TaylorMade Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

TaylorMade Statistics — [History, Revenue, Markets]

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TaylorMade Company Profile Statistics History Parent Companies Pros and Other Tell Me More Golf Tips

In this article, I, the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, will dive into the essential aspects that make TaylorMade stand out.

TaylorMade Golf, a household name in the golfing world, has continually revolutionized the sport with cutting-edge technology and innovative designs.

I will cover TaylorMade’s key statistics, history, leadership, customers, professional endorsements, and much more. After reading this golf company profile article, you will be an expert regarding TaylorMade. 

TaylorMade’s Statistics – The Key Numbers 

To kick things off, we’ve gathered TaylorMade’s most important statistics. At the end of the article, you can find a list of the sources used.  

What Is TaylorMade’s Market Share in Golf Equipment?

Their market share is very large across the board, with their driver market share being 35%, and their iron market share being 22%. 

However, TaylorMade’s market share in golf equipment differs depending on what equipment we’re talking about. 

What Are TaylorMade’s Best-Selling Products?

TaylorMade has many best-selling products, with the most notable ones being their new Stealth woods, Stealth irons, and the P790s. Their wedges are also very popular.

Earlier, some of their most popular models have been the Sim2 woods and irons, as well as all of their “M” gear, such as the M4 driver. 

What Are the Top Markets and Countries for TaylorMade?

TaylorMade’s largest market is the United States, where golf is extremely popular. Other significant markets include Canada, Europe, and some parts of Asia. These regions have a strong golfing culture and a substantial base of avid golfers, contributing to TaylorMade’s strong presence there.

What Pros on Major Tours Play TaylorMade Gear?

There are over 50 pros on the PGA Tour that play TaylorMade gear. Some of the biggest TaylorMade names include Rory Mcilroy, Scottie Scheffler, and Victor Hovland. 

How Many Wins Does TaylorMade Have on Tour This Year?

It’s difficult to say how many wins TaylorMade has on tour this year since many pros play gear from many different brands.

For example, a pro might play a TaylorMade driver and Titleist irons.

But when it comes to TaylorMade’s drivers, which many find the most interesting, TaylorMade has 7 wins so far this season. 

Is TaylorMade publicly traded?

No, TaylorMade is currently not publicly traded. You are not able to buy shares of TaylorMade on any international stock exchange.

How Much Does TaylorMade Spend on R&D? 

It’s likely around $50-100 million per year, as that’s what their competitors like Callaway spend publicly. Because TaylorMade is a private company, their R&D spending is not public.

What Is TaylorMade’s Custom Club Adoption Rate?

It’s likely a pretty small number, such as 10%, as most golfers don’t tweak their gear. 

How many golfers customize their TaylorMade gear is very hard to say, as there’s no such data available.

How Many People Return Their TaylorMade Gear? 

It’s probably in the region of 5-15% of all purchases. 

There is no data available on how many people return their TaylorMade golf clubs and other equipment, but we’ve compared TaylorMade to golf industry standards. 

What Is TaylorMade’s Social Media Presence Like? 

TaylorMade maintains a vibrant social media presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and YouTube. Their pages are rich in golf-related content, showcasing things like product highlights and interviews with professional golfers. 

TaylorMade’s Social Media Statistics

TaylorMade has a strong following across many platforms. Examples of this are their Instagram and Twitter accounts, with a combined following of almost 4 million. 

TaylorMade also has individual accounts for different markets, such as them having a TaylorMade Team Europe Instagram account.

This shows that they take their global positioning very seriously.

Their spending on advertising and social media isn’t publicly available, but it’s rumored to be over $50M per year, not including professional endorsements and other similar things. 

Because of their vast spending, TaylorMade has been able to grow its social media presence very quickly, and today, they’re one of the most-followed golf brands. 

When it comes to their social media demographics, roughly 75% of their visitors are male and 25% are female. This figure closely represents the overall golf gender statistics. 

What Is TaylorMade’s Growth? 

For 2022, TaylorMade’s sales grew by about 6%. There is no data on their revenue growth for 2023, but the overall golf equipment market is expected to grow about 3%, so TaylorMade will likely grow at a number similar to that. 

How Many Clubs Does TaylorMade Sell Each Year? 

There is no data available on how many clubs TaylorMade sells each year as it’s a private company, but their total revenue is over $1 billion

How Often Does TaylorMade Update Their Models? 

