PING Statistics — [History, Pros, Markets]

PING Statistics — [History, Pros, Markets]

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Ping Company Profile Statistics with History Market Share Ceo and Headquarters Details

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share everything you need to know about PING Golf. 

After reading this golf company profile article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of their key statistics, history, equipment, and much, much more.  

PING’s Statistics

For a start, let’s discuss PING’s most important statistics. 

PING Market Share in Golf Equipment

In the global golf equipment market, PING has a market share of around 8%. This makes it one of the smaller major brands when it comes to market share. 

PING’s Best-Selling Products

PING’s has many best-selling products, but right now, their most popular products are the G430 fairway woods and drivers. The driver, in particular, is extremely popular as it’s perhaps the most forgiving in the market.

For higher handicaps, there are also G430 Max fairways and G430 hybrids.

Top Markets and Countries for PING

PING’s top market is the US, as it’s the largest golf market. After the US, their biggest market is Europe, and after that, it’s Asia. 

What Pros on Major Tours Play PING Gear?

Currently, there are 36 PGA Tour players playing PING equipment. Some of the most notable names are Viktor Hovland and Tony Finau. 

How Many Wins Does PING Have on Tour This Year?

PING has over 10 wins on the PGA Tour this season. This puts them high on the list.

How Much Does PING Spend on R&D?

PING is a private company, meaning that much of its data isn’t public. It’s therefore not known how much they spend on R&D. It’s probably more than $10 million, but probably less than Titleist’s $50 million

What Is PING’s Custom Club Adoption Rate?

Few golfers tweak their golf equipment, which is why PING’s custom club adoption rate is less than 20%. 

How Many People Return Their PING Gear?

Most PING buyers are very pleased with their gear, which is why less than 10% return it. 

What Is PING’s Social Media Presence Like?

PING is a smaller brand than the likes of TaylorMade and Titleist. However, they still have a relatively strong social media presence across most platforms.

They frequently upload content and engage with their sponsored golfers. 

PING’s Social Media Statistics

On Instagram, PING has several accounts, with one of them having over 500,000 followers. On Twitter (X), they have over 250,000 followers. On TikTok, which is a platform many larger brands actively engage on, they only have 30,000 followers. This could be because their marketing department is likely smaller than its competitors. 

What Is PING’s Growth?

Since PING is a private company, its growth statistics aren’t available. However, we think they’ve grown a fair bit in recent years due to the increased popularity of their clubs.

PING Revenue

The latest PING revenue data that’s publicly available is from 2021, and then they had a revenue of around $500 million


How Many Clubs Does PING Sell Each Year?

The data on how many individual clubs PING sell each year isn’t available, but it’s undoubtedly an extremely large number

How Often Does PING Update Their Models?

PING does not release new gear very often compared to other brands like Callaway and TaylorMade. Instead, they usually wait between 18-24 months until they release a new model.

Some PING line-ups have been available for more than 4 years, which is basically unheard of at other big brands. 

What Percentage of PING’s Sales Are Online?

For clubs, less than 20% of PING’s sales are online. For their apparel, gloves, PING golf bags like the Hoofer, and other similar things, around half of their sales are online

What Is the Average Buyer’s Rating of PING?

PING has very high customer loyalty, which can be seen on their high average buyer rating of more than 4.5 out of 5

What Impact Does Sponsored Tournaments Have on PING?

Sponsored tournaments elevate PING’s brand recognition and credibility. When professional golfers excel with PING gear, it reinforces trust in their products, increasing demand and customer confidence.

What Percentage of PING’s Sales Are Repeat Customers?

More than half of PING’s customers are repeat customers. With their drivers in particular, many golfers wouldn’t consider using anything else. 


The History and Evolution of PING

Here we go over the history and evolution of PING Golf. 

PING’s Founding Date

PING, a well-established golf equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1959 by Karsten Solheim. Since then, the company has become a prominent player in the golf industry.

