How to Get a Golf Sponsorship (Average Statistics)

How to Get a Golf Sponsorship According to Tell Me More Golf Coaches Helping You Attend Local Events

As the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will share our complete guide to getting a golf sponsorship.

A golf sponsorship is a dream of many golfers, as it often allows you to pursue golf full-time, which means that you can do what you love and get paid.  

After reading this article, you’ll know what it takes to get a golf sponsorship, some golf sponsorship statistics, how golf sponsorships work, and much more

How to Get a Golf Sponsorship

Getting a golf sponsorship is no easy task, but here, we’ve shared some of the most valuable steps you can take to improve your chances of achieving your dreams. 

Build the Necessary Skills

Begin by developing your golf skills, aiming for at least a +2 handicap or better. Consistently improving your game is a fundamental step in attracting potential sponsors.

Generally speaking, you won’t get sponsored if you’re not an outstanding golfer with good potential to win tournaments. 

Play College Golf

Consider playing college golf to further hone your skills and gain exposure. College golf can provide valuable experiences and connections that may lead to sponsorship opportunities in the future.

Identify Potential Sponsors

Research and identify companies or organizations that align with your golfing goals and values. Look for those with a history of sponsoring golfers or sports-related events. Local businesses, golf equipment manufacturers, and sports-related brands are excellent starting points.


Craft a Compelling Proposal

Create a professional sponsorship proposal that outlines your golfing journey, accomplishments, and your future goals. Highlight how sponsoring you can benefit the company, such as increased brand visibility at tournaments or through your social media presence.

Develop a Strong Online Presence

Maintain an active and engaging social media presence dedicated to your golf journey.

Share your achievements and insights, and engage with your followers.

A solid online presence can attract sponsors looking for exposure. 

Network and Attend Golf Events

Attend golf events, exhibitions, and tournaments. Network with professionals and potential sponsors. Personal connections and word-of-mouth recommendations can open sponsorship opportunities.

Reach Out and Pitch

Contact potential sponsors with your proposal. Be professional and persuasive in your approach. Clearly explain what they will gain from sponsoring you and how it aligns with their branding or marketing goals.


Average Golf Sponsorship Statistics 

To give you a better idea of what a golf sponsorship means, we’ve shared some average statistics regarding money earned, the handicap of the golfer, and the sponsorship’s duration. 

Money Earned 

The average sponsorship paycheck in golf varies significantly depending on the level of play and the golfer’s status. 

On the PGA Tour, the sponsors pay a lot to be seen on professionals, with the average pay exceeding $1 million

However, it’s important to note that sponsorship earnings can vary greatly among professional golfers. For instance, legendary golfer Tiger Woods has earned over $60 million in endorsements in a single year, which shows how much they can differ.

Golfer’s Handicap

While there aren’t any statistics about what handicap sponsored golfers have, we can still determine the averages.

Generally, you won’t get a sponsorship if you haven’t turned pro. To turn pro, you need to have a handicap of at least +2, but probably closer to +4. But with that said, a handicap isn’t enough, as you also need to be able to perform under pressure. 

Sponsorship’s Duration 

The duration of a sponsorship can vary greatly.

There are short-term sponsorships that only stretch during certain events or a few weeks. There are also, and more commonly, season-long sponsorships that last a year. You can also find multi-year contracts, but these are only really prevalent among the tour’s elite. 


How Do Golf Sponsorships Work?

Golf sponsorships work by a company or organization providing financial support, products, or services to a golfer in exchange for brand promotion and representation. Here’s how they work:

Reaching an Agreement 

A golfer seeking sponsorship approaches a potential sponsor with a proposal outlining the benefits of the partnership. This proposal typically includes details about the golfer’s achievements, goals, and how the sponsor can gain visibility through the partnership.

Finalizing Terms 

The golfer and sponsor negotiate the terms of the sponsorship, which may include financial support, equipment provision, travel expenses, and other benefits.

The terms are specified in a contractual agreement.

Brand Representation 

The sponsored golfer becomes a brand ambassador for the sponsor. This involves wearing the sponsor’s logo on clothing or equipment, using their products exclusively, and actively promoting their brand during tournaments and on social media.

Sponsors benefit from increased brand exposure as their logos and products are displayed prominently during televised tournaments, in photographs, and on the golfer’s social media channels. This exposure can reach a wide audience of golf enthusiasts.

Performance Is Evaluated 

In some cases, sponsorship agreements include performance-based incentives. Golfers may receive bonuses or additional support for achieving specific milestones or wins.


