Author Bio: Jason Bretcko, PG, DPT (Lead Medical Contributor For Tell Me More Golf)

Dr. Jason Bretcko is a qualified and experienced physical therapist with 15 years of clinical experience, specializing in orthopedics.

He is also an avid recreational golfer!

Dr. Bretcko is certified in Astym and Applied Functional Science (CAFS).

Throughout his career, he has integrated his clinical expertise with a knowledge of golf.

He assists golfers in addressing strength and mobility issues associated with common golfing injuries including back pain, golfer’s elbow, knee pain, and hip pain, to help them in their recovery.

Dr. Bretcko focuses on improving golfers’ function and performance, ensuring them a successful return to the course. Lead Medical Contributor

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Dr. Jason Bretcko Physical Therapist Pg Dpt Doctor Tell Me More Golf Lead Medical Contributor Cafs Certified Orthopedics

4640 Admiralty Way Ste 302
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Tel. (424) 405-6472

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