PING’s Breakthrough Products

PING has introduced several breakthrough products, including the PING Anser putter, PING Eye2 irons, and G2 driver. These innovations have had a significant impact on the golf industry and player performance. Lately, their best-sellers are the G430 woods which are loved by both pros and high handicaps

The PING G430 Max driver is very popular, and it’s the predecessor of the equally loved G425 Max driver. There’s also a G430 LST for high swing speed golfers. 

PING’s Equipment Evolution

  • PING Anser Putter: Introduced in 1966, it revolutionized putter design with perimeter weighting.
  • PING Eye2 Irons: Released in 1982, these cavity-backed iron sets became iconic for forgiveness and playability.
  • PING G30 Driver: Known for its adjustability and distance, these were released in 2014.
  • PING G400 Irons: Launched in 2017, they featured advanced face technology for improved ball speed and distance. Today, these have evolved to the G430 irons. 
  • PING G425 and G430 Woods: These woods, and their driver in particular, are extremely popular due to their exceptional forgiveness. 

Key Milestones of PING Golf

  • 1959: Karsten Solheim founds PING in his garage.
  • 1966: Introduction of the Anser PING putters, a game-changer in putter design.
  • 1982: Launch of the PING Eye2 irons, popular for their innovation.
  • 2014: Release of the PING G30 driver, known for distance and forgiveness.
  • 2017: PING G400 irons, featuring innovative face technology.
  • 2021: PING introduces the PING G425 driver with AI technology.

PING, compared to other large companies, doesn’t have that interesting of a history, since it’s always been family-owned and not focused on acquisitions and growth at all costs. 

What Does the PING Name Come From?

The name “PING” is derived from the distinctive sound the founder, Karsten Solheim, heard when striking a putter against a golf ball. It’s also simply catchy and easy to remember. 

What Are PING’s Upcoming Launches?

Because PING doesn’t update their gear very often, we’re likely a long time away from new significant launches. As to what they have planned, it’s not official what they will come up with next. 

What Is the Future of PING?

The future of PING Golf is likely to involve continued innovation, improved custom fittings, and the use of advanced technology to improve the clubs’ performance. Most likely, we’ll keep seeing industry-best forgiveness and distance.  


PING’s Manufacturing and Assembly

In this section, we cover PING’s manufacturing and assembly processes, as well as a few other interesting things. 

Where Is PING Gear Made? – Locations of Manufacturing

PING Golf’s equipment is manufactured in several locations, including the United States and China. They use a global production network to meet the demand for their products.

Their biggest facility is in Phoenix, Arizona, and this is where their clubs are made by their skilled club builders. 

PING’s Club Productions Process

  • Research and development of club designs.
  • Custom fitting process to match individual golfers.
  • Manufacturing in the Phoenix, Arizona facility.
  • Stringent quality control.
  • Distribution to retail and golf professionals.

What Materials Does PING Use?

PING Golf utilizes a range of materials in its club manufacturing, including stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and various alloys. These materials are selected for their strength, durability, and performance properties.

New PING Driver Release Date

The PING G430 drivers were released in January 2023. This means that we can expect new drivers again in the Summer of 2024 or early 2025

When Does PING Release New Irons?

Ping will likely release some new golf irons in the Summer of 2024

When Does PING Release New Woods?

New PING woods should come at the same time as the new drivers, which is likely around the Summer of 2024.


PING’s Leadership and Management

Here, you can read about PING’s leadership and management. You’ll also learn more about other PING business-related questions. 

PING’s CEO – Background and Vision

PING Golf’s CEO, John Solheim, is a golf enthusiast with a family legacy in the industry. His vision is to innovate golf technology and equipment, ensuring the best playing experience for golfers worldwide.

Where Is PING’s Headquarters?

PING’s headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

What Differentiates PING’s Products from Competitors?

