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As a long time golf instructor, I have had quite a few golfers ask me what happened to Reebok golf shoes, as the brand used to be very popular with ample golf apparel for sale in pro shops. 

Reebok is an established American sports apparel brand that is best known within the basketball and running communities and was actually founded in the United Kingdom in the year 1958. In this article, we will take a closer look at what happened to Reebok golf shoes, as well as where the remaining pairs can be found today. 

Reebok Golf Shoes

In its heyday, the Reebok company produced a full line of golf apparel ranging from golf polos and jackets to golf hats and men’s and women’s golf shoes.

One of the top selling lines of Reebok golf shoes was the “Comfort Elite” collection, which featured a classically styled black and white colorway. 

The Reebok DMX golf shoe was another best seller when it came to Reebok men’s golf shoes, and it was considered by many to be the most comfortable pair available at the time. Both the DMX and Comfort Elite line of golf shoes featured classic leather outsoles accompanied by a bright white toe area

Much to the dismay of many loyal Reebok golf fans, the company announced that it would officially cease production of all golf apparel in the year 2016. At that time, Reebok was under the ownership umbrella of the Adidas company, which produces a vastly more successful line of golf gear commonly seen on the PGA tour. 


Reebok Company Sale and Changes

At the height of its popularity, Reebok men’s and women’s golf apparel could be found everywhere from local pro shops to the PGA tour.

They had major endorsement deals with top athletes like Allen Iverson, as well as a 10 year exclusive agreement to produce NFL uniforms. 

By the year 2005, the proliferation of other sports apparel companies like Nike and Adidas had made a major dent in Reebok sales. Many customers felt that the brand failed to “keep up” when it came to modern styles and aesthetics, and the NFL licensing deal ended up costing the company millions. 

The Reebok company was acquired by Adidas later that year, and there was hope from many golfers that the German owned sports and apparel brand would help keep Reebok golf shoes alive. A combination of management and lack of innovation produced disappointing results from the acquisition, and Adidas was looking to sell the Reebok brand just 10 years later. 


In the year 2021, the Authentic Brands Group acquired Reebok. By this time, no new Reebok golf apparel had been in production for over five years, and Authentic Brands has shown no interest in reviving the company’s line of golf gear. 

Today, brands like Footjoy, Callaway, Under Armour, Puma, and Nike golf dominate the golf shoe industry.

Smaller brands like Skechers have also ventured into golf shoe production, and a more casual and modern look has replaced the once iconic Reebok classic golf shoe style.


Vintage Reebok Golf Shoes

Resourceful golfers who know where to look and don’t mind spending a little extra money can still get their hands on a “retro” pair of classic leather Reebok golf shoes. Both the Comfort Elite and the DMX line of golf shoes can be found on auction sites like Ebay, as well as specialty vintage clothing sites.

When it comes to shopping for out of production Reebok golf shoes, finding a specific model and shoe size can be a bit difficult. The team of experts here at Tell Me More Golf recommends sticking with a modern golf shoe, as there have been major innovations in spikeless golf shoes and cushioning technology since the days of Reebok golf shoes. 

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Does Reebok Make Golf Shoes?

The Reebok company used to make a full line of golf shoes, along with football and baseball cleats. Today, Reebok is owned by a large company called Authentic Brands Group, and they no longer produce any golf apparel of any kind. 

What is the history of Reebok?

The roots of the Reebok company can be traced back to the English J.W. Foster and Sons company from the early 1900s. The founder’s grandsons decided to start their own shoe company in Boston in the year 1958, with an early focus primarily on running shoes. 

What company owns Reebok?

Authentic Brands bought the Reebok brand from Adidas in the year 2021. The company uses the Reebok logo and brand recognition to sell apparel, and there are little new innovations made by the Reebok company these days.

Did Nike buy Reebok?

No, The Adidas company, which is one of Nike’s largest competitors, bought the Reebok company in the year 2005. Adidas then sold Reebok to the Authentic Brands Company in 2021, as they were unable to monetize the Reebok brand as they had anticipated. 

Are Reebok Shoes still fashionable?

There are some people who find the “retro” style of Reebok shoes to be fashionable. They have fallen out of favor in the basketball world, and the main sector where Reebok shoes are still fairly popular is affordable running and walking shoes. 

Is Reebok declining?

The Reebok brand has certainly been in decline over the past 20 years, as it has failed to keep up with competitors like Adidas and Nike. In the running world, brands like New Balance and Asics have greatly surpassed Reebok in terms of success and innovation, and the Reebok brand has changed hands twice between larger parent companies. 



While there are some golfers who long for the days of the classically styled Reebok golf shoes, there have been major innovations in golf shoe technology since they were in production. It is still possible to find Reebok golf shoes and other apparel through vintage stores and auction websites like Ebay. The team here at Tell Me More Golf recommends sticking with a more modern style of golf shoe, as they provide far better cushioning, grip, and overall comfort compared to the older styles.


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