When Should You Replace Your Golf Bag? — (and How Long Does It Last?)

when should you replace your golf bag and the type of bag that is used and how it is handled with common issues with old bags

Potentially the most overlooked part of golf equipment is the golf bag, which is strange as all your precious golf clubs are in there. Golf bags come in many shapes and sizes, but all have the similarity that their function is crucial for an enjoyable time out on the golf course. 

Many golfers will not pay a lot of attention to their bag, and they may not realize that their bag is in severe need of replacement. This brings out the question of when one should replace their bag, which we’ll uncover in this article.

when should you replace your golf bag and the type of bag that is used and how it is handled with common issues with old bags

How Long Does A Golf Bag Last?

when should you replace your golf bag and the type of bag that is used and how it is handled

How long a golf bag will last depends on many things, including the type of bag, how often it’s used, how it’s handled, and of course, how picky the golfer is. 

  • Type of Bag

Stand bags usually need replacement first. They are often very poorly treated, prone to often falling over, being slammed into the car, etc. On the other hand, cart and trolley bags are always safe in the cart, making them last longer on account of less jostling and less rough treatment when putting them down.

The material can also make a significant impact, as cheaper bags with worse material tend to start experiencing serious color fading earlier. Stand bags can have issues with the stand not properly working, especially in bags of poor quality. 

  • How Often It’s Used and How It’s Handled

Golf bags that are used more frequently will experience more wear and tear. A commonly occurring problem with certain golf bags is water damage, making the bag smell and look worse. If you don’t dry out your bag, the equipment inside may also experience damage, but luckily this can be avoided. 

After playing a wet round, always empty your bag and leave it outside in the shade, as the sun might cause it to fade. If that’s too much of a hassle, consider opting for a waterproof bag that can withstand the rain. 

  • How Picky The Golfer Is

Golf is in many ways a very elegant sport with neat clothing, beautiful landscaping, and grand clubhouses. Many golfers take great pride in their equipment – which there is nothing wrong with – and prefer not to carry around a half-decent bag. 

That’s why some golfers decide to switch out their bag as soon as some color fading occurs, or just a newer and better-looking model comes out. If the bag’s look isn’t a dealbreaker for you, most bags and especially cart bags will have a very long lifespan.


How often a golfer will replace their bag varies a lot, but it all comes down to the bag’s durability and the golfer’s preference.

Stand bags are the most common to break, because of the stand technology and the rough handling.

A stand bag with a broken stand isn’t of much use, and is definitely a cause to invest in a new one. Generally speaking, most stand bags will last you a couple of years.

Golfers who like walking around with a clean and new bag may switch it out every year, either because of fading or a new design coming out. However, bags with slight color fading or even broken features don’t always have to be replaced, so check with your local golf shop if they can do anything about it. 


Common Issues With Old Bags

There are many commonly occurring issues with old bags, and they can all be very frustrating. The bag’s straps can rip or wear out, making it difficult to carry. Luckily, you can buy replacement straps, which shouldn’t be too hard to switch out. 

Sun and water damage can make the bag perform and look bad, which can sometimes be hard to do anything about. So if your bag has experienced excessive exposure to sun or water, you might have to shell out a few bucks for a new one. 

Frustrating Zipper Issues

Perhaps the most annoying issue among golf bags is the zipper. When you just hit a golf ball in the water and need to get a new one from the bag, the last thing you need is the zipper to be unwilling to cooperate. 

A golf bag usually has many pockets that open with zippers, and fortunately, you won’t have to buy a new bag just because of a broken zipper. Your local golf shop or dry cleaner can most likely fix this issue by simply removing the old one and attaching a new and functioning zipper.

How To Clean a Golf Bag

Golf is a dirty game, where mud and grass stains are very common. Eventually, your golf bag will get dirty and stained, but usually, all that it needs is a good cleaning. To clean a golf bag you need dish soap, stain remover, a clean cloth, and a water source. Now we’ll go over how to properly clean a golf bag. 

  • Empty and Vacuum the Bag

The first thing to always do is empty your bag. Do this thoroughly, as you don’t want to find a piece of clothing ruined afterward. The golf bag isn’t only used for golf clubs and putters, but has pockets for golf gloves and even golf shoes. These pockets are often filled with crumbs and other unwanted things, so using a vacuum is a terrific way to remove the dirt.

  • Wash And Scrub the Bag

After the bag is vacuumed, it’s time to wash it. Water is the way to go, but how you choose to do so is up to you. Be considerate about your bag’s durability, as some may not tolerate being sprayed with a high-pressure hose. Then when the bag has been washed, you can now scrub it with a cloth and soap to remove the stains. 

  • Rinse and Potentially Scrub the Bag With Stain Remover

When the bag has been soaped up, you should rinse it with water to get the soap off and give it a final polish. Typically speaking, your garden hose is more than sufficient. A stain remover might do the trick if you’re left with any stains after all these steps. If you choose to do so, repeat the scrub and rinse stages. 

  • Let the Bag Dry Out of the Sun

After the bag has been cleaned, it needs to dry. Never leave the bag out in the sun for an unnecessary amount of time, as it might experience color fading. Instead, leave it out in the shade with all pockets emptied and open. Now you’re finished!

TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Replace Your Golf Bag?

It depends mainly on the golfer when determining when to replace a golf bag. Most golf bags function well for long periods of time, with the exception of stand bags possibly breaking. Zipper issues are relatively common but can easily be fixed by replacing the old zipper with a new one. 

Cleaning might be all it takes if you want a fresh and new-looking bag, but some prefer switching the bag out when fading occurs. After all, this is your hobby, and you deserve equipment that you enjoy when playing golf. Also, there’s definitely been technological advancement in golf bags, which can be another reason to upgrade.

How Long Does A Golf Bag Last?

Just like old clubs, it’s not easy to say precisely how long a specific golf bag will last you. But we think it’s safe to say that you can expect 2-3 years of average use out of a stand bag, and probably more from a cart bag or similar.

 It all comes down to the bag’s quality, how it’s handled, how often it’s used, and what type of bag it is. If you get tired of the look of your bag but don’t feel like buying a new one, consider purchasing some new headcovers to spice things up.

What Are Some Common Issues With Old Bags?

The most common issue among stand bags is a stand that’s not correctly working. This might be fixable at the golf shop but often creates a need for a new bag. Straps can wear and tear, causing discomfort when carrying, which is certainly not what you want out on the course. 

Fortunately, straps are almost always replaceable. Zipper issues are also common but can also be fixed. Then the aesthetics may create a need for an upgrade, as golf bags often experience color fading, especially if they aren’t of high quality.

Are Zipper Issues Fixable?

Zipper issues are something many golfers will experience with their bag, and luckily it’s almost always fixable. Simply go to your local golf shop and ask for a replacement zipper, and they’ll most likely be able to attach it. If they don’t sell zippers, they are easily found online. A zipper that is not functioning properly is an unnecessary cause for frustration, so always have it fixed.

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Golf bags are a crucial part of your game, but deciding when an upgrade is needed is not easy. In this article, we’ve concluded that golf bags last reasonably long but will experience some wear and tear. 

Many issues can be fixed by replacing straps or zippers, and cleaning the golf bag might be enough to give it a nice look again. Ultimately, it all comes down to your situation and your preference. Thank you for reading this article from TellMeMoreGolf, and we wish you a great time out on the course.


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