TaylorMade typically releases new golf club models annually, with updates and improvements that feature the latest technology and performance enhancements.

Their commitment to innovation keeps golfers eagerly anticipating their next product release, ensuring they stay competitive in the golf equipment market.

What Percentage of TaylorMade’s Sales Are Online? 

For their clubs, around 20% of TaylorMade’s sales are online. When it comes to balls, gloves, and similar things, that number is around 50%. 

What Is the Average Buyer’s Rating of TaylorMade? 

Generally speaking, most TaylorMade customers are very happy with their gear, with ratings pretty much always averaging over 4 out of 5

What Impact Does Sponsored Tournaments Have on TaylorMade? 

Sponsored tournaments offer TaylorMade substantial visibility and credibility within the world of golf. When professional players excel with TaylorMade clubs, it reinforces the brand’s reputation for high-performance equipment, boosting sales and customer trust. 

These events also provide valuable feedback for product development, enabling continual improvement in their golf gear.

What Percentage of TaylorMade’s Sales Are Repeat Customers? 

Many golfers stick with the same brand for very long periods of time. While there isn’t exact data available, over 50% of TaylorMade’s sales are likely from repeat customers, as many TaylorMade fans don’t ever consider switching brands. 


The History and Evolution of TaylorMade

Here, we cover the history and evolution of TaylorMade Golf.

TaylorMade’s Founding Date

TaylorMade was founded in 1979 by Gary Adams in McHenry, Illinois. 

TaylorMade’s Breakthrough Products

Gary Adams, the founder of TaylorMade, was the first ever to create a metalwood. This is what became TaylorMade’s breakthrough product, as it had a unique steel construction with plenty of performance benefits. 

TaylorMade’s Equipment Evolution 

Since its founding in 1979, TaylorMade has forged a path of constant innovation in golf equipment. It all began with the introduction of metal woods, a groundbreaking shift from traditional wooden drivers. This bold move set the tone for TaylorMade’s future as a technology-driven brand.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Burner series became synonymous with distance and forgiveness, drawing golfers seeking to up their game.

Then, TaylorMade ventured into the R series, starting with the R300 series and evolving through various iterations. The R7 series, in particular, made waves for its adjustable weight technology, allowing golfers to customize their drivers for optimal performance.

TaylorMade’s commitment to research and development has produced notable advancements in clubhead design, materials, and adjustability. Today, TaylorMade sells some of the best-performing clubs in golf, including the Stealth 2 woods and the P770 and P790 irons. 

Today, TaylorMade sells a wide variety of gear, including golf bags, woods, wedges, iron sets, putters, and their famous Tp5x golf balls. 

Key Milestones of TaylorMade Golf 

Here are some of the key milestones of the TaylorMade golf brand:

  • In 1979, TaylorMade was founded, and it introduced metal woods.
  • In 1983, the company introduced its first adjustable driver with the System 2.
  • In 1988, TaylorMade launched the iconic Burner Bubble driver.
  • In 2000, the R500 driver with Inverted Cone Technology was introduced.
  • In 2004, the R7 Quad driver with movable weights revolutionized adjustability.
  • In 2006, TaylorMade reached its first billion dollars in revenue. 
  • In 2009, the r9 driver featuring Flight Control Technology was introduced.
  • In 2016, the M1 and M2 drivers gained popularity with multi-material construction.
  • In 2019, TaylorMade released the Speed Injected Twist Face in M5 and M6 drivers.
  • In 2020, the SIM (Shape In Motion) drivers debuted, focusing on aerodynamics.
  • In 2021, the SIM2 line was introduced, enhancing forgiveness and performance.
  • In 2022, the TaylorMade Stealth series was released, which is still TaylorMade’s highest-performers. 

What Does the TaylorMade Name Come From? 

It’s not fully clear where the name TaylorMade comes from. However, the answer is probably that it’s simply a catchy name that implies how good they are.

What Are TaylorMade’s Upcoming Launches? 

For 2023, TaylorMade released, among other things, the new Stealth 2 driver and fairway woods. This year they will also release the new Milled Grind 4 wedges, which are rumored to have more spin than ever. When it comes to 2024, there are no trustworthy leaks of what TaylorMade might release. 

What Is the Future of TaylorMade? 

