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What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove on From Tell Me More Golf Coaches and Instructors

As an established golf instructor who has been in the industry for 50+ years, I have had new golfers ask me the proper way to use a golf glove. There is a fair amount of confusion surrounding which is the “proper” hand to wear the glove on, and there are even some golfers who like to wear gloves on both hands. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the world of golf gloves to help you understand why and how you should be wearing one on the golf course. 

What Hand Glove For Right Handed Golfers?

It is estimated that somewhere between 93 and 96 percent of all golfers are right handed, which is why the majority of golf gloves available for purchase today are designed with the right hander in mind. 

A golf glove is nearly always worn on the “lead hand” of the golfer, which is the left hand for a right handed golfer.

The lead hand is where the majority of blisters and calluses tend to form from friction between the hand and the golf grips. 

There is technically no “correct way” to wear a golf glove, and the use of one completely comes down to personal preference. Some golfers do not wear gloves at all, while others prefer the grip of wearing a golf glove on each hand. 

Professional golfers on the PGA tour nearly always wear one glove on their “lead” or “non-dominant hand.” Additionally, golf pros nearly always remove their gloves to putt, as well as with some touch shots around the green to increase the feel from the golf club. 


What Hand Glove For Left Handed Golfers?

The vast majority of left handed golfers tend to wear a single glove on their right hand, though golf gloves for left handers can be a bit more difficult to track down. Many lefties order their golf gloves in bulk, and tend to keep many backups in their golf bags at all times. 

Many left handed golfers are well aware of the struggle associated with finding a proper glove in a pinch.

While right handed players can stroll up to the golf course fairly unprepared and grab everything they need for a round in the pro shop, lefties have to either plan ahead or get creative many times. 

Certain styles of golf gloves are sold in a “two pack” with a glove for each hand. This is almost always the case for gloves designed for wet weather conditions, and these wet weather gloves can sometimes be found in places that don’t sell lefty gloves. 

Many left handed golfers will simply buy a two pack of gloves, and only wear the one designed for the right hand. The disadvantages of this method are that it almost always costs extra for a two pack of rain gloves, and the thick synthetic materials used provide less feel compared to soft leather. 


What Size Golf Glove Do I Need

Choosing the correct size golf glove can also be fairly difficult for new and experienced golfers alike, as different brands tend to use different sizing systems. While it is impossible to tell you your ideal golf glove size without seeing and measuring your hand, we will go over the most important factors when it comes to golf glove fit to help you make the best choice. 

The right glove size for your hand is one that fits like a “second skin” according to FootJoy, and the hand should fit comfortably into the glove without any extra slack or wrinkling.

Luckily, FootJoy and other glove companies have also developed sizing charts for reference. 


Golf Glove Hand Size Chart

Using a hand size chart is a great way to quickly measure your hand and help decide which size golf glove is best for you. FootJoy is the brand of golf gloves most commonly sold at pro shops, and many golf supply shops keep their popular hand sizing chart on display.

While these helpful hand size charts are a great way to determine your finger length, they do not provide the ability to measure the circumference of the wrist. The majority of pro show owners and employees will allow you to try the glove on before purchase, and go up or down a size as needed. 



A properly fit golf glove is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment for many players, and knowing when and how to properly wear a golf glove will ensure proper grip on the golf club while preventing blisters on the hands. The team of experts here at Tell Me More Golf recommends wearing a single glove on your lead hand if you are unsure, as this is the most common practice that is helpful for the widest variety of golfers.


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