Amateur vs Professional Golf Sponsorships

Here are the key sponsorship differences between amateur and professional golfers:  

Skill Level

  • Amateurs: Amateur golfers are typically recreational players who may compete in local and regional events but have not reached the professional level. They often have lower skill levels compared to professionals.
  • Professionals: Professional golfers are highly skilled athletes who compete at the highest levels, such as the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour. Their skill and performance drive sponsorship opportunities.


  • Amateurs: Amateurs usually receive limited financial support or product sponsorships, often at a smaller scale. These sponsorships may include discounted equipment or apparel.
  • Professionals: Professional golfers have the potential for lucrative sponsorship deals, including equipment contracts, endorsements, appearance fees, and tournament winnings. Top professionals can earn substantial income from sponsors.

The Nature of the Sponsorship

  • Amateurs: Sponsorships for amateurs are typically modest and may include local businesses, golf equipment manufacturers, or golf clubs. These sponsorships are often geared towards support rather than major financial gain.
  • Professionals: Sponsorships for professionals are extensive and diverse, encompassing equipment, apparel, financial backing, and endorsement deals. These sponsorships are a significant source of income and can include global brands and major corporations.

Regulatory Differences

  • Amateurs: Amateur golfers often have restrictions on the types and amounts of sponsorship they can accept to maintain their amateur status. Accepting excessive financial support or cash prizes can jeopardize amateur status and eligibility for certain events.
  • Professionals: Professional golfers have more flexibility in accepting sponsorships, appearance fees, and prize money without risking their eligibility. They can enter into comprehensive contracts and endorsement deals without restrictions. However, there are still rules to how many sponsors a pro can have. 


How to Sponsor a Golf Tournament – A 7 Step Guide

Sponsoring a golf tournament can be a hole-in-one for your company. Here’s a quick guide to how one should go about sponsoring a golf tournament:

1. Select a Tournament 

Find a golf tournament that aligns with your brand’s values and target audience.

2. Contact Organizers 

Reach out to the tournament organizers to express your interest. Discuss available sponsorship opportunities.

3. Choose Your Level 

Pick a sponsorship level that fits your budget and goals. Options can range from title sponsor to sponsoring a specific hole.

4. Promote Your Brand 

Get creative! Showcase your logo on banners, golf carts, or even golf balls. Offer branded prizes for contests.

5. Engage with Participants 

Interact with golfers. Host a booth, offer samples, or organize fun activities.

6. Capture Content 

Document your sponsorship for social media and marketing materials. Share the golfing excitement.

7. Follow Up

Stay in touch with organizers and participants after the tournament. Build lasting relationships.


Companies That Sponsor Players

There are many companies that sponsor professional golfers. Here, we’ve made a list of some of the most notable ones: 

  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • FootJoy
  • Titleist
  • Callaway
  • TaylorMade
  • Ping
  • Srixon
  • Mizuno
  • Cobra
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • NetJets
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Morgan Stanley – Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get a golf brand to sponsor me?

To obtain sponsorship from a golf brand, you need to showcase your excellent golfing skills, achievements, and social media presence. Reach out to potential sponsors with a compelling proposal highlighting how their support can mutually benefit your career and their brand visibility in the golfing community.

How do you ask for a golf sponsor?

If you want to request a golf sponsorship, create a professional sponsorship proposal. Clearly outline your golfing achievements, future goals, and how the potential sponsor can benefit from the partnership. Reach out to the sponsor, expressing your interest and attaching the proposal, and be prepared to discuss the terms and mutual benefits.

What company sponsors golf?

Many companies sponsor golf, including golf equipment manufacturers like Titleist and TaylorMade. Apparel brands like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour are also prominent sponsors. 

Financial institutions such as American Express and investment banks like Morgan Stanley are known for their golf sponsorships. You can also often find automobile manufacturers like BMW sponsoring prestigious golf tournaments.

How do you get a club sponsor?

To get a sponsorship from a golf club brand, such as TaylorMade, you need to demonstrate your golfing skills and impact on the golfing community. Present a compelling proposal highlighting your experiences, as well as why you’re a great fit for their brand. It’s a partnership that’s founded on performance and shared success.



Getting a golf sponsorship is the dream of many, and that’s very understandable considering the potential for very big paychecks.

But, unfortunately, obtaining a golf sponsor isn’t easy, as golf is an incredibly competitive sport with plenty of outstanding players. 
Hopefully, you now know more about the steps to becoming a sponsored golfer, which we’ve covered in this article.


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