What Is A Sunday Bag? — (It's Meaning and Benefits)

what is a sunday bag and the sunday golf bag meaning

If you take a look at caddies on the PGA Tour, you’ll notice that they use full size “staff bags” or “tour bags,” which are full-size golf bags designed to carry a full set of clubs and all necessary golf accessories

Not all golfers carry 14 clubs on the golf course (the maximum number of clubs allowed by the rules of golf,) especially those who often play par 3 courses and “executive courses.”

The terms “Sunday Golf Bag” and “Pencil Bag” are nicknames used by golfers when referring to smaller lightweight bags that are designed to carry less golf clubs.

what is a sunday bag and the sunday golf bag meaning

Sunday Bag Meaning

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“Sunday Bag” is a name given to small, lightweight carry bags that are designed to carry less than a full set of golf clubs, as well as golf balls, tees, and only the bare minimum required golf equipment

After a long week of work and a full round of 18 holes on a Saturday, many golfers elect to play shorter courses on a Sunday, including par 3 and executive courses. Others will elect to only play nine holes, while some like to “sneak out” onto the golf course for a few casual sunset holes – especially those who live on the course.

Sunday bags are perfect for these casual and partial rounds of golf. In these instances, a full set of golf clubs is not necessary, and the best Sunday golf bags are extremely lightweight featuring a padded strap or double shoulder strap design. 

These are also perfect golf bags for a trip to the driving range, as they are the lightest carry bags available for purchase.

Sunday bags also are the easiest to fit into a car for transport. Beginners will also benefit from using a Sunday bag while learning how to swing a handful of clubs before moving on to a full set of clubs. 

There are many different combinations of clubs that can be carried using a Sunday bag, and different courses will require different equipment. Most Sunday bags are able to hold 8 clubs depending on the grip sizes and the exact shape of the bag. 

An eight club setup for a par 3 course should include a set of irons, along with wedges and a putter. A common setup for shorter par 3 courses includes 6 iron through pitching wedge, as well as sand and loft wedge, and a putter.

For executive courses that include par 4s, an iron or two will need to be removed in order to make room for the driver and possibly a fairway wood. When removing a club from the bag, be sure to keep in mind the club’s distance, and how you can replicate it. For example, if you can hit a knock-down 7 iron as far as your 8 iron, the 8 iron can be removed from the bag. 

Sunday bags can also be used on a full 18 hole golf course as long as club selection is done strategically. Many golfers choose to carry only their even, or odd, numbered irons to make room for more woods and wedges. 

By only including even or odd numbered irons, the golfer ensures that proper club gapping will be maintained, even if the gaps between the clubs are a bit longer. With proper club gapping, the golfer is able to have the appropriate club on hand for any needed carry distance.


A lightweight golf bag can make the difference between an enjoyable round of golf and a strenuous afternoon with a sore back. “Carry” golf bags are optimized for walking the golf course, and a Sunday bag is an even sleeker and more streamlined take on the carry bag design.

These are also perfect golf bags for a trip to the driving range, as they are the lightest carry bags available for purchase.

By carrying only the golf equipment that is absolutely necessary to get through a round of golf, golfers are able to shed pounds off of their setup and lighten their load significantly. 

While cart bags offer premium features like club dividers, rangefinder pockets, they almost always come with a single strap carrying system that is not optimized for walking. 

These larger bags are only meant to be carried from the car to the golf cart, and back home. They are not suitable for walking 18 holes of golf, and are the heaviest available options

A lightweight Sunday golf bag is the best option for golfers who enjoy walking the course, and don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full sized cart bag. Some golfers use numerous training aids and equipment throughout a round of golf, while others only need balls, tees, and a divot repair tool to get the job done. 


What Makes It a Sunday Golf Bag?

Sunday golf bags are the best lightweight option for carrying less than a full set of clubs, and they come in a variety of styles and models. Minimalistic versions will have only a carry handle and are meant to be laid on the ground, while others are “stand bag” style with retractable legs that keep the bag standing at an angle. 

Essentially, what separates Sunday bags from other bags is their size.

Any golf bag that is designed to carry less than a full set of 14 golf clubs can be considered a “Sunday Bag” or “Pencil Bag.”

Aside from being smaller and featuring less storage space, these golf bags are similar in design to their larger counterparts, and there are not many features or accessories that are unique.

The primary difference is size and storage space. 

Top bag manufacturers like Sun Mountain, Callaway, and Titleist all produce their own variations of Sunday bags, and they are available in a variety of different configurations and color options

Sun Mountain makes a sleek bag called the “Metro Sunday Bag” that is covered in a vinyl fabric for a classy look and easy cleaning. The bag retails for $169.99 and is available in four different color combinations. At under 3.5 pounds, it is one of the lighter bags on the market. 

Callaway offers their unique take on the Sunday bag with the “PAR3 Stand Bag.” This sunday bag will appeal to fans of minimalist design, as the retractable legs are much smaller and more compact than a traditional stand bag. This bag costs $159.99 direct from the manufacturer. 

The “Carry Bag” by Titleist is one of the slimmest, lightest, and most affordable Sunday bags being produced today. At only 2.1 pounds, Titleist has produced an ultra lightweight Sunday bag that costs only $125, while providing all the features you would expect from a high end bag.  

The best Sunday bags are designed for functionality and carry only the golf equipment that is absolutely necessary to play the game of golf. These also make fantastic travel bags, and are easy to fit into the trunk of a car for business trips and impromptu rounds of golf while traveling.

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Sunday golf bags are a fantastic lightweight option for golfers who don’t require a full set of golf clubs. They can often be seen on par 3 and executive courses, as well as local driving ranges. The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf encourage you to give a Sunday bag a try, especially for more casual rounds of golf!


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