Titleist Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

Titleist Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

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Titleist Statistics with History Pros and Markets Including Revenue and Owner from Tell Me More Golf Coaches

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our ultimate guide to Titleist.

After reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about all things Titleist. You’ll learn about things like their market share, top markets, history, best sellers, and much, much more. 

Key Titleist Statistics

To kick things off, let’s discuss Titleist’s statistics.

Here, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of their key numbers regarding many important areas. 

Titleist’s Market Share in Golf Equipment

Titleist’s market share in golf equipment depends on what part of golf equipment we’re talking about. The biggest part of their business, the golf balls, has a market share of over 50%, which is beyond impressive. When it comes to golf clubs, Titleist isn’t the largest manufacturer. However, they still have a market share of around 18%. 

Titleist’s Best-Selling Products

Titleist has many products, but their best seller is undoubtedly the Pro V1 golf ball. Known as the #1 ball in golf, this is the most popular golf ball in the world.

Other than that, the Titleist TSR woods and T-Series irons are extremely popular.

Top Markets and Countries for Titleist

Titleist’s biggest market is, without a doubt, the United States. The company has its roots there, and it’s also the biggest golfing market in the world, which makes it a natural number one. 

After the US, Europe and Asia are where most Titleist gear is sold, as that’s where the majority of other golfers live. 

What Pros on Major Tours Play Titleist Gear?

When it comes to the biggest tour in golf, the PGA Tour, there are 106 professionals who play Titleist golf clubs. 

However, over 80% of pros play Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls, making it the most popular golf ball for pros by a mile. 

How Many Wins Does Titleist Have on Tour This Year?

Titleist has had over 15 wins on the PGA Tour this year, making them one of the best-performing golf brands.

This does not include golf balls, as virtually all pros play Pro Vs. 

How Much Does Titleist Spend on R&D?

Acushnet, which is Titleist’s holding company, spends around $50 million per year on R&D. This is a very large number, but it’s similar to other major brands like TaylorMade and Callaway


What Is Titleist’s Custom Club Adoption Rate?

Most amateur golfers don’t tweak their golf clubs. That’s why only around 15-20% of Titleist’s golf clubs are altered in some way. 

How Many People Return Their Titleist Gear

Titleist’s customers are, generally, very happy with their products.

That’s why they have 5 star ratings across their entire line-up of golf equipment. 

While the exact number isn’t available, less than 10% of buyers return their Titleist gear because of preference or problems. 

What Is Titleist’s Social Media Presence Like?

Titleist has a very strong social media presence with large accounts across all major platforms like Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter (X). They actively post high-quality content and partner with other creators to expand their bandwidth. 

Titleist’s Social Media Statistics

When taking a look at Titleist’s social media statistics, some pretty impressive numbers come to show. On Instagram, Titleist’s main account has over 1 million followers. On Twitter, they have around half a million followers.

Recently, Titleist has also started a TikTok account, which we think has a lot of potential for audience growth.

What Is Titleist’s Growth?

Acushnet, which is the owner of Titleist and a few other golf brands, recently reported an earnings growth of 13%, which is very impressive in these harsher economic conditions.

Titleist’s Revenue

Titleist’s golf ball segment alone generates almost $700 million in revenue per year.

The biggest seller here is the ProV1, but they also have many other successful balls like the AVX, TruFeel, and Truesoft. 

The rest of Titleist sells equipment for around $500 million per year. This means that their total revenue is over $1 billion


How Many Clubs Does Titleist Sell Each Year?

The exact date of how many golf clubs Titleist sells per year isn’t available, but if you factor in all of their clubs, it’s likely a very large number. 

How Often Does Titleist Update Their Models?

Typically, Titleist releases their clubs on two-year cycles. This means that they, generally, release new Titleist irons and fairway woods every other year. 

What Percentage of Titleist’s Sales Are Online?

When it comes to clubs, most golfers don’t buy them online. That’s why Titleist’s online sales are only about 15-20% in this segment. Around 40-50% of their sales regarding golf balls, merchandise, and gloves are online.

What Is the Average Buyer’s Rating of Titleist?

The average Titleist buyer is very pleased, which is why their average rating ranges between 4.5 and 5 stars out of 5. 

What Impact Do Sponsored Tournaments Have on Titleist?

Sponsored tournaments enhance Titleist’s brand visibility and credibility, reaching a global golf audience. They boost equipment sales and reinforce the company’s status as a top choice for golfers.

What Percentage of Titleist’s Sales Are Repeat Customers?

The exact data of Titleist’s customer base isn’t public information, but more than half of their sales are likely from repeat customers. This is the case since golfers tend to be very loyal to their favorite brands.


The History and Evolution of Titleist

Here, you’ll learn about the history and evolution of Titleist, as well as what the future has in store for them. 