The future of TaylorMade appears very promising as it continues to innovate in the golf equipment industry. Expectations include advancements in club materials, technologies, and customizations to enhance performance for golfers of all skill levels

Sustainable and eco-friendly practices may also be integrated, as that becomes more and more important for consumers.

TaylorMade is likely to stay at the forefront of golf equipment innovation while expanding its global presence


TaylorMade’s Manufacturing and Assembly

Now, we’ll go over TaylorMade’s manufacturing and assembly practices, as well as some other related areas. 

Where Is TaylorMade Gear Made? – Locations of Manufacturing

TaylorMade’s headquarters are in Carlsbad, California. Here, they also produce a lot of their gear. However, they also have three other large factories found outside of the US in Taiwan, China, and Thailand. Usually, the parts are made in Asia, while the clubs are assembled in California. 

TaylorMade’s Club Productions Process 

TaylorMade’s club production process involves several key steps:

Research and Development 

The process begins with extensive research to identify opportunities for innovation. Engineers and designers work on developing new club technologies and materials.


Prototypes are created and tested rigorously to fine-tune design concepts, ensuring optimal performance and feel.


Once the design is finalized, manufacturing begins. Materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel are used to create clubheads, shafts, and grips.


Club components are assembled in California, ensuring precise specifications are met.

Quality Control

Each club undergoes quality control checks to ensure it meets TaylorMade’s strict standards.


Customers can often customize aspects like shaft type, length, and grip to match their preferences.


Clubs are then distributed to retailers or directly to consumers through various channels.

What Materials Does TaylorMade Use? 

TaylorMade uses a variety of materials in its golf club construction, including titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and various composite materials. These materials are strategically chosen and combined to optimize performance, durability, and feel in their club designs.

Where Are TaylorMade Golf Balls Made?

The golf balls from TaylorMade are made in Liberty, South Carolina. This means that they’ve separated their golf ball and club production. 

When Does TaylorMade Release New Irons?

TaylorMade relatively recently released their new P-Series irons. They usually release new irons every year around February, so February 2024 is when you can expect new TaylorMade irons.

When Does TaylorMade Release New Woods?

TaylorMade releases new woods at the same time as their irons, meaning that you can get your hands on new TaylorMade woods in February 2024


TaylorMade’s Leadership and Management

Here, we cover TaylorMade’s leadership and management, as well as their past and current owners. 

TaylorMade’s CEO – Background and Vision 

TaylorMade’s CEO is David Abeles, which has been the case since March 26, 2015. He brought extensive experience in the sports and consumer goods industry, having worked with TaylorMade and other major brands for a long time.

His vision for TaylorMade was and still is to continue pushing the boundaries of golf club technology, focusing on innovation and customization to provide golfers with cutting-edge equipment tailored to their needs.

Where Is TaylorMade’s Headquarters?

TaylorMade is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

This is a city with about one hundred thousand residents, and it’s located 30 miles north of San Diego. 

How Did Adidas Buy TaylorMade?

Adidas, a German sportswear giant, acquired TaylorMade in 1997 in a stock-swap deal valued at approximately $1.4 billion. This strategic move allowed Adidas to diversify its portfolio into the lucrative golf equipment market. 

Under Adidas’ ownership, TaylorMade became an even more prominent golf brand, leveraging the global reach and resources of its parent company.

How Much Did Adidas Sell TaylorMade For?

In 2017, Adidas sold TaylorMade to KPS Capital Partners, a private equity firm, as part of Adidas’ effort to streamline its focus on its core sportswear and apparel businesses. TaylorMade was sold for $425M, meaning that Adidas took quite a significant loss. 

How Did the Acquisition by Adidas Impact TaylorMade’s Growth?

Many people have different opinions on what the Adidas acquisition of TaylorMade meant for the golf company. During Adidas’ ownership, TaylorMade developed many best-selling product lines, but the company didn’t experience large increases in growth. 

TaylorMade struggled with profitability, which is why they were sold for about one third of what Adidas originally bought them for. 

Who Owns TaylorMade Now?

Today, TaylorMade is owned by Centroid Investments Partners, after being sold by KPS Capital Partners in 2021. In this deal, TaylorMade was valued at $1.7 billion, meaning that KPS made quite a significant profit during their 4 year ownership. 

Taylormade Parent Company

Centroid Investments Partners is the parent company for Taylormade.

What Differentiates TaylorMade’s Products from Competitors?

