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golf company reviews from our tell me more golf instructor and expert team here researching companies

Welcome to our Golf Company Reviews.

As you are scrolling around looking through our expert recommendations, feel free to click on any of our professional guides linked throughout this article to learn more about any particular sub-section.

We here at Tell Me More Golf give you our guidelines for each golf company section so that you know how to make an informed consumer decision.

golf company reviews from our tell me more golf instructor and expert team here researching companies

Craftsman Golf

Craftsman Golf Headcovers

Real Review
Craftsman Golf Review 7

To read our full review: check out our Wedge Headcover Review about Craftsman.

The Benefits:

2 day shipping!  Impressive! 

Packaged inside a package, well protected.

Product is well manufactured and the craftsmanship is excellent.


  • Well protected in shipping
  • Fast shipping
  • Good craftsmanship
  • Excellent embroidery and stitching


  • None yet

We were impressed with the speed of delivery, packaging, and build quality. We definitely recommend an online purchase from Craftsman.


GolfWorks Purchase: Golf Club Cleaner with Water

Real Review

To read our full review: check out our Water Golf Club Cleaner Review about GolfWorks.

The Benefits:

Their check-out was ONLY ONE PAGE!

I didn’t have to navigate between a three-page information fest, yes, I was able to complete the purchase quickly and efficiently. 

Loved the ease and speed!  


  • High impact plastic
  • Fast shipping
  • Competitive price


  • None yet

The Golfworks is a streamlined golf shop with competitive pricing and shipping costs. My purchasing experience was effortless and above-average due to the website’s very clear navigation and one-page check-out. I would recommend this website!


GigaGolf Purchase: Mallet Putter Cover

Real Review
gigagolf review golf mallet putter cover for proactive golfers at tell me more golf

To read our full review: check out our Mallet Putter Cover Review about GigaGolf.

The Benefits:

Their front page is a one-page fit with photos and many links to the products they offer.

The website’s front end is a no-nonsense page with all of the categories listed plainly on the top row of tabs.

The mallet cover is made of a durable neoprene-like material and the stitching looks good.

The magnet catches for the closure feels like a quality attachment and the product fits perfectly on my PGX mallet putter. The quality looks great and it should last plenty of golf seasons.


  • Competitive price
  • Excellent website
  • Durable neoprene material


  • None yet is a very straightforward golf retail site and my purchase experience reflected this.

Easy to navigate, easy to select the right product, good prices, easy checkout, and a solid, quality product delivered to my door. I would definitely recommend using this site in the future!

Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf Purchase: Leather Golf Glove

Real Review
subseventy golf review from tell me more golf instructors with this leather golf glove tested from our team

To read our full review: check out our Golf Glove Review of Sub 70 Golf Here.

The Benefits:

As you can see in our photo, the glove is manufactured with quality in mind, with the quality and softness of the cabretta leather and excellent stitching found everywhere.

This is the quality glove that I was searching for.

This product fits on my hand perfectly and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a bunch more of these soon.


  • High quality, detailed glove
  • Excellent leather material
  • Soft


  • None yet

My overall experience buying this golf glove was a very positive one.

This company is more known for their golf clubs than gloves, but their attention to detail and their stylish approach to their design made my experience a solid one.

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