Titleist’s Founding Date

Titleist, founded by Phil Young in 1932, is a renowned golf equipment manufacturer headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

The company has, throughout its history, sold premium golf balls, clubs, and accessories.

Titleist’s Breakthrough Products

Titleist has introduced several breakthrough products in the golf industry, including the Pro V1 golf balls, AP2 and T-Series irons, and Vokey Design wedges. These innovations have set performance standards for golf companies worldwide.

Titleist’s Equipment Evolution

Titleist has a rich history of releasing various golf equipment models that have made a significant impact on the game. Here are a few notable models and their release years:

  • Titleist Pro V1 (2000): The Pro V1 golf ball revolutionized the industry with its exceptional distance, control, and consistency. It quickly became the choice of professional and amateur golfers.
  • Titleist 716 AP2 Irons (2015): These irons represented a significant step in the evolution of the AP2 series, offering a balance of forgiveness and playability.
  • Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges (2018): The SM7 wedges, designed by master craftsman Bob Vokey, provide golfers with unmatched spin and trajectory control. The newer Vokey SM9s are among, if not the, best wedges available. 
  • Titleist T-Series Irons (2019): The T-Series irons, including the T100 irons, T200 irons, and T300 irons, were introduced to provide golfers with different levels of performance and playability.
  • Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers (2018): These drivers featured cutting-edge aerodynamics and technology to optimize distance and forgiveness. Today’s woods, the TSR1, TSR2, and TSR3, are inspired by the original TS series. 

Key Milestones of Titleist Golf

Titleist Golf has a rich history with key milestones including its founding in 1932, the introduction of the Pro V1 ball in 2000, and the release of innovative clubs like the AP2 irons and Vokey wedges. Titleist’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance has solidified its position in the golf industry.

What Does the Titleist Name Come From?

The name “Titleist” is derived from the word “titlist,” which means a titleholder or champion.

It reflects the brand’s aim to provide golfers with the tools to become champions.

What Are Titleist’s Upcoming Launches?

Nobody knows, at least publicly, what Titleist’s upcoming launches are. They recently updated their golf drivers and irons, so we might have to wait a while. Scotty Cameron, which is a part of Acushnet and Titleist, has released a new concept putter for a staggering $750. 

What Is the Future of Titleist?

The future of Titleist seems promising, with a continued focus on innovation and performance in golf equipment. They’ll likely keep developing cutting-edge products to meet the evolving needs of golfers, both amateur and professional. Maintaining their reputation for quality and precision will remain central to their success.


Titleist’s Manufacturing and Assembly

In this section, you’ll learn about Titleist’s manufacturing and assembling procedures.

We’ll cover things like where the great is made, their processes, and more. 

Where Is Titleist Gear Made? – Locations of Manufacturing

Titleist manufactures its golf equipment, including golf balls, clubs, and accessories, in various locations around the world. These locations may include the United States, Thailand, China, and other countries, where they have facilities for production and assembly.

Titleist’s Club Productions Process

Titleist’s club production process includes:

  • Design: Clubs are conceptualized and designed, with a focus on optimizing performance.
  • Engineering: Advanced engineering techniques are employed to refine designs and ensure they meet performance standards.
  • Manufacturing: The clubs are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, where materials are carefully chosen, and each component is crafted with precision.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous quality control procedures are in place to ensure consistency and performance of the finished clubs.
  • Customization: Titleist offers customization options, allowing golfers to tailor their clubs to their specific preferences and needs.

What Materials Does Titleist Use?

Titleist uses various materials in their golf club production, including stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, and various composite materials for clubheads, along with various steel and graphite options for shafts.

New Titleist Driver Release Date

We can probably expect a new Titleist driver line-up in September 2024, as that’s two years after the TSR drivers were released. Most likely, this will be a brand-new carbon head. 

Where Are Titleist Golf Balls Made?

Titleist golf balls are made in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This has been the case for over 85 years. 

When Does Titleist Release New Irons?

Titleist releases new irons every two years, which means that we, unfortunately, have to wait a while since they recently released updated T-Series irons. 

When Does Titleist Release New Woods?

We can expect new Titleist woods around the same date as when the new drivers will come, which is probably around September 2024. 


Titleist’s Leadership and Management

Here, you’ll learn about Titleist’s leadership and management, as well as their owners. 

Titleist’s CEO – Background and Vision

The CEO of Titleist, who is also the CEO of the entire Acushnet Company, is David Maher. David Maher joined Acushnet Company in 1991 and became President and CEO in 2018. He held various roles, including VP of Titleist U.S. Sales and COO, with prior experience in sales and professional development programs.

