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Does Fila Make Golf Shoes from Tell Me More Golf Instructors Explaining the History of Fila

I’m the head golf instructor at Tell Me More Golf, and in this article, I will cover whether the global sportswear brand Fila makes golf shoes or not. 

Fila Golf Shoes – Do They Exist? 

While they’re quite uncommon to see at the golf course, Fila does have a selection of golf shoes. Since they’re so rare, they’re not always easy to find, but one of their most popular models is the Fila Fairway Boa 19 Golf Shoe. Fila makes golf shoes for both men and women.  

What Are Fila Golf Shoes Like?

Compared to other popular golf brands, such as Nike Golf, the Fila brand is characterized by more modern and bolder designs. When simplified, we would say that Fila golf shoes look a lot like regular modern sneakers with an athletic look.

That’s why wearing Fila golf shoes allows you to have a more special golf outfit, but they might not be appreciated at high-end country clubs where modesty and tradition are important


Does Fila Make Other Golf Apparel? 

While also relatively uncommon, Fila does make other golf apparel as well. This includes polos and pants for both men and women. The other golf apparel is usually a bit more traditional than their golf shoes, but they still offer a sleek and stylish design.

A full Fila outfit with Fila shoes, pants, and a polo, would most often look quite traditional, but the shoes make the look more exciting. So in general, we think that Fila golf apparel is great for golfers looking to stand out a little and have more fun with their outfits. 

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Does Fila have golf shoes?

Yes, Fila has golf shoes. But they only have a few models, so they’re quite uncommon to see at the golf course.  

Do any pro golfers wear Fila?

Fila doesn’t specialize in golf wear, which is why they’re not as commonly used by pro golfers as FootJoy or Adidas Golf. However, they can still be found on some pro golfers, such as Fila-sponsored Korean LPGA golfer Jung-Min Lee. 

Is Fila Italian or Korean?

Fila is a sportswear brand that was created in Biella, Italy, by the Italian Fila brothers. Today it’s no longer based in Italy, and now has its headquarters in South Korea. So in other words, the roots are Italian, but the company is now Korean

Why are Filas so cheap?

Fila is able to offer competitive and sometimes affordable prices because of their Asia-based manufacturing. There, labor and materials are much cheaper compared to the US or Europe. 

It’s important to note that Filas are much cheaper in its home country, South Korea, than in the US. So book your plane tickets if you want to shop for Fila wear at a bargain

Is Fila good quality?

Fila is known for having great quality, and we would agree with that. They use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes where errors are very rare, making the shoes last longer and stay great looking. Fila also tests all products rigorously before putting them on the market.

The high-quality materials used also play a big factor, as they tend to last and look good longer. High-quality materials are also often more breathable, making the shoes more comfortable, especially on a warm golf course

What sport is Fila for?

Fila was known back in the day as one of the leading tennis-wear brands. This was, and still perhaps is, their main sport. Fila makes a wide variety of tennis shoes, and just like their golf shoes, they have more exciting designs than their competitors.

Normal Fila sneakers can be used for many sports, including both tennis and golf. This is because they’re very stable and comfortable for long periods of time. However, for golf, we still recommend a proper golf shoe.



Fila is somewhat of an unknown brand in the world of golf, perhaps as they’re most popular in Asia these days. However, they make some awesome golf gear featuring modern, stylish, yet still sleek designs. 

That’s why we believe all golfers looking to upgrade their wardrobe should check Fila out, both when it comes to their golf shoes and their other golf apparel.


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