Does Hoka Make Golf Shoes? — (Trail Running Shoes for Golf)

does hoka make golf shoes and what makes hoka shoes different from tell me more golf

Hoka, formerly Hoka One One, is known for its excellent track and trail running shoes. 

They are extremely popular with ultramarathon runners due to their “maximalist” shoes that feature enhanced cushioning and stability.

You might wonder, does Hoka make golf shoes?
The Tell Me More golf review squad will talk about Hoka, if they make golf shoes, and the types of shoes you can wear on the golf course.

does hoka make golf shoes and what makes hoka shoes different from tell me more golf

Hoka Golf Shoes

Hoka does not make a dedicated golf shoe. However, you can wear the Hoka EVO XC Spikeless as a golf shoe.

The EVO XC Spikeless is a breathable, super-lightweight shoe designed for cross-country races. For those unfamiliar with cross-country racing, they race over multi-terrain courses, which are very similar to the surfaces found on golf courses.

According to our review team; its traction system comprises an abrasion rubber outsole and multi-directional rubber lugs that provide durability, grip, and traction on various surfaces. We even tested it on grass!

The EVO XC Spikeless traction system is comparable to the soles on spikeless golf shoes.

The EVO XC Spikeless is a low-profile shoe with excellent stability and cushioning for all-day comfort. While they might not be designed for golf, there’s no reason you couldn’t wear them as golf shoes in the proper conditions.

People with foot issues could use the Hoka EVO XC as an option for traditional golf shoes in the proper conditions. However, while they are lightweight and breathable, they are not waterproof or water-resistant, so they might not be great in wet conditions.


They designed the original Hoka athletic shoes for ultramarathon runners for enhanced comfort and stability.

At the time, running shoes were trending towards more minimalist designs that were lightweight but were also light on cushioning and support.

Today, Hoka makes various shoes for runners (not golfers) of all types with innovative technology and features.

Hoka Shoe Features:

  • Dual Density Midsole – The midsole runs between the outsole, the insole, and the cushioned midsole, providing added comfort and shock absorbency. It uses firmer foam on the forefoot and softer cushioning in the midfoot and heel, which softens the foot landing and is responsive on the toe-off.
  • Active Foot Frame – Sits at the back of the does and cradles the heel in the midsole, helping provide arch support in the footbed.
  • J-Frame Technology – J-Frame Technology provides added support to the medial or inside of the shoe to prevent your foot from rolling inwards.


Can You Wear Trail Running Shoes for Golf?

Yes, you can wear trail running shoes and even walking shoes for golf. You can also wear sneakers and hiking shoes if you’d like to when you play a round of golf.

However, the best golf shoes from Nike, Under Armour, Asics, Puma, and Callaway were designed for golfers and playing golf.

While most trail running shoes are lightweight and breathable, they are not designed for use in wet conditions.

A good pair of golf shoes will have a leather upper or synthetic uppers that are waterproof or water resistant. They will also have spikes or soft spikes like cleats designed for use on a golf course and won’t damage fragile areas like putting surfaces on greens.

FAQ Section

What are the best orthopedic golf shoes?

Podiatrists recommend spikeless shoes as the best orthopedic golf shoes because they distribute your body weight more evenly than golf shoes with spikes.

Spikeless men’s and women’s golf shoes like Ecco Biom, Skechers Go Golf, Adidas Codechaos, and FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists.

Are running shoes OK for golf?

Running shoes are OK for golf but are not preferred as they don’t provide the traction required for swinging the golf club or walking around a golf course in more humid conditions.
Comfortable golf shoes, spiked or spikeless, will provide the grip, traction, comfort, and support needed to swing the golf club comfortably and walk safely during a round of golf.

Conclusion: Research by

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Hoka makes some of the best running and trail running shoes today. Hoka designed their EVO XC Spikeless shoe for cross-country runners, where the courses are often very similar to the terrain of golf courses.

There’s no reason you couldn’t wear the Hoka EVO XC shoe to play a round of golf. They are lightweight, breathable, and provide great support and comfort, along with excellent traction.

However, their breathable, lightweight design is not waterproof or water-resistant and won’t be great in wet conditions.

Feel free if you already like Hoka shoes and want to wear the EVO XC Spikeless on the golf course. They’ll give you a similar performance to golf shoes with synthetic uppers. Check the forecast first and look for sunny, dry conditions and you should be fine.


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