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As a long time swing coach and golf instructor, I have had golfers ask me if it is ok to wear high performance running shoes like those made by Saucony on the golf course. 

Saucony is a historic American footwear company that produces a wide array of different walking shoes and running shoes. Unfortunately for die hard fans of the Saucony brand, the company has not announced any plans of making a golf shoe, and their best use when it comes to golf is around the clubhouse and on the putting green. 

Saucony Golf Shoes

While the idea of “Saucony Golf” conjures up images of an extremely comfortable golf shoe, unfortunately, the company has announced no plans of venturing into the golf industry. The only cleat style shoes that Soucony produces are track spikes, which have sharp metallic points on the bottom not suitable for the golf course

Wearing track spikes on the golf course is a quick way to tear up the fairway and putting surfaces, and they also provide very little ankle support for the forces generated swinging the golf club. 

When searching for “Saucony Golf Shoes,” the most common result actually involves a completely different style of golf.

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the entire world, and many disc golfers have embraced Saucony’s trail running shoes for their mixture of durability and comfortable arch support. 


Saucony Shoes for Golf Club Employees

Golf club employees from the cart staff to the pro shop understand the importance of choosing a shoe with adequate cushioning and arch support. These positions require many consecutive hours of standing and working upright, and a shoe without proper support can lead to sore feet and back pain after just a few shifts. 

What makes Saucony shoes such great choices for golf club employees is the fact that the footbed is fortified with high tech cushioning for maximum shock absorption, and they are also treated with a gore-tex like finish for full waterproofing. 

The insole, midsole, and outsoles of all Saucony running and walking shoes are all thoughtfully crafted with high performance materials that allow for breathability while maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing.

This helps keep feet cool and dry, which is extremely important over a long golf course shift


Best Golf Shoes for Runners

Serious runners have become accustomed to a certain level of comfort and performance when it comes to shoes, as many companies have been competing for decades to make better models. There are certain models and styles of golf shoes that are better suited for runners than others, as more basic golf shoes will likely feel awkward and cumbersome on a runner’s foot. 

High end legacy golf brands like Footjoy, Adidas, Nike, and Puma generally make the most comfortable high end golf shoes. The FootJoy Flex is one of the company’s most popular golf shoe lines, and it is hailed by many as the most comfortable spikeless golf shoe on the market. 

While spikeless models usually offer the highest level of comfort on the golf course, those who require more grip and often play golf in wet conditions should consider spiked golf shoes. The Nike Air Zoom line of golf shoes is a great spiked golf shoe for runners, as it features the support runners are accustomed to in a very stylish package. 

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Does Saucony Make Golf Shoes?

The Saucony company does not currently produce any types of golf shoes, nor have they announced any plans to do so. The disc golf community has embraced the Saucony line of trail running shoes, as they provide good support along with excellent grip and durability.

What is the history of Saucony shoes?

The Saucony brand was established in the year 1898 in the state of Pennsylvania, with a focus on athletic footwear. They have grown into one of the top producers of high end running shoes for racing, and today they operate out of Boston, Massachusetts. 

Is Saucony part of Nike?

The Saucony company is not owned by Nike, nor has it ever been. In fact, Saucony is one of Nike’s largest competitors in the running shoe space, and many serious runners stick with the Saucony brand over Nike. 

Are Saucony shoes worth it?

While Saucony shoes are not cheap, they offer a very high end product that can only be compared to other high performance running shoes like those from New Balance and the Asics Gel series. More affordable running shoes like those made by Skechers do not match up to Saucony in terms of quality, comfort, or durability. 



While the majority of the Saucony company’s sales are from serious athletes and runners, there are more and more golfers and golf course employees who are looking to this high performance brand for quality footwear.

The company does not currently produce any golf shoes, though the disc golf community has started using the trail running models for their own style of golf. The best use for Saucony shoes around the golf course is for light putting practice, as well as the locker room for a comfortable feel after a long round of golf.


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