Does The Golf Bag Brand Matter? — (Bag Brand Matching the Club Brand)

does the golf bag brand matter and should the bag brand match the club brand

You might not think about it, but your golf bag is an important piece of golf equipment. It holds all of your golf clubs, golf balls, and golf accessories when you play a round of golf. From cart bag to carry bag, all the way to the staff bag, there’s a version for golfers of every skill level. 

But, you might wonder if the brand of the golf bag matters that much? The Tell Me More golf experts will talk about why the brand of the golf bag does matter and how it can impact your game.

does the golf bag brand matter and should the bag brand match the club brand

Should The Bag Brand Match The Club Brand?

find a bag you like instead of match the club brand with the bag brand

The bag brand doesn’t have to match the golf club brand for most golfers.  It’s more a matter of personal preference and the golf equipment brand you like to consider when looking for a golf bag.

When you watch a tour pro play, the putter, golf clubs, or golf ball will often match the brand on their golf bag, like Cleveland/Srixon, Callaway/Odyssey, and Titleist/Vokey. Likewise, players wearing Adidas or Nike shoes and shirts often have those logos on their golf bags

Players on the PGA tour are paid to play the golf equipment they play, so it makes sense for their bag brand to match the equipment in it.

Many of the major manufacturers of golf clubs like Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Srixon, Callaway, and Mizuno make golf bags. You don’t have to buy a golf bag that matches your golf set. Some of the best golf bags on the market are made by companies specializing in golf equipment like Ogio and Sun Mountain. 


The most important thing to consider when looking for a golf bag is the functionality of the golf bag versus trying to match the brand of your clubs with the bag brand. For example, a lightweight golf stand bag like the Ping Hoofer will be a great choice if you walk when you play golf. However, if you prefer the golf cart experience, a Cleveland staff bag would make sense.

You may want a golf bag with a certain number of dividers to keep your clubs organized when you’re on the golf course.

Likewise, you might wish to own a golf bag with special pockets to hold things like your valuables or a range finder.

A golf bag is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your style and tastes. You can have the logos of the golf brands that you like on your golf bag. You don’t need to worry about making sure your bag matches your clubs. Instead, worry more about how the bag fits your golf game and how you play it.


Focus On Club Elements Instead of the Bag Brand

The clubs you have in the bag are ultimately much more important than the golf bag.

So you’d be better off getting a club fitting on a new set of clubs than spending extra money on the golf bag brand.

Many different golf clubs are suited for different skill levels. If you’re a beginner, look for an iron set with cavity backs that are more forgiving. Next, find fairway woods that are easy to hit and help get the ball up. Finally, practice with a putter that feels good in your hands, which allows you to line your putts up better.

Your golf bag brand is important in that you want to find a bag that you like and that is high-quality and will last you for multiple seasons.

Where To Stitch A Patch Over The Current Logo Locally

The easiest way to have a patch stitched over a logo or have your name stitched onto your golf bag is to have it done when you order the bag from the manufacturer. However, a local embroidery or print shop is an excellent option if you can’t do that. In addition, using a local shop will save you the costs of shipping the bag to the manufacturers. 

Working with a local vendor is also great because they can help you customize your bag to match your vision and specifications. In addition, they can typically get the work done in a couple of days at a reasonable price.
You can ask the pro shop at your local club about places they recommend to get embroidery and customizations done to your golf bag. A simple Google search like “where to embroider my golf bag” will bring up many options to help you choose a local and reputable company.

Conclusion: Research by

black tell me more golf compressed logo with mottled background information for golfers

While a golf bag is an important piece of golf equipment, it is also an accessory. Therefore, the brand of the bag does not have to match the name brand of the golf clubs that you are playing. More critical is finding the style of bag you like and agreeing with how you play, like walking versus riding. It’s a good idea to stick with reputable golf brands as you want a bag that will last. 

The features of a golf bag, such as the number of dividers, accessory pockets to hold your range finder, or a dedicated slot for your putter, are much more important than trying to match logos. Remember, players on the PGA tour are getting paid to advertise WITB and the logo that’s on it. Find a bag that fits your game and your budget, and you’ll do just fine.