Where To Put Tees In Your Golf Bag — Which Pocket to Store Them

where to put tees in golf bag for the accessories pocket

There are many necessary tools and accessories that golfers need access to when on the golf course.

How you choose to place your golf tees and other equipment inside the bag is completely up to you, and every golfer sets up their gear a bit differently.

where to put tees in golf bag for the accessories pocket

Which Pocket To Put Tees In

where to put tees in your golf bag for which storing tees in your bag is a good idea

Organizing a golf bag and deciding where to store all your necessary golf equipment is completely a matter of preference, and there is no agreed upon “correct” way to store all the essentials. Golf bag manufacturers make suggestions, and design certain compartments with certain items in mind, but every golfer sets up their gear a little bit differently. There are, however, a few common practices that are helpful to keep in mind for an organized golf bag.

The cooler pockets come equipped with a drainage opening on the bottom of the bag, allowing the melted ice to drain out throughout the round. Rangefinder pockets are also becoming more common, often enclosed with a magnet allowing for quick and easy access to the rangefinder.

Many new bags have certain pockets and compartments that are designated for certain items.

While it is not required to keep the intended items in these areas, there are a few specific design elements that many golfers find helpful. For example, cooler pockets are becoming more common on newer golf bags, providing an insulated area to keep drinks on ice. 

While some golf bag developments are more recent, there are a few simple “staple” compartments that have come standard on golf bags for decades. These main storage areas are the most commonly used by golfers worldwide, as many golfers are creatures of habit – meticulously organizing their bags in the same particular fashion year in and year out.

Smaller zippered pockets toward the upper section of the golf bag are some of the most used storage areas by golfers.

They are easiest to access, as they sit around chest level on a golf cart, and are the easiest pockets to reach when using a push cart. It is also easier to locate gear quickly in these pockets, as they are smaller and contain less items. There is usually one of these pockets on each side of the bag. Many golfers elect to store their valuables (keys, phone, wallet, etc.) in one of these side pockets, and use the other for commonly used smaller golf accessories.

Ball markers, golf gloves, and divot repair tools fit snugly in these smaller pockets for easy access during a round of golf. This is also the first area where many golfers choose to store their tees, as many tend to get lost or break during a round, and golfers often find themselves reaching into the bag for more.

The lower, larger pockets on either side of the golf bag are not suitable for golf tee storage, as they are too large, and tougher to access on the golf course. The lower location on the bag makes them tougher to reach, especially when sitting on a golf cart next to another golf bag. The large size also makes it tougher to locate smaller items like tees. These pockets are usually used to store rain gear, sunscreen, small first aid kits, rule books, club tools, and other bulkier items that are used less frequently throughout the day.

There is also a center pocket on the bottom of most golf bags, usually featuring an arch shaped zipper. This is the golf ball pouch, and most golfers tend to use it for its intended purpose. Though it sits lower on the bag, the central placement of this pocket makes it easily accessible. Along with the smaller upper pockets, the golf ball pouch is the most common place most golfers choose to store their golf tees.


where to put tees in your golf bag for which storing tees in your bag is a good idea

Now that we’ve gone over the best spots to keep your golf tees, let’s look at some common practices and organization tricks many golfers choose to store their tees and keep them tidy:

  • Fill a Ziploc bag with tees
  • Buy a fabric “bag caddy” organizer
  • Dedicated bag pocket only for tees
  • Keep tees in their original plastic bag, and seal the top with a clip.
  • Bunch tees together and secure with a rubber band.


TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do tees go in a golf bag?

Every golf bag, and every golfer are different. Where you choose to store your tees depends on your bag’s setup, and personal preference. Here at Tell Me More Golf, we recommend keeping your tees nicely organized in an easily accessible compartment.

How should I arrange my golf bag?

Every golfer sets their bag up a bit differently, but here are some of the most common ways most golfers set up a bag. Smaller, regularly used golf accessories and valuables are usually kept in upper small pockets. Bulkier, less commonly used items tend to be stored in the large lower pockets. Golf balls are most commonly kept in the dedicated golf ball pocket on the bottom center of the bag.

How do you carry a golf tee?

Many golfers like to take a handful of tees out of the bag at the beginning of the round to keep them on hand. Tees are commonly carried in pockets, wedged into golf hats, and resting behind golfer’s ears.

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While there is no standard, universal way to set up a golf bag, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf recommend sticking to a few common practices, especially when it comes to golf tee organization.

The golf ball compartment and top zippered pouches have long been the favorite tee storage spots for golfers, and with good reason.


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