Cobra Golf Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

Cobra Golf Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

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Cobra Golf Statistics for This Golf Company with History Revenue and Market Share at Tell Me More Golf Coach Company

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this golf company profile article, I will cover the most important statistics about Cobra Golf.

Cobra Golf is one of the biggest equipment manufacturers in the sport, and after reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about them, including their market share, history, and much, much more. 

Cobra Golf’s Statistics

Here, we go over Cobra’s most interesting statistics. 

Cobra Market Share in Golf Equipment

Cobra is a private company owned by Puma Sports, so their revenue and market share aren’t public. However, their market share in golf equipment is estimated at around 7.5%.

Cobra’s Best-Selling Products

Cobra Golf’s top-selling products combine cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, catering to golfers of all levels. 

Some names include their new Cobra Aerojet drivers and Aerojet woods, as well as their Cobra King Tour irons.

Their previous driver line-up with the Cobra LTDx Max driver as the star is also very popular.

Top Markets and Countries for Cobra

Cobra Golf has a presence in the global golf markets, with the United States, Europe, and Asia being key regions. The brand’s popularity and market share continue to grow, reflecting its international appeal.

What Pros on Major Tours Play Cobra Gear?

Elite professionals on major golf tours trust Cobra gear, highlighting its quality and performance. Currently, there are 9 pros on the PGA Tour playing cobra equipment of some sort, including the very famous Rickie Fowler

How Many Wins Does Cobra Have on Tour This Year?

This season, Cobra has one win on the PGA Tour. The number isn’t very high since most pros opt for larger brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway.

How Much Does Cobra Spend on Research and Development?

Cobra Golf invests significantly in research and development, ensuring continuous innovation.

Their exact number isn’t publicly available, but we estimate it to be around $25 million.

What Is Cobra’s Custom Club Adoption Rate?

Most golfers don’t adjust their golf gear, which is why less than 20% of Cobra’s buyers do so. However, if you want, there are plenty of customization options regarding shafts, lofts, and more. 

How Many People Return Their Cobra Gear?

Cobra Golf experiences minimal product returns, indicating high customer satisfaction. The brand’s focus on quality and performance results in a low return rate, fostering customer loyalty.

What Is Cobra’s Social Media Presence Like?

Cobra Golf maintains a robust social media presence, engaging golf enthusiasts across platforms. Regular updates, interactive content, and community engagement contribute to Cobra’s strong online visibility and connection with its audience.


Cobra’s Social Media Statistics

On Instagram, Cobra’s main account has 500k followers. On Twitter (X), they’re just shy of 200k followers.

Cobra doesn’t really post on TikTok, which is why they don’t have a significant presence there. 

What Is Cobra’s Growth?

Cobra’s growth data isn’t publicly available, but they’ve likely seen noticeable growth in the last few years. This is probably the case since they’ve launched many new popular products.

Cobra Golf Revenue

Once again, Cobra’s exact annual revenue is not publicly available, but it’s estimated between $250 million to $500 million

How Many Clubs Does Cobra Sell Each Year?

Cobra Golf consistently sells a significant number of clubs each year, indicating a steady demand for its high-quality and innovative golf equipment. The exact number is not available. 

How Often Does Cobra Update Their Models?

Cobra Golf regularly updates its models to incorporate the latest technology and design innovations.

Usually, they update their models every single year, making them one of the faster ones in the industry. 

What Percentage of Cobra’s Sales Are Online?

While the exact data of Cobra’s online sales isn’t available, it’s likely around 20% for their clubs and around 50% for their other products like golf bags and golf gloves.

What Is the Average Buyer’s Rating of Cobra?

Buyers consistently rate Cobra Golf highly, and they have loyal customers. The exact ratings depend on what product we are talking about, but it’s almost always more than 4.5 out of 5. 

What Impact Does Sponsored Tournaments Have on Cobra?

Sponsorship of tournaments significantly boosts Cobra’s visibility and credibility. The association with top-level events enhances brand reputation, attracting both professional players and enthusiasts to Cobra’s products.


What Percentage of Cobra’s Sales Are Repeat Customers?

A substantial percentage of Cobra’s sales come from repeat customers, which indicates a high level of customer loyalty. The exact data isn’t available, but we estimate it to be more than 35% when compared to other brands

The History and Evolution of Cobra Golf

In this section, we go over the history and evolution of Cobra Golf. 

