Golfzilla
  17. USS Enterprise
  18. Herbie

The bottom line is that you can name your golf cart absolutely anything that you want. The great thing about naming a golf cart is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner golfer or an experienced player, this is something that all golfers can do. Maybe you’ll go down the funny route, the punny route, or the golf-related route, the choice is yours, there are no rules, so go wild with it. 


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