How Much Are Golf Clubs — Average Cost Of Clubs

how much are golf clubs and the average cost of golf clubs for tell me more golf

How much are golf clubs?

As the resident golf coach at Tell Me More Golf, I’m going to answer this question for you.

Have you wondered how much you should be paying for your golf clubs?

There is quite a range that a golfer could spend on a complete set of clubs, so Tell Me More Golf is here to help you break down the golf club costs, and get the most for your money when choosing golf equipment.

how much are golf clubs and the average cost of golf clubs for tell me more golf

Cost Of Golf Clubs By Type

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How Much is a Golf Club?

The cost of a club can vary greatly. For example, a single driver can average $300-400, but can quickly get more expensive. Certain graphite shafts can help get the cost of a driver over a thousand dollars. The type of club matters too, however high-end putters, like the Titleist Scott Cameron can be even more expensive than a driver.

We will break down the cost of each club and how best to buy the one that is ideal for your game.

Price of Complete Set of Golf Clubs

A complete set is 14 clubs, driver through putter. For those beginners just getting started, you do not need to spend a ton of money for a set for a complete set. The goals of a beginner are to develop fundamentals that will last as golfers increase their skill level and can start to replace equipment with more customized options. Beginning golfers can go to Costco and spend $600 on a set of clubs that will serve you very well on the course and as you learn to play. 

If you are a seasoned avid golfer, of any skill level, a complete set of clubs makes sense but you may want equipment designed for you and the types of courses you play. 

You have 2 main options when it comes to buying a complete set. You can separately buy wedges, the iron set, fairway woods, a driver, and a putter. Or, you can buy a complete set of 14 clubs from driver to wedges from a single company (like Wilson, or Stix Golf). 

For those golfers that are pricing out a full new set of clubs and plan to purchase wedges, irons, woods, and putter separately, make sure you budget $700-1500 minimum.


The driver is such a central club in the bag. Golfers are going to use this club on most holes that are not par 3’s. Buying a driver from one of the major club manufacturers like Callaway, Cobra, Taylormade, or Titleist will set you back between $500-600 for the latest stock model. If you add a shaft that is not a stock option, that could add several hundred dollars but could be worth the investment if you are getting fitted and the upgrade adds distance and improves accuracy.

Fairway Woods

The type of fairway woods you need in your golf bag depends on your individual golf game. For example, if you play a course that is short and/or has narrow fairways, you will want some options to keep the ball in play. A reliable 3-wood, like a Taylormade SIM2 Max, offers both distance and control. A high-quality hybrid golf club could also be beneficial to round out the woods.

If you play a long course (course yardage between 6500-7000 yards), you may want to try replacing the hybrid golf club with a 5-wood. Cleveland Golf has created a quality built fairway wood, that is forgiving for all golfers and can benefit your game regardless of the golf course that you play.


Brand new wedges have a wide variety of pricing. Players can get a package set of three wedges (52, 56, and 60 degrees) for a fair price. Bombtech Golf has a set of three wedges for $120 and the reviews are positive.

If you are like me, you get very particular about your wedges. Many players stick to one brand or model which is typically what I recommend for most golfers. This promotes visual consistency and confidence while also allowing you to hit various types of shots with your wedges. Callaway Golf has high-quality golf clubs and the wedges are no exception. The Mac Daddy models provide for forgiveness and shotmaking ability at all skill levels.

Iron Set

There are some variables that go into a set of irons, like which clubs you are including and what types of shafts are getting installed. The typical cost for an iron set is going to be around $1000. Individual irons average about $110 each, so assuming you get a set that is 3-Pitching Wedge you will be right around that price point with tax and shipping.


Golf putters can be more predictable than other clubs. Odyssey putters, for example, are typically in the $225-400 range. Tell Me More Golf can confidently say that within this brand, you are going to find a putter that works for you. The same can be said for Ping putters. Ping has been a trusted putter brand for as long as we can recall, and is just as true in 2022.

how much are golf clubs with having the average cost of golf clubs

Getting professionally fitted is such a great way to make sure you get clubs that are individually designed for you. 

During a proper fitting, you will try lots of different clubhead options combined with a variety of shafts. If you are investing in new golf clubs, getting fit is a great place to start. You will hit lots of golf balls while an expertly trained eye finds your tendencies and helps to put you in the best equipment for your game.

The fitting itself will cost anywhere from $75-150 on average.

The golf club cost for fitted clubs is not necessarily more unless it is determined that your game needs a shaft or specific build that is not part of the fee. There are many fitters that will apply all or part of the fitting fee as a credit towards your club purchase.


Why Are Golf Clubs So Expensive

There are two main reasons that golf clubs are so expensive; research and development, and the cost to sponsor players. The best players in the world want to know that the equipment they are using is going to provide them the best chance at winning every time they tee it up.

Callaway research and development partnered with Boeing a few years back to develop more aerodynamic clubheads to maximize speed and forgiveness. This partnership alone costs a lot of money, but the end result is clubs that are going to help golfers hit it further.

Golf clubs are expensive, there is certainly no getting around that. Make sure that you are budgeting appropriately. But, also make sure you are consulting with experts that can help you find the right club(s) at the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions: Expense

How Much Does A Golf Driver Cost?

Off the rack, most drivers are going to run between $300-600. The more well-known Callaway, Taylormade, and Titleist will be on the higher end. If you choose to add an “exotic” shaft, the cost can quickly keep climbing.

There are some great choices in golf drivers that are worth taking a look at. Tour Edge has drivers that are $250, and have been tested by our team. We can confirm that these are high-quality driver options.

How much should I spend on first golf clubs?

My general guideline to our readers is to spend less than a thousand dollars on your first complete golf club set. You can find new full sets for much less, and do not forget that eBay and sites like GlobalGolf are great places to find quality clubs at low prices.

How much is a starter set of golf clubs?

A starter set is typically fewer clubs than a full set. Most are 10-11 clubs in total. This is an excellent option to get into golf for less. Beginners, juniors, women, and seniors who may have less clubhead speed do not need a full 14-club set. For a starter set, $500-800 is a good budget guideline.

What is a good inexpensive set of golf clubs?

A complete golf set at a good price point can be found at BoomTech Golf, Stix, or through GlobalGolf. If you cannot find what you want there, go to Wilson Golf. They have good quality inexpensive full sets.

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Searching for your first or next golf clubs does not have to be an arduous process. It is supposed to be fun! With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know that you have what is best for you. 

That is where Tell Me More Golf comes in. The information we bring you is backed by decades of proven experience. Our team of experts is always here to help guide you to making the best choices to improve your game and have more fun on the course.


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