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As a long time golf coach and regular spectator at PGA events, I have seen firsthand how popular the On brand has become around the golf course. 

On Cloud is a high end brand of running shoes that are designed in Switzerland, and have taken the fitness world by storm since launching in the year 2010. In fact, the majority of camera operators and other employees on the PGA tour wear On Cloud sneakers out on the course during events, leading many golfers to wonder if the company makes a dedicated golf shoe

On Cloud Golf Shoes 

As of now, the On company does not produce any dedicated golf shoes, nor have they announced any plans to release any golf shoes in the future. While this comes as a disappointment for many golfers, there are still some models of On brand shoes that are suitable for the clubhouse, as well as light chipping and putting sessions.

The Cloud 5 is one of the most popular shoes in the On company’s lineup, and it represents the best of what they have to offer in terms of foam technology.

This versatile shoe can be worn everywhere from the weightroom to the putting green, and the combination of ankle support and cushioning makes it great for light chipping sessions

The Cloud X 3 is one of the most versatile and highly rated models of women’s shoes from the On company, and it is also a great choice for basic practice and putting sessions. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day, and are great choices for spectating at golf events as well as a women’s golf shoe for practice. 


Benefits of On Cloud Footwear

The primary design goal when it comes to On footwear is performance and comfort for long distance runners. While not all customers use these shoes for jogging or running, many find them to be the most comfortable and durable shoes for both work and exercise. 

The company has a full line of different styles that range from straightforward running shoes to tennis inspired casual sneakers.

All of their performance shoes feature breathable outsoles, and the bottom cushioning is thoughtfully distributed throughout the midsole for maximum shock absorption. 

The main design feature that sets the Cloud line of On footwear apart from other athletic and running shoes on the market is the company’s signature Swiss engineered CloudTec technology. This high tech foam softens the impact with the ground, and then bounces back to provide a bit of lift on the next step.

The company offers a full line of different shoes that feature CloudTec cushioning, and there are a wide range of different styles in both men’s and women’s varieties. With the success of On Cloud footwear throughout many different sectors of the sports world, many golfers have wondered if there will be a golf shoe by the On company any time in the near future. 


Adding Spikes to On Cloud Shoes

One of the most exciting innovations in the golf world recently has been the advent of “screw in” golf spikes that allow customers to transform any athletic shoes into a pair of golf shoes. While Air Jordans are by far the most popular options for these spike kits, On Clouds are also great candidates. 

There are many golfers who have combined a pair of On Cloud shoes with a spike kit like those sold by Golfkicks to make “cloud cleats.” These are far more comfortable than other traditional or spikeless golf shoes, and some consider them to be the best shoes for golf on the market. 

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Does On Cloud make a golf shoe?

The On company does not currently produce any dedicated golf shoes. While it is possible to add spikes to different On Cloud shoes, the best golf shoes are made by legacy companies like Footjoy, Nike, and Adidas golf. Under Armour and Sketchers also both make quality golf shoes, and some come equipped with Boa lace technology. 

The Cloud line of shoes from the On company has become extremely popular due to their combination of all day comfort and energy return tendencies when running. They also come with an in depth warranty, and are considered by many to be some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. 

What country is On Cloud shoes from?

On is a Swiss company whose products are available for purchase all over the world. All of their shoes are designed and engineered in Switzerland, while they use manufacturing facilities all over the globe for order fulfillment. 

Which On Cloud shoe is the most comfortable?

While there are a wide variety of different Cloud models of On shoes that are best suited for different uses, the Cloud 5 is considered to be the most comfortable mens shoe. The Cloud X 3 is the most comfortable women’s shoe, and both models are extremely popular sellers. 



While there are many golfers who are anxiously awaiting for the On company to release a line of Cloud golf shoes, there does not seem to be any such product in the pipeline for the near future. On cloud shoes can be worn for light chipping and putting sessions, and some golfers have even taken to adding spikes to this popular style of running shoe.


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