Mizuno Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

Mizuno Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

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Mizuno Company Profile Statistics from Tell Me More Golf Coaches and Researchers About the History and Pros of The Company

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our ultimate guide to Mizuno Golf.

Mizuno has a long tradition of delivering top-of-the-line golf equipment, especially when it comes to golf irons. 

After reading this article, you’ll know everything you need about one of the best club manufacturers in all of golf. 

Mizuno’s Statistics

To kick things off, let’s review some of Mizuno’s most important statistics. 

Mizuno Market Share in Golf Equipment

Mizuno is by no means the largest golf equipment manufacturer. Globally, they have a market share of around 5%, which is pretty low compared to the likes of Titleist (Acushnet), Callaway, and TaylorMade

Mizuno’s Best-Selling Products

Mizuno’s best-selling golf products include their JPX and MP series irons, as well as the ST-Z and ST-X drivers. These clubs are known for their performance and feel, making them very popular choices.

Top Markets and Countries for Mizuno

Mizuno primarily targets markets in the United States, Japan, and Europe. These regions have a strong golfing culture, and Mizuno’s golf equipment is well-received there.

Mizuno has a stronger presence in Asia compared to the West. 

What Pros on Major Tours Play Mizuno Gear?

Currently, there are 5 pros on the PGA Tour playing Mizuno gear. The most notable are Cameron Smith and Keith Mitchell. 

On Asian Tours, there are far more pros playing Mizuno gear.

How Many Wins Does Mizuno Have on Tour This Year?

While Mizuno has won a lot of American and European tournaments in the past, they haven’t done that well in the last year. A reason for this is that few top golfers on the PGA and DP World Tour play Mizuno clubs right now. 

How Much Does Mizuno Spend on Research and Development?

Mizuno typically invests a significant portion of its revenue in research and development (R&D), but the specific amount can fluctuate from year to year. For the golf department, Mizuno spends approximately $10-20 million per year. 

What Is Mizuno’s Custom Club Adoption Rate?

Mizuno offers custom club fitting services, and the adoption rate varies among customers. Typically, less than 20% make significant tweaks to their Mizuno clubs. 

How Many People Return Their Mizuno Gear?

Mizuno has very happy customers, which is why less than 10% of their gear gets returned.

The exact number depends on the model and market. 

What Is Mizuno’s Social Media Presence Like?

Mizuno maintains an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with customers, showcase their products, and share golf-related content.

Mizuno’s Social Media Statistics

On Instagram, Mizuno has a combined following of over 500,000. On Twitter, they have over 250,000 followers. They’ve recently created a TikTok account, but their following there is quite slim. 

What Is Mizuno’s Growth?

During 2022-2023, Mizuno grew about 20%. This is, however, for their entire company. Mizuno also sells other sport-related equipment. 

Over the last decade, Mizuno hasn’t really grown at all, as they’ve faced some difficulties. 

Mizuno Revenue

Mizuno has a revenue of $1.6 billion. Again, this is for their entire company. Their golf department’s revenue is under $500 million

How Many Clubs Does Mizuno Sell Each Year?

The data on how many clubs Mizuno sells isn’t publicly available. It’s undoubtedly a very large number, but it’s significantly smaller than competitors like Titleist

How Often Does Mizuno Update Their Models?

Usually, Mizuno updates their models every 2-3 years. However, they release new ones in the meantime, so there are frequently updated Mizuno clubs available. 

What Percentage of Mizuno’s Sales Are Online?

Most Mizuno golf clubs are sold in person at retail shops. However, they sell around 50% of their other equipment and accessories online, including things like golf balls and golf gloves. 

What Is the Average Buyer’s Rating of Mizuno?

Mizuno has loyal customers since their gear is very appreciated. On almost all of their clubs, they have ratings of over 4.5 out of 5. 

What Impact Does Sponsored Tournaments Have on Mizuno?

Sponsoring golf tournaments helps Mizuno gain brand exposure and build trust among golfers.

Mizuno sponsors many tournaments in Asia, but not that many in the US and Europe. 

What Percentage of Mizuno’s Sales Are Repeat Customers?

More than 50% of Mizuno’s sales are from repeat customers. Mizuno has a very high customer loyalty, largely because of their amazing club feel that many golfers can’t find elsewhere. 


