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Who Makes MakDaddy Golf Carts According to Tell Me More Golf Coaches in Los Angele

As the Head Golf Coach at Tell Me More Golf, my job is to help you along the way and hopefully answer any golf-related questions that you have, no matter the topic! 

We’ve covered lots of topics, including golf carts and we’re back to that area today, looking at MakDaddy golf carts. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about MakDaddy golf carts. 

Who Makes MakDaddy Golf Carts?

MakDaddy golf carts have made a name for themselves in the golf cart industry over the last few years, but who makes these golf carts? 

MakDaddy golf carts are made by MD Carts, a golf cart and electric vehicle manufacturer situated in the United States, which has been in existence for over two decades, designing and bringing to market golf carts that have become quite popular, particularly for their durability. 

Where Are MakDaddy Golf Carts Made?

Made by MD Carts, which is a US company, specializing in producing vehicles for golf-course transportation, MakDaddy golf carts are made in the USA. More specifically, they are manufactured in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

There are currently three different MakDaddy golf cart models available. These are as follows: 

  • The Rookie – very standard, street-legal low-speed vehicle, with not many exciting features. Does seat four golfers thanks to a rear seat.
  • The Pro – similar to The Rookie in design, with the same standard features, plus a few extras. It also looks a little more professional. Seats four golfers.
  • The Legend – the most expensive of the three golf carts, but easily the best. Looks the most sturdy, is more heavy duty and comes with loads of interesting extras, such as bluetooth, led lighting and fold-down windshield, while users can customize too, increasing the number of passenger seats if required. 


Are MakDaddy Golf Carts Any Good?

Here’s the real important question: are MakDaddy golf carts any good? The short answer is sure, they’re pretty good, though there’s a bit more to it. 

Let me first say that although I have used each of the available models, I’ve not used MakDaddy golf carts anywhere near as much as I have used carts from some other brands, such as EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car.

In truth, my experience with MakDaddy carts is a little limited.

From my own golfing experience as a coach having used MakDaddy carts, what I would say is that they’re very durable carts and they certainly do the job, though the overall product doesn’t quite match some other brands in terms of being top, top quality.

That said, with MakDaddy, it depends on the model. Take The Rookie, which is the cheapest model, for example.

This is a very standard golf cart, while The Pro model is a little better in terms of quality, while The Legend, which is easily their best golf cart, is better still, as it has quite a few cool features, while it just looks like more of a high-quality product. 

I have spoken with lots of people within the golf coaching industry regarding MakDaddy golf carts and in general, the feedback is positive, especially in terms of durability, while the battery life is generally good too, though there tends to be an agreement that MakDaddy carts are not right at the top of the industry in terms of overall quality. Let’s be clear, though, that doesn’t mean that they’re not good, it just means that there may be better out there, or perhaps you can get more bang for your buck by choosing a different golf cart brand. 


Who Owns MakDaddy?

MakDaddy golf carts are made by MD Carts. MD Carts have been producing electric golf carts for over two decades. They are owned and operated by parent company MakDaddy Industries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are MakDaddy golf carts made?

MakDaddy golf carts are made by MD Carts, located in the United States. The production of MakDaddy golf carts takes place in the state of Tennessee, in Johnson City. 

Who makes the MakDaddy golf cart?

MD Carts, operated by MakDaddy Industries, produce MakDaddy golf carts, of which there are numerous cart models currently available. 

What kind of batteries does a MakDaddy golf cart take?

There are currently three models of MakDaddy golf cart available, and each of these models takes 6 Interstate brand lead-acid batteries. 

For golf cars to be street legal, they must meet certain requirements. For example, it needs to have mirrors and a speedometer. Fortunately, each of the three golf-cart models currently available from MakDaddy comes as street legal, so you won’t need to do anything. 

How long does a MakDaddy golf cart take to charge?

Each of the MakDaddy golf carts, so The Rookie, The Pro and The Legend, which feature onboard chargers, all take around 10 hours to charge fully. Of course, that’s if you’re charging from a very low battery level.  

Why is MakDaddy so expensive?

The reason here is less clear than with some other golf cart brands. It depends on the model. To be honest, both The Legend is a pretty good golf cart and the quality is quite high, so the price-tag is a little easier to understand, though The Rookie is quite a standard golf cart and thus is perhaps a bit overpriced. 

How do you tell the year of a MakDaddy golf cart?

The model year should be detailed on the inside of the front of the golf cart. If that’s not the case, then this information should be detailed within the user manual. 

How fast will a MakDaddy golf cart go?

This depends on the model of the MadDaddy golf cart in question. For example, The Rookie tops out around 19 MPH, but The Pro is a little faster and can reach speeds of up to 24 MPH. 



If you’re looking for a modest yet very usable golf cart, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with MakDaddy carts, though for what you get, you could call these carts a little on the expensive side. The Pro and The Legend offer more for what you’re paying, and you’ll certainly get a smooth ride, though The Rookie is quite a basic golf cart, so I’d have to say that it’s quite steep in price.


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