  • Great Custom Fittings: PING is known for its extensive custom fitting process, ensuring that clubs are tailored to the golfer’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Engineering Expertise: PING invests heavily in research and development, producing innovative designs and technologies that enhance performance.
  • Quality and Durability: PING is renowned for the durability and longevity of its golf clubs, which often outlast competitors’ products.
  • Heritage and Tradition: PING has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, with a heritage dating back to 1959. 
  • Family-Owned: As a family-owned company, PING can prioritize quality and innovation over short-term profits.
  • Incredible Forgiveness and Great Distance: PING’s clubs are known for being very forgiving, while also delivering great distances. 

Is PING a publicly traded company?

PING is not a publicly traded company. This means that you can’t buy stock in the company. 

Is PING still family owned?

PING is family-owned. It’s owned by the Solheim family, who’s owned it for three generations. 

PING’s Demographics and Target Markets

  • Amateur Golfers: PING creates clubs and equipment suitable for amateur golfers seeking to improve their game.
  • Professional Golfers: Many professional golfers trust PING for its high-quality clubs and custom-fitting options.
  • Ages: PING caters to golfers of all ages, from juniors to seniors.
  • Skill Levels: PING’s products are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, ensuring a broad appeal.
  • Male and Female Golfers: The company produces equipment for both male and female golfers, recognizing the diversity in the sport.

What Is PING’s Customer Demographics Like?

PING Golf’s customer demographics span a wide range, including amateur and professional golfers of all ages and skill levels, both male and female, seeking quality clubs and custom-fitting options.

Most of their users are male (around 70%), as most golfers are male. 

What Are PING’s Targeting Strategies?

PING’s targeting strategies include custom fitting to match individual golfers, innovative club designs, sponsoring professional players, and appealing to a global audience, ensuring a broad reach in the golf market.

How Does PING Engage with Female Golfers?

PING engages with female golfers by offering a range of women-specific golf clubs and equipment. They sponsor female professional golfers, promote women’s golf events, and create inclusive marketing campaigns to cater to this demographic. 

On their website, PING mentions that they want to avoid exclusions at all costs by maximizing their inclusivity regarding sponsorships and accessibility when it comes to golf gear. 

Is PING an International Company? – Their Global Presence

Yes, PING is an international company with a global presence. They distribute their golf equipment and products worldwide, serving customers and golfers in various countries and regions.

How many employees work at PING?

The exact employment statistics at PING are not available, but it’s somewhere between 200 and 500. The number also depends on who you count as a worker, since some manufacturing and assembly is somewhat out-sourced


Professional Endorsements – What Pros Play PING?

Lastly, we go over PING’s professional endorsements, as well as their overall endorsement strategies. 

How Many Pros Are Sponsored by PING?

At the writing of this article, PING had 36 pros on the PGA Tour playing their gear. 

Is PING’s Endorsement Strategy Effective?

PING’s endorsement strategy has been effective, with professional golfers like Bubba Watson, Louis Oosthuizen, and Viktor Hovland using their equipment. This instills a ton of trust in their gear. Custom fitting and innovative technology contribute to its success.

How Do You Get Sponsored by PING?

Getting sponsored by PING typically involves demonstrating exceptional skill and performance in golf, often at the professional level. PING may also consider factors like personality and marketability.

Ideally, you should have a large social media following combined with tournament wins. However, a wide range of players can gain a sponsorship, and if you think you have what it takes, you should contact their sponsorship department.

Is PING a public company?

PING is not a public company. It’s been family owned since its founding, and the third generation of Solheims are currently running it. 

What happened with PING stock?

PING Golf has no stock, as it’s a private family-owned company. Many mistake other companies which are also called PING for PING Golf, and some of them are publicly traded. 



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In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about PING Golf. PING delivers some of the best golf equipment out there, despite being noticeably smaller than competitors like Titleist (Acushnet) and Callaway

We think PING has a bright future, as their smaller operation with family ownership enables them to take long-term decisions instead of focusing solely on profits.  


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