Titleist’s CEO, David Maher, envisions a future where the company continues to lead in golf equipment innovation and excellence, catering to the needs of golfers worldwide.

Where Is Titleist’s Headquarters?

Titleist’s headquarters are located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. This is where they oversee the operations and the development of golf equipment and products.

Titleist Parent Company

Titleist’s parent company is Acushnet Holdings, a global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Who Owns Titleist Now?

Titleist is owned by Acushnet Company, a publicly traded golf equipment and apparel company.

Is Titleist Owned by a Korean Company?

Titleist is owned by Acushnet Company, which is based in the United States. However, Acushnet is publicly traded, and Fila Korea is the majority owner

Is Scotty Cameron Part of Titleist?

Scotty Cameron is part of Titleist. Scotty Cameron is a brand and subsidiary of Titleist that specializes in high-end golf putters and related golf accessories.

Does Fila Still own Titleist?

Fila owns over 50% of Acushnet, which is the owner of Titleist. 


What Differentiates Titleist’s Products from Competitors?

Titleist products stand out through their precision engineering, superior materials, and extensive player testing, resulting in unmatched quality and performance in the golf industry. The branding is phenomenal, and the history of extremely high quality makes golfers trust them. 

Is Titleist a Publicly Traded Company?

Anyone can purchase stock in Titleist through its parent company Acushnet Holdings, as it’s a publicly traded company. 


Titleist’s Demographics and Target Markets

Here, you’ll learn about Titleist’s demographics and target markets. Understanding these things is crucial to understand why Titleist do what they do. 

What Is Titleist’s Customer Demographics Like?

Titleist’s customer demographics primarily include golf enthusiasts and professionals, often seeking high-quality golf equipment and accessories like Titleist golf bags, golf gloves, and more. Their products appeal to a broad range of age groups and skill levels within the golfing community.

Their customer demographics skew more toward men, as golf has a higher male participation rate. However, they still have a dedicated female customer base. Around 70% of their customers are male, as 70% of golfers are male. 

What Are Titleist’s Targeting Strategies?

Titleist employs several targeting strategies. They focus on product innovation, aiming to meet the needs of both professional and amateur golfers. Their marketing emphasizes quality and performance, appealing to a broad demographic while maintaining a premium image. Additionally, they sponsor professional golfers to showcase their equipment’s effectiveness.

How Does Titleist Engage with Female Golfers?

Titleist engages with female golfers by offering a range of golf equipment, including clubs and balls designed to suit both genders and various skill levels. They also support women’s golf events, sponsor female professionals, and promote inclusivity in the golfing community.

Titleist has a clear goal of avoiding exclusions at all cost and promoting accessibility in the sport. 

Is Titleist an International Company? – Their Global Presence

Titleist, under Acushnet Company, is an international brand with a global presence. They distribute golf equipment and products worldwide, serving a diverse customer base in multiple countries, making them a prominent player in the global golf industry.

Their main market is the US, but they sell golf equipment for hundreds of millions outside America. 


Professional Endorsements – What Pros Play Titleist?

Lastly, we’ll go over Titleist’s professional endorsements. We’ll also share some insight on what you need to do to get a Titleist sponsorship. 

How Many Pros Are Sponsored by Titleist?

Titleist sponsors many golfers throughout the world and all its different tours. The main tour, the PGA Tour, has 106 Titleist-sponsored pros

Is Titleist’s Endorsement Strategy Effective?

Titleist’s endorsement strategy has been effective in establishing brand credibility and product performance. They sponsor top professional golfers, reinforcing the trust and quality associated with their equipment. However, effectiveness may vary depending on individual perspectives and market dynamics.

When Did Tiger Woods Leave Titleist?

Early in Tiger’s career, he was sponsored by Titleist and rocked Titleist golf clubs. He started phasing out his Titleist and Scotty Cameron gear when he signed with Nike in 1996, but he continued using some Titleist clubs for a few years. 

How Do You Get Sponsored by Titleist?

Getting sponsored by Titleist typically requires a high level of skill and visibility in professional golf. Golfers often have to establish themselves as competitive players at various levels, such as amateur, collegiate, and regional tours. 

Maintaining consistent success and building a strong personal brand is crucial. Titleist may also discover and approach talented golfers, so networking, attending golf events, and building relationships with industry professionals can increase the chances of catching their attention.



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In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about one of the best brands in golf: Titleist. 

Titleist has a rich history, but they’re mainly known for their #1 golf balls: the ProV1 and ProV1x. 80% of pros play these balls, despite many of them being sponsored by other brands, which tells you just how fantastic they are.
Titleist, owned by Acushnet, probably has a terrific feature ahead of them with great current equipment and most likely great future releases. This, combined with strong leadership and metrics, sets them up for continuing to be an industry leader.


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