The History and Evolution of Mizuno

Here, we go over Mizuno’s history and evolution. 

Mizuno’s Founding Date

Mizuno was founded on April 1, 1906. This makes it one of the oldest companies that sell golf equipment.

What did Mizuno originally make?

Mizuno initially started as a sporting goods company, producing baseball equipment such as baseballs and gloves.

In other words, golf wasn’t their first focus.

Mizuno’s Breakthrough Products

Mizuno has introduced innovative products like the “MP” series golf irons and the “ST” series drivers, known for their performance and quality.

Today, their JPX irons are very appreciated, and some of their blades that are over a decade old are still played by great players.

Mizuno’s Equipment Evolution

  • The Mizuno MP series irons have evolved over the years to incorporate advanced forging techniques, resulting in clubs with exceptional feel and precision.
  • The “ST” series drivers feature adjustable technology, allowing golfers to fine-tune their club settings for optimal performance.
  • Mizuno has used innovative materials like Boron in their clubheads to enhance strength and distance, as seen in their Boron-infused irons.
  • Custom fitting has become a cornerstone of Mizuno’s offerings, with the introduction of the “Mizuno Performance Fitting System” (MPF) to ensure that golfers’ clubs are tailored to their specific needs.
  • In 2011, the Mizuno JPX irons were released. These catered to a wide range of golfers, and are still known for their amazing feel. The JPX Mizuno irons are still produced, with the JPX 923 Fli-Hi being a popular choice today. Other popular irons from Mizuno include the Hot Metal iron versions. 

Key Milestones of Mizuno Golf

Mizuno Golf has achieved milestones like introducing the “Boron” shaft in 1970 and the “T-Zoid” irons in 1996, both of which had a significant impact on the golf industry.

What Does the Mizuno Name Come From?

The Mizuno name originates from its founder, Rihachi Mizuno, who started the company and established the brand.

What Are Mizuno’s Upcoming Launches?

The future Mizuno launches are mostly unknown, but they’re soon going to release new golf balls that are premium yet affordable. There will also be new Mizuno putters shortly. 

In January 2024, the new Mizuno Pro 24x irons will also become available, which have received a lot of interest. 

What Is the Future of Mizuno?

Mizuno’s future in the golf industry is likely to involve continued innovation, product development, and expanding its presence in the global market.

We think they could grow significantly if they took a greater interest in the US and Europe, where other brands currently dominate.

Mizuno has the technology and prestige needed, but we think they simply need to market themselves more. 

Is Mizuno a Japanese brand?

Mizuno is a Japanese brand with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

Is Mizuno a US company?

Mizuno is not a US company; it is a Japanese company.

What is Mizuno most known for?

For most people, Mizuno is known for its high-quality sports equipment, including golf clubs, running shoes, and other athletic gear.

When talking only about golf, their irons mainly come to mind. These are known to be high-performing while also delivering perhaps the best feel in the game. 


Mizuno’s Manufacturing and Assembly

In this section, we cover Mizuno’s manufacturing and assembly processes, as well as a few other interesting things.

Where Is Mizuno Gear Made? – Locations of Manufacturing

Mizuno manufactures its golf gear in multiple locations worldwide, including Japan, China, and other countries.

Mizuno’s Club Productions Process

Mizuno’s club production involves forging, crafting, and assembling golf clubs with meticulous attention to detail and quality control, resulting in precision-engineered equipment.

What Materials Does Mizuno Use?

Mizuno utilizes various materials in its golf equipment, such as steel, titanium, and boron, to create clubs with specific performance characteristics and feel.

New Mizuno Driver Release Date

Mizuno typically releases new drivers every year, and since the last ones were released in early 2023, you can expect new Mizuno drivers in early 2024. 

When Does Mizuno Release New Irons?

In January 2024, the new Mizuno Pro 24x irons will become available. 

When Does Mizuno Release New Woods?

New Mizuno fairway woods should come at the same time as new drivers, meaning you can expect new ones in early 2024


Mizuno’s Leadership and Management

Here, you can read about Mizuno’s leadership and management. 

Mizuno’s President – Background and Vision

Mizuno’s President is Akito Mizuno.

He has a background in engineering and is known for his vision of combining innovation and tradition to produce high-quality sports equipment.

Where Is Mizuno’s Headquarters?

Mizuno’s global headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan.

