Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference? — (Our Golf Instructor's Advice)

Do Golf Shoes Make a Difference Is a Common Question from People Asking Are Golf Shoes Worth It

A common question we regularly receive at Tell Me More Golf is, do golf shoes make a difference? Are golf shoes worth it?

In this article, the professionals at Tell Me More Golf will explain if golf shoes really do make a difference, if they are worth it, and if they can help you play better.


Are Golf Shoes Worth It?

Yes, golf shoes are worth it because they provide the stability and traction needed to support a golfer’s stance during their swing and when walking around the varied terrain of a golf course.

Golf shoes are designed specifically for golf, with features like spikes or cleats that help keep a golfer’s feet firmly planted on the ground and get more distance from their golf swing.

Also, many golf shoes are waterproof, which can be a significant advantage on wet or damp days.


A pair of golf shoes do make a difference for beginners.

Here are some ways that golf shoes can make a difference for beginners:

  • Improved traction for better stability and balance during the swing.
  • More stable construction than running shoes which can prevent foot and ankle injuries.
  • More comfortable to play in with extra cushioning and padding for walking the course.

The combination of traction, stability, and comfort can help beginner golfers develop their game more quickly and have a better time on the golf course.

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Do golf shoes help you play better?

Yes, golf shoes can help you play better. One of the ways that golf shoes allow you to play better is by providing better traction on the golf course.

Golf shoes have three main types of soles for better traction: spikeless, soft spikes, and metal spikes.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes have cleats or dimpled protrusions that provide traction on the golf course. 

Many modern golf shoes feature spikeless soles because they are incredibly comfortable and don’t damage the course as much as traditionally spiked shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes also offer fashion versatility and can be worn on and off the golf course.

Soft Spikes

Soft spikes are made with plastic or rubber material and have small, flexible spikes on their outsole. The soft spikes provide more traction than spikeless golf shoes.

You can also easily replace soft spikes when they wear down, which can add to the lifespan of your golf shoes.

Metal Spikes

Traditional golf shoes used to come with metal spikes. While they provide the most traction of any soles, they have fallen out of style. Metal spikes aren’t as comfortable and can cause damage to a golf course if not worn properly.

Does it matter what shoes you wear to golf?

Yes, golf shoes help you play better. That’s why PGA tour players wear golf shoes when they play in tournaments.

Golf shoes have special features for improved stability and traction during the golf swing. Which can help produce more interaction with the ground in the downswing resulting in a higher swing speed.

You can wear almost any style of golf shoe in dry conditions. In addition, many models are made with water-resistant or waterproof materials, so your feet can stay warm and dry in wet conditions.

It’s OK to wear athletic shoes like running shoes when on a flat service like the driving range.

However, these do not provide stability and traction needed when walking and playing golf on a golf course’s varied terrain and surface.

Are golf shoes important for golf?

Golf shoes are important for golf because they are specifically designed for playing golf. Just like running shoes are designed for running and basketball shoes for playing basketball.

The best golf shoes from shoe manufacturers like adidas, Footjoy, Nike, and Puma come with soft spikes and water-resistant materials so that you can wear them comfortably in any weather conditions.

Golf shoes also have specialized outsoles with soft spikes, cleats, or metal spikes that provide excellent traction.
This traction can help golfers get more stability and torque from their lower bodies. In addition, this traction allows them to swing the golf club more smoothly, resulting in higher swing speeds and greater distance.

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Golf shoes do make a difference because they give golfers the traction, stability, and comfort that can help them play a better round of golf.

Many golfers like fashionable spikeless shoes that they can wear comfortably on and off the golf course. Other golfers prefer more traditional shoes with soft or metal spikes that give them extra traction for better turf interaction. In most golf courses, however, metal spikes are banned from use because of the potential danger they pose to greens.

Because there are many styles of golf shoes available, picking the right one for you is a matter of personal preference.

A new pair of golf shoes can help your game from the ground up for a smoother swing, greater confidence and lower scores.


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