When Do Golf Shoes Go On Sale? — (Clearance Season Q&A)

when do golf shoes go on sale and the clearance season for shoes and how often should you buy

Golfers spend a lot of time on their feet, and a comfortable pair of golf shoes is a must. However, finding golf shoes in the style you like and the correct size can be difficult and expensive.

Do you ever wonder when golf shoes go on sale? Or, where’s the best place to find a wide selection of golf shoes in your size at a great price?

The Tell Me More Golf apparel team will tell you when golf shoes go on sale and where you can find the best selection of styles and sizes to find your perfect pair of golf shoes.

when do golf shoes go on sale and the clearance season for shoes and how often should you buy

Clearance Season For Golf Shoes

Clearance season for men’s and women’s golf shoes starts at the end of the summer and lasts into the fall.

The PGA Tour golf season starts in the spring of every year when manufacturers like Adidas, Footjoy, Puma, Skechers, and Nike introduce new styles for the coming golf season.

The PGA golf season ends right around Labor Day, so manufacturers offer discounts on remaining products leftover from the season.

For example, they will often put shoes on clearance prices through October.

From November through the holidays, golf shoe prices will return to their full retail price as the demand grows as they are highly sought-after holiday gifts.


Eventually, you’ll have to replace even the best pair of golf shoes

You should look to get new golf shoes for several reasons:

  • The Cleats Wear Down – The cleats on the outsoles of spikeless golf shoes will wear down over time. You’ll lose traction quickly when they do, which can result in your feet slipping on shots or even walking around the golf course.
  • The Spikes Wear Down – Even the tiny soft spikes in spikeless shoes will also wear down after continuous use. Most shoes can replace golf spikes if you catch them in time.

If not, it can be challenging to remove the old spikes to replace them with new ones.

  • They Stop Being Waterproof or Water Resistant – Both leather and synthetic materials in shoes’ uppers can lose their water-proofing over time. There are water-proof sprays and oils that you can put on shoes to help them maintain their water-proofing. However, once the water has penetrated the uppers, making them naturally, water-proof isn’t easy.
  • The Uppers Split/Crack – It’s not uncommon for the uppers on athletic shoes to crack over time after repeated use. Golf shoes get wet from foot sweat during a round, and drying after can cause materials to shrink and stitch and seams to weaken over time.
  • The Inner Lining Wears Out – Friction between socks and the inner lining can cause it to wear out over time.


How Much Should I Pay For Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes can range in price from under $50 to over $300.

Typical Retail Price Range on Popular Golf Shoes:

  • adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes: $25-$65
  • adidas Codechaos: $70-105
  • Ecco: $120-$200
  • New Balance: $90 $125
  • Footjoy Boa Hyperflex: $100-$175
  • Under Armour: $75-$105
  • Puma Ignite Pwradapt: $80-$200
  • Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour: $115-150
  • Nike Roshe: $75-$105
  • Callaway: $75-$150

Clearance and Closeout Golf Sales

You’ll often find great deals with older models of men’s and women’s golf shoes on clearance golf and closeout golf sales.

Where to Buy Golf Shoes

You can buy golf shoes almost everywhere golf equipment like golf balls is sold, including golf club pro shops and brick-and-mortar stores.

The largest selection of women’s, juniors, and men’s golf shoes are at online sites like Amazon.

Not only will they have the best selection in styles and sizes, but they also carry past modes and run sales constantly on clearance and closeout golf shoes.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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With the golf season starting in the spring and ending in summer, the best time to find golf shoes on sale is in the fall. At that point, manufacturers are looking to sell their inventory of that year’s models to start clearing space for ones for the following year.

A high-quality golf shoe can last you for several seasons depending on how well you take care of them and how often you play.

You’ll be able to visibly see when it’s time for new golf shoes by checking the outsoles and the uppers for excessive wear and tear.

While brick-and-mortar stores have a good selection of golf shoes, online retailers typically have a much more extensive selection. In addition, they often run sales on closeout and clearance models.

It pays to take a little time and look around for the model of golf shoes you like, in the right size, and at the right price.


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