3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart (Pros and Cons)

3 wheel vs 4 wheel golf push cart from tell me more golf and our expert research

Modern golf push carts come in either a three-wheel or a four-wheel design and have accessories like a scorecard holder, cup holder, and umbrella holders.

As a result, you’ll have a better golf experience using a push-cart and walk off the course fresher after playing a round.

The Tell Me More golf experts tell you about the differences between the three and 4-wheel models to help you pick the best push cart.

3 wheel vs 4 wheel golf push cart from tell me more golf and our expert research

3 Wheels Or 4 Wheels?

3 wheel vs 4 wheel golf push cart and what came first 3 wheels or 4 wheels

Back in the day, the two-wheeled golf pull cart or trolley was the only option for carrying your clubs around the course. Then, Rick Reimers, the founder of Sun Mountain Sports, introduced the Speed Cart, the first easily foldable, three-wheeled push cart, in 1999. It revolutionized push cart technology.  

Three-wheel push carts are easier to turn and handle better around the greens than a 4-wheel golf cart.  Many golfers think that the straps on a 3-wheel golf push cart secure their bags better than four-wheel versions.

Three-wheel golf push carts are often less expensive than 4-wheel models.

Four-wheel push carts feel more stable when you push them because of the base created by the four wheels. In addition, four-wheel push carts are more compact when you break them down and can be stored easier than three-wheel model golf push carts.

Golfers today can purchase either a 3-wheel push cart or a four-wheel push cart to carry their golf clubs. They are constructed with lightweight aluminum frames, are foldable for storage, and can be opened and deployed with one click.  

Here are some features common to both styles:

Storage Compartment

In addition to the many pockets of golf bags, both 3-wheel and 4-wheel golf push carts also will have a storage compartment for easy access for the golfer. Here you can find room for golf balls, pencils, scorecards, tees, and even a golf rangefinder.

Beverage Holder

Most 3-wheel and 4- wheel golf push carts have a built-in beverage holder large enough to hold a water bottle or sports drink. Those who do not have a built-in beverage holder often have a clip-on or screw-on drink holder accessory.

Golf Club Bag Frame/Straps

Golf Push Carts can carry almost every bag style, from stand bags to tour bags, thanks to adjustable clamps and straps that secure the clubs in place, so they don’t fall off when navigating the golf course.  The broader base of a 3-wheel golf push cart, and its straps, are better for securing your golf bag than the narrower profile of a 4-wheel push cart.   

Braking System

You don’t want your push golf cart rolling down a hill and into a creek or being blown back down the fairway by a strong gust of wind, so all golf carts have a braking system. Many 3-wheel and 4- wheel push cart models have a foot brake that a golfer can push down to lock the wheel. Others have a hand brake system that you can press to act as a parking brake.

Push Cart Add-On Golf Accessories

In addition to the storage compartment frequently found on golf push carts, they also have clip-on or bolt-on accessories. Some accessories include:

  • Cigar Holder
  • Golf Rangefinder Bag
  • Cooler Tube
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Foldable Seat

The wider base of 3-wheel push carts also makes it easier to add additional accessories onto the frame of the push cart than on 4-wheel models.  


The main benefits of 3-wheel golf carts are they are very maneuverable because of the swivel-action of the front wheel. In addition, they encounter less resistance with only three wheels and are easier to push than a 4-wheeled push cart. Finally, they typically have a broader base, which means that every style of golf bag, including cart bags, fits and can be secured using the straps and clamps.

3-Wheel golf carts are foldable, but their broader base is not as compact as 4-wheel versions. Sun Mountain, Tangkula, and Clicgear are three manufacturers that make basic and deluxe versions of 3-wheel golf carts that come with a warranty.


Pros and Cons of 4 Wheel Golf Carts

Four-wheel push carts are more stable thanks to having four wheels on the ground. They usually are not as wide as 3-wheel golf carts and fold up compactly for golfers who don’t have much space to store the golf push cart in their trunks.

Odd-shaped golf bags might not fit snugly onto a 4-wheel golf cart with a narrower frame.

The Bag Boy Quad XL, CaddyTek, and Clicgear models of 4-wheel golf carts are always high quality and popular with golfers.

Which Is Better: Push Or Pull Golf Cart?

From a physics perspective, pushing is much easier on the body than pulling. Reaching behind and pulling a cart full of golf equipment puts more strain on the back and shoulders.

Pushing also takes advantage of the forward momentum of walking. Push-carts have adjustable handles that can are adjustable to fit a golfer’s height. Push-carts also stay straighter when pushed and do not zig-zag down the fairway as much as pull carts.

Two-wheel golf trolleys are also very basic in their design and do not have the golf accessories that a three-wheeler and a four-wheel golf push cart have standard.

A 3-wheel push cart or a 4-wheel golf push cart is better for today’s golfer. They are lighter, easier to move along the course, and can carry much more than pull golf carts.

How To Properly Use a Push Golf Cart on the Golf Course

You’ve got your new golf push cart. Now it’s time to take it on the course. Of course, it’s a different experience than carrying your bag or riding in a cart. However, there are some things to look out for when playing a round of golf.

Cart Assembly/Securing the Bag

When you take your golf push cart out of your trunk and unfold it, you need to ensure that the frame clicks into place properly. You should be able to see and hear it when the frame locks into space correctly. Next, place your golf bag onto the cart and use the clamps and cords to secure the bag to the push cart. The bag will bounce around some, and if it is not secured, it will fall off the push cart. Also, if you are using a stand bag, you might have to use the loops on the bag to keep the legs of the cart in the closed position.

Use the Adjustable Handle

You want to use the adjustable handle to level with your midsection when standing behind the cart. You don’t want to reach too far up or down when you push the cart for 18 holes. The proper adjustment makes it easier on your legs and back as you push the cart through the rough and up and down hills.

Use the Hand/Footbrake

Gravity is a fickle mistress. The weight of a golf bag and the efficient rolling action of a good push cart mean that the cart can start rolling downhill quickly, even on a slight hill. Even in a flat space, strong winds can also push a cart from a flat place onto a slope, and the cart can roll away. It’s good to get in the habit of using the brake whenever you stop pushing it to hit a shot. It’s no fun chasing your golf cart as it rolls away from you and less fun pulling it out of a creek.

Where Can I Take a Cart On the Golf Course?

Using a push cart is a hybrid golf experience between walking and riding in a golf cart. Pushing it along the cart path is always an option. However, depending on course conditions, a push cart might have to stay on the cart path as you play a round. The fairway and rough are almost always acceptable to push your cart through. But do pay attention to local conditions such as ground under repair.

Do not take your golf push cart into woods, water on the course, or into a thick brush as it may get stuck. Likewise, do not take your golf push cart into a bunker.

Be mindful of where you push your cart. Pay attention to the signage on a golf course with specific local rules. Be careful to make sure that the wheels are locked, and the cart is secure in hilly areas so that it does not roll away from you or tip over.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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A golf push cart of either a 3-wheel or 4-wheel variety is an essential piece of golf equipment. Using a golf push cart gives you the experience of walking and playing a round of golf without the wear and tear of carrying the bag around with you. So what is the best golf push cart for you? It depends on your needs. If you want a narrow wheelbase that can fold up compactly for easy storage, a 4-wheel golf cart is a great call.

On the other hand, if you want better maneuverability on the golf course with one front wheel, the 3-wheeler is better. Pick the version that feels good to you when you push it around the golf course. You’re going to thank yourself when you finish your round. You will have gotten the workout of walking 18 holes of golf and not be spent carrying a golf bag around with you. Who knows, you might shoot a lower score too.


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