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Gas vs Electric Golf Cart Review and Comparison from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the Head Golf Coach at Tell Me More Golf, with over 50 years professional experience, my job isn’t just to provide you with playing tips, oh no. I’m here to talk to you about a wide variety of golfing topics. 

In this article, we’re going to be looking at golf carts, and it’s that question that crops up quite regularly in the golf world, the question of which is better? Gas carts or electric carts? 

Of course, it depends who you are and what you’re looking for, but electric golf carts really do win more battles here. Of course, a big part of it is that they’re much better for the environment, but there’s more to it, so let’s get stuck in and find out more. 

Gas Golf Cart Pros

More and more people are switching to electric golf carts in a bid to be greener, though there are many in the world of golf who still prefer to use gas golf carts, as there are certain pros attached to doing so. 

For starters, most gas powered golf carts will be capable of going faster than electric carts, which is useful if you’re looking to get a quick round in.

Moreover,  if you’re working at a golf course and have lots to do, getting at faster speeds can be very helpful. 

Another sizable pro to a gas cart is the fact that it does not need to rely on battery life. No charging is required. Instead, it’s a simple case of filling up with fuel and off you go. You can also travel further on a full tank of gas than you can on a full electric charge, while gas carts are typically better for getting up steep hills. 

Here is a full summary of the pros to using gas powered golf carts: 

  • Can travel at greater speed
  • Better for carrying heavier loads 
  • Easier and quicker to refill 
  • Better for climbing hills
  • Allows you to travel long distances


Gas Golf Cart Cons

Of course, there are quite a few downsides for golfers using gas golf carts. First and foremost, they are far worse for the environment, which is a clear negative. Gas golf carts can also be more threatening to health thanks to the emissions that they produce. 

Moving away from the health and environmental concerns, gas carts are typically much louder than electric carts, which can be an annoyance, both for those using the cart and those nearby. 

Fuel is expensive, so operating a gas powered golf cart on a regular basis can be quite costly compared to an electric cart which simply needs recharging.

Below is a summary of gas cart cons:

  • Use of fuel pollutes the environment 
  • Carbon monoxide emissions produced can be a health hazard 
  • Gas smells are unpleasant 
  • Too loud in some cases 
  • Fuel increases running costs 

Electric Golf Cart Pros

So now we move on to the type of golf cart that has become far more popular in recent times, the electric golf cart.

The electric golf cart has taken the golf cart world by storm in recent times, so much so that the vast majority of top golf carts brands now focus a large amount of their efforts on producing electric carts. 

The chief reason behind the popularity of electric golf carts is arguably environmental. Electric carts are quite simply more environmentally friendly than gas carts.

There are also a selection of other pros, such as the fact that they are much quieter to use. 

The running costs are also significantly lower too, as electric carts simply require recharging instead of refueling. It’s also widely accepted that they’re safer to use too as they typically don’t travel as speedily as gas carts. 

The pros of using electric golf carts are summarized below: 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better for health with zero emissions
  • Little to no noise 
  • Cheaper to run 
  • Much safer to use


Electric Golf Cart Cons

As is the case with gas powered golf carts and most things in life, there are a few cons or at the very least, downsides compared to gas gas carts. 

Firstly, electric golf carts will not travel as far on a full charge as gas carts will on a full tank of fuel, while they’re also not as powerful, which means that they’re not as capable of traveling up steep hills with ease. 

The other problem is the fact that charging can take several hours, which is not ideal if you need immediate use of the golf cart. 

You can find the cons of using electric carts summarized here:

  • Don’t travel as far on a full charge as gas carts do on a full tank of fuel
  • Less powerful and thus less capable going up hills
  • Charging takes several hours


When it comes to speed, there isn’t a tremendous difference, though gas golf carts are capable of going faster for longer. Gas powered golf carts tend to be more powerful and so they’re capable of going slightly quicker up hills than most electric golf carts, while there’s also a noticeable difference (in favor of the gas cart) between the speed a gas cart will go when nearing an empty tank and the speed an electric cart will travel when low on battery. 


Golf Cart Maintenance 

In terms of golf cart maintenance, you can expect much more upkeep to be required by a gas golf cart than an electric golf cart. 

For example, gas golf carts need regular maintenance, as they require service checks and oil changes. In contrast, electric golf carts shouldn’t need much in the way of maintenance besides cleaning, which means that they’re ideal for golfers looking to perform less maintenance. 


Of course, golf cart prices vary depending on several factors, such as age, condition, brand, but it is generally accepted that electric golf carts are slightly cheaper to purchase than gas golf carts. For example, if you can find two models that are virtually the same in all areas, but the only difference between them is one is gas powered and the other is electric, then the electric model is usually slightly cheaper. That said, in general, if we’re talking about standard golf carts, especially used ones, then both gas and electric carts fall within a price range of around $2,000 to $7,000. 


Again, durability depends on a few things such as whether or not you’re buying a brand new golf cart or a used cart. If you’re buying newer models, then electric golf carts tend to be more durable and last longer. 

As a professional golf coach who has worked in the industry for over five decades, I’ve used lots of new golf carts. In recent times, I’ve worked mainly with electric golf carts, from brands such as EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha, and can say that new electric carts stand the test of time better than new gas golf carts, that’s for sure. 



If we’re talking about noise level, then there really is only one winner. Electric golf carts are typically silent or they make very little noise, while for the most part, gas powered golf carts are loud and noisy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gas or electric golf carts better?

This of course depends on what you’re looking for. Gas golf carts are quicker, because they are more powerful, while there’s no need to charge them up either. However, electric carts are far more environmentally friendly, while they’re quieter and generally safer too. 

What are the disadvantages of electric golf carts?

Electric golf carts are great, especially environmentally, but they are not without disadvantages, one of which is their inability to go for long periods without requiring a charge. 

How far can a gas powered golf cart go?

How far a gas powered golf cart can travel depends on the size of the fuel tank. With a quite typical four to six gallon tank, a gas powered cart can travel around 150 miles. 

How long do gas powered golf carts last?

This can depend on the quality of the cart, but an average, yet decent gas golf cart should last for between five and ten years. Of course, how long a gas powered golf cart lasts depends on the level of use and the level of care it receives. 



To summarize, it is all about personal preferences, and there are both positives and negatives to both gas-powered and electric golf carts, though objectively speaking, in a modern world where sustainability and being environmentally friendly is paramount, electric golf carts come out on top. Not only are they better for the environment than gas carts, but they’re quieter, more durable and cheaper to run and maintain too.


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