What Is A Tri Fold Golf Towel? — (What's the Point?)

what is a tri fold golf towel and whats the point of this type of towel for tell me more golf

Golfers use golf towels for many activities on the golf course. They are used to clean golf balls, golf clubs, and to keep a player’s hands dry.

There are many versions of golf towels available on the market today. One of the most popular styles is the tri-fold golf towel because of its versatility.

The pros at Tell Me More Golf will explain what a tri-fold golf towel is and describe how golfers can use them properly on the course when playing a round of golf.

what is a tri fold golf towel and whats the point of this type of towel for tell me more golf

What’s The Point Of This Type Of Towel?

what is a tri fold golf towel and is it bad to have this as a golf accessory

Tri-fold towels are popular with golfers because of their size and their versatility. One fold inner fold of the tri-fold towel can clean your golf clubs. You can use the second inner fold to clean your golf balls. You can then use the outer fold to dry off your hands or the grips on your golf club.

Manufacturers produce tri-fold golf towels from cotton terry velour or microfiber materials that are absorbent.

Tri-fold towels may have a waffle pattern that helps clean dirt from your golf clubs and golf balls.

Many models will have a grommet and a carabiner that attaches easily to the top of a golf bag. Tri-Fold towels are small enough that they don’t get caught between the collapsing legs on a carry bag or wedge between a pushcart and the golf bag.

Logos for golf equipment manufacturers, golf courses, or promotional gifts show prominently on tri-fold golf towels as they hang from the golf bag.

Tri-fold golf towel washing instructions allow for you to machine wash them, but you might not dry them in a dryer or with any fabric softener, depending on the material they are made with.


A tri-fold golf towel is not a bad golf accessory. Their versatility makes them popular with golfers, as it’s like having three separate towels in one. Microfiber tri-fold golf towels are gaining in popularity with modern golfers.

The waffle pattern on the fabric of tri-fold golf towels makes cleaning dirt and grime off of your clubs and putter easy. You can machine wash many tri-fold towels and use them repeatedly.

They come in a variety of colors like royal blue, navy blue, and black.

Their corner grommet and carabiner allow them to be hung on a golf bag for easy accessibility during a golf outing.

A high-quality terry velour golf towel from Callaway makes a great hand towel and is an inexpensive gift for any golfer.


Where Can I Buy A Tri Fold Towel?

ways to carry clubs on golf course from tell me more golf with electric push carts and golf carts with carrying the bag

You can buy tri-fold towels in sporting goods stores, or stores that sell golf equipment. You can also purchase them from online merchants who sell golf equipment and golf accessories.

Golf stores often have tri-fold towels close to the checkout as they are popular last-minute gifts for golfers.

You can order them online and have them shipped to you in a few business days, although additional charges may apply for quicker delivery.

You can purchase tri-fold golf towels individually or in multi-packs, depending on how many you need. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes to suit a golfer’s needs and style.

Major golf equipment manufacturers and apparel makers make tri-fold golf towels so you can find the logo of your favorite player or golf brand.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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A tri-fold golf towel is a fantastic golf accessory that can help you clean your golf clubs, your golf balls, and also dry off your hands and golf grips. They come in many materials, sizes, and colors to meet your golfing needs and style.

They are small enough to hang off of a golf bag without getting stuck between the retractable legs on a stand bag. Tri-fold golf towels come in cotton and microfiber material, with waffle patterns that help remove dirt and grime from your golf equipment.

Golfers love the versatility and the compact design of tri-fold golf towels and how they hang freely from their golf bags. If you’re looking for a good golf towel, keep the tri-fold golf towel in mind as they pack a lot of use into a simple design.


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