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As the Head Golf Coach here at Tell Me More Golf, my role is to provide you with helpful insight into the wonderful game of golf. I have over 50 years of professional experience and can assist with a plethora of golfing topics.

Here at Tell Me More Golf, we’ve covered lots of areas. In this article, we’re looking at golf carts, particularly Vitacci golf carts. We’ll be looking at who makes Vitacci golf carts, where they’re made, plus a whole lot of other relevant information. 

Who Makes Vitacci Golf Carts?

Vitacci golf carts are produced by Vitacci Motorcycles Incorporated, which is an American company that manufactures a wide variety of vehicles, some electrical, some gas powered. 

As the company name suggests, Vitacci Motorcycles Inc. produces motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, Go Karts, E-Scooters, E-Bicycles and golf carts. 

Currently, Vitacci makes one type of golf cart, which is known as the E BOLT, an electric golf cart with many selling points, including simplistic yet sophisticated design features. 


Where Are Vitacci Golf Carts Made?

Vitacci Motorcycles Inc. is a company based in the United States. All of the production work that goes into making Vitacci’s E BOLT golf cart is carried out in the US.

Specifically, Vitacci golf carts are made in the city of Carrollton, which is located in Texas.

On site in Texas, Vitacci manufactures the E-BOLT golf cart, which is an electric golf cart that runs off the following battery set-up: 48V 150AH / 6 of 8V Deep Cycle. It is available in four colors and has a very impressive charging time of just 6.5 hours. 

Are Vitacci Golf Carts Any Good?

I’ll get right to it here and say that I’m a fan of Vitacci’s E-BOLT golf cart. I have used this thing out on the golf course a handful of times and have only positive comments to make. 

First and foremost, what’s immediately striking about the E-BOLT from Vitacci is the simple design. However, you’re not left thinking that the cart is lacking, oh no. Instead, I took one look at it and thought that it looked simple yet sophisticated, which was really pleasing, as lots of golf carts nowadays tend to be quite modern and futuristic in design.

I’ve only had the pleasure of using the white version, which looked very classical, but there are other color schemes available, including red, blue and black, which I’m told is very elegant.

A friend of mine also recently commented to say that the E-BOLT is the best golf cart that he’s ever used. High praise indeed. 

When using the E-BOLT, I absolutely loved the multifunctional rear-view mirror, which in my eyes, is a real selling point. Not only does the rearview allow users to see behind the golf cart, but it also has multimedia and bluetooth capabilities, doubling up as an FM radio and Apple CarPlay speaker, which let’s face it, is really cool. The chrome wheels, cup holders and luxury seat cushioning are real nice touches too, as is the storage space at the rear of the cart, which is actually larger than it first appears. 

Overall, there’s very little wrong with the E-BOLT golf cart, made by Vitacci. I would highly recommend this golf cart, especially to anyone who loves something that is quite traditional in the way that it looks. 


Who Owns Vitacci?

Many golf cart makers are owned by larger or parent companies. Yamaha and EZ-GO are good examples. Another example is Club Car, which as of 2021, is owned by Platinum Equity. In this case, Vitacci golf carts are made by Vitacci Motorcycles Incorporated, which is a company in its own right. It does not have a parent company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vitacci a good golf cart?

Vitacci makes lots of very good motor vehicles, and the E-BOLT golf cart is certainly one of those. It is simply yet stylishly designed, it runs smoothly, while it is compact too, making it perfect for on-the-course use. 

Who makes the Vitacci golf cart?

Vitacci golf carts are designed and produced by US-based vehicle manufacturer Vitacci Motorcycles Inc.

What kind of batteries does a Vitacci golf cart take?

A Vitacci golf cart requires a 48v battery. This can also be achieved by utilizing a deep cycle composition of six 8v batteries. 

A golf cart must meet certain requirements to be deemed street legal. If you want to legally use your golf cart on the street, then it must feature a horn, headlights, taillights, turn signals, rearview mirrors and seat belts. These features can be added to a golf cart to make it street legal, though that is not necessary with Vitacci golf carts, as they come as street legal to start with. 

How long does a Vitacci golf cart take to charge?

The Vitacci golf cart has a relatively quick charging time. A full charge takes between 6 to 7 hours to achieve.

Why is Vitacci so expensive?

Although Vitacci golf carts seem expensive at first glance, compared to some other brands in the golf cart industry, they’re actually quite cheap. The Vitacci E-BOLT can be purchased for around $9,000. For what you get, this price is very reasonable.

How do you tell the year of a Vitacci golf cart?

When buying a Vitacci golf cart, you can ask for this information from the dealer. Alternatively, you will be able to locate the year of the golf cart from the user manual.

How fast will a Vitacci golf cart go?

The top speed of a Vitacci golf cart is 25 mph, which is pretty speedy compared to the average golf cart, though don’t worry, it’s still very safe. 



To conclude, Vitacci is a well-rounded and very solid golf cart manufacturer, as you would expect from a well-established company that has a long vehicle making history. In other words, they make high-quality golf carts.

They may only offer one golf cart, which is the E-BOLT, but it is a super golf cart, one that is available in several colors and with a variety of set-ups, so there’s plenty of customization available. It’s very affordable too, which is another huge plus. All in all, you can’t really go wrong with a Vitacci golf cart.


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