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As a long time golf instructor and swing coach, I have had many young golfers ask me if they can play 18 holes in a pair of Vans. 

Vans makes some of the most iconic skate shoes in the world, and the combination of simplicity and timeless looks has kept them in style for decades.

While a pair of Vans may be perfectly acceptable on the putting green and in the clubhouse, they provide little traction or support, making them a poor choice for a full round of golf. There are currently no Vans golf shoes in production, and the only way to get a pair of Vans with spikes is to add them yourself or custom order a pair from websites like Etsy. 

Vans Golf Shoes

Vans is an extremely popular skate shoe company based in Southern California that has seen steady sales since the 1970s. Many golfers love the clean lines and simple aesthetics of Vans, and they are a stylish choice that go well with a pair of golf pants. 

While Vans make a great choice on a casual night out or for a meal at the clubhouse, the bottoms are completely flat and provide little traction on grass.

There is also minimal arch support, and golfing in a pair of vans can easily lead to slips or ankle injuries. 

Golfers have been clamoring for a pair of vans golf shoes for decades, and to date the company has not yet obliged. The shoes are designed for skateboarding and style, and as of now the best golf uses for them are on the putting green and in the clubhouse. 


Vans Shoes Around the Golf Course 

The team here at Tell Me More Golf always recommends wearing a proper pair of golf shoes when playing a round or taking full swings at the driving range, as there is no replacement for the traction and support provided by cleat style or spikeless golf shoes

While “street shoes” are generally frowned upon at golf courses, a solid colored pair of Vans is clean and stylish enough to be worn around many clubhouses and practice facilities. It is not at all uncommon to see a golfer show up to the country club with only a putter, golf balls, and a pair of vans for some quick putting practice. 

What makes a pair of Vans such great options for light putting practice is the same thing that makes them poor choices for hitting golf balls off the fairway.

The flat bottoms of these skate shoes evenly distribute the golfer’s weight across the green, leading to minimal wear and a better putting surface. 


Custom Made Vans Golf Shoes

Recent innovations have made it possible to turn just about any pair of flat bottomed sneakers into soft spike golf shoes, and Golfkicks is the leading producer of these DIY style shoe conversion kits

There are also a number of different “pre made” spiked Vans conversions available for purchase on crafting sites like Etsy. These pre-made options can sometimes be hard to find, as the term “Golf Vans” is often trending across social media platforms and many sellers sell out. 

Adding a pair of spikes from Golfkicks to a pair of slip-on or lace up vans is a great way to show off your style on the golf course. These versatile kits also make it possible to golf in other styles of men’s and women’s skate and running shoes, regardless of shoe size or foot shape.

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Does Vans Make Golf Shoes?

The Vans company does not currently produce any spiked or spikeless golf shoes, nor have they announced any plans to do so. The closest possible option is to add spikes with a conversion kit from Golfkicks, or custom order a pair on Etsy. 

What is the history of Vans shoes?

Vans has been an important part of Southern California skate and surf culture since they first launched in 1976. They began making skate shoes for iconic early skaters like Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva, and today they also make other apparel and high performance snowboard boots that have been worn in the olympics. 

What are some stylish golf shoes should I wear?

Some of the most stylish and best golf shoes are produced by legacy companies like FootJoy, Nike, and Adidas. These are the brands most often found on the PGA Tour, and all of them have good reputations for innovative designs and high quality. 



Many golfers are drawn to the comfort and style that a clean looking pair of Vans offers, and many have wondered if the company will ever make a golf shoe. The company has been in business for over four decades, and they have yet to announce any plans of venturing into the golf world. The best option for golfers who are insistent on golfing in Vans is to buy a spike conversion kit online, which is an affordable way to add spikes to just about any shoe.


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