Cobra’s Founding Date

Cobra Golf was founded in 1973 by Thomas L. Crow, initially gaining recognition for its groundbreaking use of oversized heads in their iron sets.

What company owns Cobra Golf?

Cobra Golf is owned by Puma, a global sportswear and lifestyle brand. Puma acquired Cobra Golf in 2010, forming a strategic alliance that blends fashion-forward style with cutting-edge golf technology.

When did Puma buy Cobra Golf?

Puma acquired Cobra Golf in 2010, marking a significant partnership that combines Puma’s style and marketing prowess with Cobra’s reputation for innovation and performance in golf equipment.

Cobra’s Breakthrough Products

Cobra Golf has many breakthrough products, such as the King F9 Speedback driver and their oversized iron heads released in the 1970s. A very popular recent series is the Cobra Air-X golf irons and woods. 

There are both Cobra golf clubs and Cobra putters, meaning you can have an entire set of this brand. 


Cobra’s Equipment Evolution

  • 1973: Cobra Golf is founded, gaining early recognition for introducing oversized iron heads, a groundbreaking innovation at the time.
  • 1985: The brand releases the King Cobra Baffler, a fairway wood with a unique design that becomes highly popular among golfers.
  • 1992: Cobra introduces the first utility metal wood, the King Cobra, revolutionizing the fairway wood category.
  • 2003: Cobra Golf pioneers the use of multi-material construction in clubheads with the release of the King Cobra SS 427.
  • 2012: The introduction of the Cobra AMP Cell driver features MyFly technology, allowing golfers to adjust loft settings for personalized performance.
  • 2018: Cobra launches the King F8 series, incorporating the first fully integrated sensor technology in golf clubs, providing data to improve a golfer’s game.
  • 2019: The King F9 Speedback driver debuts, showcasing a design that combines aerodynamics with a low center of gravity for enhanced speed and forgiveness.
  • 2021: Cobra introduces the Cobra King RadSpeed series, featuring radial weighting and advanced technology for increased speed, stability, and distance.

Key Milestones of Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf has achieved key milestones throughout its history, from introducing oversized iron heads in the 1970s to recent innovations. Lately, a key milestone was the partnership with Puma where they acquired Cobra. 

What Does the Cobra Name Come From?

The name “Cobra” comes from the snake, and it reflects the brand’s early emphasis on being a force to be reckoned with. It symbolizes the dynamic and impactful nature of the equipment, embodying the essence of the brand.

What Are Cobra’s Upcoming Launches?

Nobody knows what Cobra’s upcoming launches are, as they’ve done a great job keeping them a secret. However, we can expect a wide range of new products over the next year.

What Is the Future of Cobra?

The future of Cobra Golf looks promising, with a commitment to innovation and a strong partnership with Puma. 

Is Cobra a US company?

Yes, Cobra Golf is a US-based company. Founded in the United States in 1973, the brand has established itself as a prominent player in the golf industry with a global presence. However, it’s owned by Puma, which is a German company.

What Is Cobra Most Known For?

Cobra Golf is most known for its innovative approach to golf equipment. The brand is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, high-performance products, and a legacy of pushing the boundaries in the world of golf.


Cobra’s Manufacturing and Assembly

Here, you can read about Cobra’s manufacturing and assembly. 

Where Is Cobra Gear Made? – Locations of Manufacturing

Cobra Golf manufactures its gear globally, with production facilities strategically located in various regions, including the US and Asia. This allows Cobra to maintain high-quality standards while meeting the demands of golfers worldwide.

Cobra’s Club Productions Process

Cobra’s club production process combines precision engineering with advanced technologies. From design to manufacturing, each club undergoes meticulous testing, ensuring it meets the brand’s standards for performance and innovation.

What Materials Does Cobra Use?

Cobra Golf utilizes cutting-edge materials in its club construction, including titanium, carbon fiber, and high-strength alloys. These materials contribute to the clubs’ performance, providing golfers with a blend of power, speed, and precision.

New Cobra Driver Release Date

While Cobra hasn’t made an official release date, we can expect new cobra drivers in February, as that’s one year after they released their latest ones. 

When Does Cobra Release New Irons?

Cobra Golf unveils its new irons on a regular schedule, meaning we should probably see new ones in February. 

