When Are New Golf Bags Released? — (Average Release Season)

when are new golf bags released with the average release season

If your golf bag is more than five or six years old, there’s a good chance that you are missing out on some of the latest features and conveniences offered by some of the newer models. 

The latest bags on the market can come equipped with everything from soft rangefinder pockets with magnetic clasps to dedicated cooler pockets fully equipped with drainage ports.

Newer bags are also designed with ergonomics and weight reduction in mind, which is especially helpful for golfers who like to walk the course.

when are new golf bags released with the average release season

Average Release Season

The PGA Show is a three day event in Orlando, Florida that takes place every year in late January. It is here that nearly all of the top golf equipment manufacturers will debut their newest gear to the public, and golfers from all over the world travel to get the first look at the latest and greatest equipment

This is a massive event, and most manufacturers plan their equipment release timelines around it. For this reason, the average release season for new golf bags is somewhere around the middle of February. 

This allows manufacturers to show off their latest creations and bag features, build up hype, and take pre orders before releasing their new product to the masses. 

In 2023, the PGA Show will take place between January 24th and January 27th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

This is where next season’s golf bags will be released and available for pre-order by almost every major golf manufacturer. 

Smaller companies like Sun Mountain tend to release their new line of bags either in late summer or fall in an effort to  avoid direct competition with bigger brands like Callaway, Mizuno and Titleist. 

Some of the best golf bag deals every year can be found in the fall, especially on the previous year’s models. By September or October, many golf retailers will begin dropping prices on last year’s bags to make room for the new stock. Golf season will also be winding down in many parts of the country by this time of year, and shops will be eager to move what didn’t sell over summer.


Titleist released the newest version of their popular “Cart” and “Players” golf bags at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando, and all signs point to them upholding the tradition again next year. 

As the name suggests, the “Cart” models are designed to be used on a golf cart or push cart, and come in a variety of styles. These cart bags feature full length dividers to keep golf clubs separate, as well as a dedicated putter slot. 

There are different color combinations and size options, as well as an extra water resistant version featuring Titleist’s “StaDry” technology. 

The “Players” line of bags are Titleist’s stand-bag offerings, and also come in a few different variations.

For golfers who like to load their bags up with lots of equipment, there is a “Plus” version with added storage areas. 

These bags are made to carry around the golf course, and feature padded shoulder straps for comfort, which are available in both single strap and double strap configurations. 

For golfers who enjoy shorter courses, Titleist also sells a Sunday bag simply known as the “carry bag.” While it may not fit a full set of clubs, this is the smallest and lightest option available, and perfect for par three courses.


When Does Ping Release New Golf Bags

Ping is another major golf equipment company that releases their newest golf bags to the public every year at the PGA Show. The Ping “Hoofer” is one of the most popular stand bags on the market. 

It is available in six different configurations, including the “Hoofer Lite” and “Craz-E Lite” for golfers who want to keep weight down, and a “Monsoon” version for those who need extra waterproofing. 

The standard “Hoofer” and the “Hoofer 14” are virtually the same, aside from the 14 way divider on the latter.

Additionally, there is a “Tour” version of the hoofer, which offers the high end look and materials found in a tour bag – but in the design of a stand bag.

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While most golf bags come standard with basic features like zippered pockets and ball pockets for golf balls, the newest bags on the market come equipped with everything from integrated rain hoods to convenient water bottle holders. 

The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf recommend checking for price drops on golf bags at your local golf retailer in the Fall, as the golf season will be coming to an end and retailers will be looking to offload last year’s bags in favor of new ones. 


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