What Kind Of Brush Cleans Golf Clubs? — (and Other Brushes to Use)

what kind of brush cleans golf clubs and what brush cleans them the best

Let’s face it. Your golf clubs are going to get dirty during a round of golf. And you probably don’t have a caddy to clean your clubs after every shot. Sometimes, you need more than a golf tee or golf towel to get the dirt and grime off your club faces.

You’re going to need a brush to clean the clubface and grooves of your clubs. The Tell Me More Golf staff will tell you what kind of brushes to safely clean golf clubs with to ensure there’s nothing between the clubface and the golf ball when you hit it.

what kind of brush cleans golf clubs and what brush cleans them the best

What Brush Cleans Golf Clubs The Best?

what kind of brush cleans golf clubs and what brush cleans them the best

Golf brushes that use brass bristles, nylon bristles, or a combination of the two are the best for cleaning your golf clubs.

While it’s a common worry that brass bristles might damage your clubs, brass is typically softer than the steel and titanium that compose clubheads.

Some of the best golf club brushes on the market are the Frogger Brushpro, the Yoport Club Brush, and the Callaway Club Brush. They are ergonomic and have a carabiner with a retractable zip-line that you can attach to your golf bag for easy access.

A good club brush will also have a golf club groove tool for cleaning the grooves on your clubs. Clean grooves are critical for putting the maximum amount of spin on golf shots. Some club brushes will even have a ball marker on them.

You do not want to use industrial wire brushes like a grill brush to clean your golf clubs. The bristles on these brushes can be constructed from harder metals than steel and titanium and may scratch or damage your clubs.  


but does brass scratch if what brush cleans golf clubs the best and cleaning golf clubs with a toothbrush or grill brush possibilities

You can clean your clubs with a wire brush. It is recommended that you use a bristle brush designed for cleaning golf equipment. Wire brushes made with brass bristles or other bristles of metals softer than steel are okay to use.

You want to be careful using any brush that is not explicitly designed to use on golf clubs, as harder metals in wire brush can scratch the surface of the clubface and potentially damage the club. In addition, scratches on the golf club can lead to the clubs rusting later on.


Can You Use A Toothbrush To Clean Golf Clubs?

Yes, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the grooves on the clubface of your golf clubs. If the clubs have accumulated a lot of dirt and mud, soak them in warm, soapy water for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, use a toothbrush to scrub the soil from between the grooves.

Using warm water, soap, and a toothbrush is an excellent way to care for older clubs. This method is more delicate and allows you to scrub harder without the worry of scratching the clubface or the sides of the club.

Can You Use A Grill Brush On Golf Clubs?

It’s not recommended to use any brush not specifically designed to clean your golf clubs. For example, the bristles on a grill brush can be too hard and can scratch the surface of your golf clubs.

Scratches on the surface of your golf club are not only unpleasant to look at, but they can also lead to your clubfaces rusting over time. 

Also, the longer handle on a grill brush makes it awkward to use when trying to clean a smaller surface like the clubface of a golf club. Using a grill brush increases the chance that you could scratch the clubface and the finish on the sides of the club.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does brass brush scratch golf clubs?

A brass brush should not scratch the clubfaces of your golf clubs, as brass is a softer metal than the steel and titanium alloys used for clubfaces. However, you will want to be careful using a brass brush when cleaning the driver or fairway woods as it may scratch the finish on the club’s sides.

Try and use a brush that is designed specifically for cleaning golf clubs. They will have the proper bristles for cleaning all your clubs, from your driver to your putter.

How do you clean Ping irons?

You can clean Ping irons using a golf club cleaning brush and a groove cleaner. Look for a golf club brush with brass or nylon bristles.

You can also soak your Ping irons in warm, soapy water. Then you can use a golf club brush, a groove cleaner, or an old toothbrush to dig out the grime and dirt that can build up between the grooves.

How do you clean and shine golf clubs?

The best way to clean and shine clubs is to soak the clubheads in warm, soapy water for fifteen minutes and then use a golf club cleaning brush to remove the dirt built up on the clubface. Then you can wipe the clubs down with a dry towel to dry and shine them.

After every shot, you can also wipe your clubs off with a wet golf towel. Consistently wiping your clubs off will stop dirt and grime from accumulating on the clubface.

Most driving ranges also have buckets with water and bristles on them so you can scrub your clubs after a practice session.

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When you have clean grooves on your golf clubs, free of the build-up of dirt and grime, the ball interacts with the clubface properly. Therefore, golfers need a golf accessory with the functionality to keep their clubheads clean.

A good golf brush cleaner with an ergonomic design and built-in club groove cleaner is an excellent addition to any golf bag. It should have brass bristles, nylon bristles, or both so that you don’t scratch your clubs.

Your clubs will get dirty taking divots out on the golf course. Using a cleaning tool with a brush head will help keep your clubs clean during the round.



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