TaylorMade stands out from competitors through innovation, customization, and performance. The company consistently introduces cutting-edge technologies in club design, such as its Speed Injected Twist Face and multi-material construction. 

They offer extensive customization options, allowing golfers to tailor clubs to their specific needs. TaylorMade also invests in research and development to optimize performance, aiming to provide golfers with equipment that offers increased distance, forgiveness, and playability. 

But with that said, it’s important to note that there are many excellent golf equipment companies that sell clubs with relatively similar performance, including brands like Titleist and Callaway.

This means that the decision of what golf club to buy largely comes down to preference and what works best for you


TaylorMade’s Demographics and Target Markets

Here, we go over TaylorMade’s demographic and target markets. 

What Is TaylorMade’s Customer Demographics Like? 

TaylorMade’s customer demographics are very similar to that of the average golfer, which is somebody who is more likely to be male than female, and has a higher-than-average income

What Are TaylorMade’s Targeting Strategies? 

TaylorMade’s targeting strategies focus on both professional and amateur golfers.

They sponsor top golf professionals to showcase their equipment at the highest level.

Simultaneously, they offer a wide range of products and customization options for amateur golfers, aiming to meet the needs of players of all skill levels.

TaylorMade produces ads that show the high performance of their equipment, which creates a want for regular golfers, as they think new gear can improve their game. 

How Does TaylorMade Engage with Female Golfers? 

TaylorMade has taken steps to engage with female golfers by offering a variety of golf equipment designed specifically for women, including clubs with lighter shafts and grips tailored for smaller hands. An example of this is the Kalea driver, which is specifically designed for women. 

TaylorMade wants to avoid exclusions at all costs, and they engage with female golfers through marketing and sponsorship initiatives that feature prominent female golfers, promoting inclusivity in the sport.

Additionally, TaylorMade offers custom fitting services to ensure that female golfers get equipment that suits their unique swing characteristics and preferences.

Is TaylorMade an International Company? – Their Global Presence 

TaylorMade is definitely an international company with a global presence. They have a strong presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. In all of these places, TaylorMade has distribution channels, sponsored golfers, and other partnerships. 

TaylorMade’s products are available in many countries, and they actively engage in marketing and sponsorship efforts on a global scale to reach a diverse audience of golfers. However, their biggest market is the US, and that’s where most of their focus is directed. This is the case since the US is the biggest golf market in the world. 

Professional Endorsements – What Pros Play TaylorMade? 

Here, you can read about TaylorMade’s professional endorsements. 

How Many Pros Are Sponsored by TaylorMade? 

Right now, there are over 50 pros on the PGA Tour that are sponsored by TaylorMade. Some of the most notable are Scottie Sheffler, Rory McIlroy, and Viktor Hovland. 

Is TaylorMade’s Endorsement Strategy Effective? 

TaylorMade’s endorsement strategy has been generally effective. They’ve secured endorsements from top golfers like Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, enhancing brand visibility and credibility. 

These partnerships help showcase TaylorMade’s products to a global audience.

However, the effectiveness may vary based on factors like player performance and market trends.

If a team TaylorMade pro wins a tournament, there will likely be an increase in TaylorMade’s sales. The opposite is also true if, for example, a Titleist-sponsored pro wins. 

Overall, their strategy of aligning with high-profile golfers has contributed positively to their brand reputation and sales, making it a cornerstone of their marketing approach in the golf industry.

Why Did Jon Rahm Leave TaylorMade? 

Exactly why Jon Rahm chose to leave TaylorMade is not clear, but it’s likely a combination of factors, such as better future opportunities, preference in gear, and financial gains. The financial side is probably a very large part. 

How Do You Get Sponsored by TaylorMade? 

Getting sponsored by TaylorMade typically requires being a highly skilled and accomplished professional golfer. TaylorMade tends to sign endorsement deals with top players who have a strong presence on major golf tours like the PGA Tour and the European Tour (DP World Tour). 

Consistent performance, a strong social media following, and alignment with TaylorMade’s brand values can also play a role in securing sponsorship. However, sponsorship decisions are ultimately made by TaylorMade based on their specific criteria and marketing strategies. 

It’s possible to get sponsored without being on the PGA Tour, if you play on something like the Korn Ferry Tour. 


In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about one of golf’s biggest and most respected brands: TaylorMade Golf. Hopefully, you now know more about the company that sells some of the highest-performing golf equipment available. 



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