When Does Cobra Release New Woods?

Cobra usually releases new woods at the same time as their drivers, which will most likely happen again in February. 


Cobra’s Leadership and Management

Now it’s time to cover Cobra’s leadership and management. We’ll also go over more business-oriented topics you might find interesting. 

Cobra’s CEO – Background and Vision

Cobra Golf’s CEO is Bob Philion, which has been the case since 2010. He brings a wealth of industry expertise and a vision for innovation. 

Where Is Cobra’s Headquarters?

Cobra Golf’s headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California. This strategic location provides the brand with proximity to the heart of the golf industry and a hub for innovation.

What Differentiates Cobra’s Products from Competitors?

Cobra’s products stand out with a blend of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and a commitment to performance. Compared to other major brands, Cobra’s gear is more affordable while still delivering impressive performance.

Is Cobra a publicly traded company?

Cobra Golf is not publicly traded; it operates as a private entity owned by Puma Sports. This structure allows the brand flexibility and focus on long-term goals without the pressures of quarterly market expectations.


What does the Cobra logo mean?

The Cobra logo symbolizes power, precision, and agility in golf, much like the characteristics of the snake. It reflects the brand’s commitment to creating equipment that empowers golfers, embodying the dynamic and impactful nature of Cobra products.

What is Cobra’s motto?

Cobra Golf doesn’t have a clear motto, but they’ve used various slogans in the past, including “King of Speed.” 

Cobra’s Demographics and Target Markets

Cobra Golf caters to a diverse demographic of golfers, focusing on enthusiasts of all skill levels. Their target markets include avid golfers seeking high-performance equipment and innovation in design.

What Is Cobra’s Customer Demographics Like?

Cobra’s customer base spans a wide demographic range, appealing to both amateur and professional golfers. The brand’s products cater to individuals who value technology, innovation, and performance in their golf equipment.

What Are Cobra’s Targeting Strategies?

Cobra Golf employs targeted marketing strategies to reach golfers seeking innovation and performance. The brand strategically positions itself as a leader in cutting-edge technology, appealing to those passionate about the game.

How Does Cobra Engage with Female Golfers?

Cobra Golf actively engages with female golfers by offering a range of clubs designed to meet their specific needs. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that female golfers feel recognized and supported.

They make Cobra women’s clubs, and they actively work with increasing accessibility by avoiding exclusions at all costs

Is Cobra an International Company? – Their Global Presence

Cobra Golf has a robust international presence, with a global reach that extends beyond the United States. The brand’s products are available and embraced by golfers worldwide.

How many employees work at Cobra?

The exact number of employees at Cobra Golf isn’t publicly known, but the company maintains a dedicated team of professionals involved in various aspects with an approximate workforce of around 500 employees


Professional Endorsements – What Pros Play Cobra?

Lastly, we’ll go over Cobra’s professional endorsements. 

How Many Pros Are Sponsored by Cobra?

There are 9 pros on the PGA Tour playing cobra gear. However, only 5 of them are sponsored by Cobra. Some of the most notable Cobra-sponsored golfers are Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson. 

Is Cobra’s Endorsement Strategy Effective?

Cobra Golf’s endorsement strategy is highly effective, leveraging partnerships with top professional players to enhance brand credibility and visibility. The collaboration with elite athletes strengthens Cobra’s image as a leader in golf equipment.

How Do You Get Sponsored by Cobra?

Getting sponsored by Cobra Golf typically involves showcasing exceptional golf skills and aligning with Cobra’s brand values. For professional players, a track record of success and a strong personal brand contribute to securing sponsorship deals. 

Amateur golfers can attract Cobra’s attention through impressive performances, social media presence, or involvement in the golf community. Connecting with Cobra through official channels and expressing a genuine passion for the brand could also open sponsorship opportunities.

Has Bryson DeChambeau Left Cobra?

Since the end of 2022, Bryson DeChambeau has not been a part of either Cobra or Puma. They spent more than 6 years together as partners, but it all ended because of some controversial comments made by DeChambeau combined with him joining LIV. 



In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Cobra Golf. This American golf equipment company is owned by Puma, and they deliver high-quality golf gear at very competitive prices.

We think Cobra has a bright future ahead of them, as they’ve continued to release top-of-the-line clubs while not being as expensive as other major brands. 



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