Where is the US headquarters of Mizuno?

Mizuno’s US headquarters is based in Georgia.

What Differentiates Mizuno’s Products from Competitors?

Mizuno’s products are known for their emphasis on craftsmanship, precision engineering, and the use of unique materials, setting them apart from competitors.

What Mizuno Golf is mostly known for are iron sets with exceptional feel. They’re both forgiving and incredibly responsive, all while being buttery soft. They sport the moniker “Nothing feels like a Mizuno” Their irons feel battery smooth when you hit balls with them.

Is Mizuno a publicly traded company?

Mizuno is a publicly traded company. This means that you can buy stock in the company. However, remember that you buy a part of the entire Mizuno corporation, and not just the golf part. 

What does the Mizuno logo mean?

The Mizuno logo, known as the “Runbird,” symbolizes the company’s commitment to sports and the pursuit of better performance. It represents the idea of athletes continually striving to improve.

Is Mizuno still family owned?

Mizuno is no longer privately family-owned. It transitioned to a publicly listed company in the 1980s.

What is Mizuno’s motto?

Mizuno’s motto is “Reach Beyond.” It’s derived from their 5 brand values: trustworthy, innovative, performance, inspiring, and passionate. In golf, they sport the moniker “Nothing feels like a Mizuno” Their irons feel buttery smooth when you hit balls with them, so I would agree!

Mizuno’s Demographics and Target Markets

Mizuno’s target demographic includes athletes and sports enthusiasts who seek high-quality performance gear. Their products cater to a wide range of ages and skill levels.

What Is Mizuno’s Customer Demographics Like?

Mizuno’s customer base comprises a diverse group of athletes, including golfers, runners, and sports enthusiasts of various ages and skill levels, who value high-quality, performance-oriented gear.

Most of their customers are male, especially when it comes to golf. However, they’re actively trying to obtain a larger female following by improving accessibility. 

What Are Mizuno’s Targeting Strategies?

Mizuno targets customers through a combination of product quality, innovation, and strategic marketing partnerships, promoting their brand as a trusted choice for athletes.

How Does Mizuno Engage with Female Golfers?

Mizuno engages with female golfers through women-specific club designs and marketing initiatives that highlight inclusivity and performance benefits for female players.

Is Mizuno an International Company? – Their Global Presence

Mizuno operates internationally, with a presence in many countries and regions worldwide.

How Many Employees Work at Mizuno?

Mizuno employs thousands of people globally, with the exact number varying based on operational needs and growth.

This is for their entire operation though, and not just the golf departments. 

What is the Mizuno Controversy?

Virtually all major companies have been in some controversies, including Mizuno. Mizuno recently stopped using Chinese Xinjiang cotton, as they were worried about alleged human rights abuses. 

What Does JPX Stand for from Mizuno?

JPX, in Mizuno’s product line, stands for “Japanese Performance Experience,” emphasizing the brand’s Japanese heritage and commitment to performance in their equipment.


Professional Endorsements – What Pros Play Mizuno?

Lastly, let’s look at Mizuno’s professional endorsements. 

How Many Pros Are Sponsored by Mizuno?

Currently, there are 5 pros on the PGA Tour playing Mizuno gear. However, only two of them are sponsored by Mizuno. On the LPGA Tour, there are also 2 Mizuno-sponsored pros. 

Is Mizuno’s Endorsement Strategy Effective?

Mizuno’s endorsement strategy has been effective, with professional athletes in various sports endorsing the brand due to the quality and performance of its products, boosting brand recognition and credibility.

How Do You Get Sponsored by Mizuno?

To get sponsored by Mizuno, athletes typically need to demonstrate exceptional skill and performance in their respective sports. They can approach Mizuno directly or through sports agents for sponsorship opportunities.

Is Mizuno a Public Company?

Mizuno is a public company listed on the Japanese Tokyo Stock Exchange

Did Tiger Woods Ever Use Mizuno?

Tiger Woods did not typically use Mizuno clubs during his professional golf career. He was known for using other brands for his equipment.



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In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Mizuno, including its market share, revenue, growth, social media presence, future plans, and much more.

With a rich history and a promising future, we’re confident that Mizuno Golf will remain a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

If they establish a greater presence in America and Europe, their brand can definitely compete with the other major golf companies.


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