What Is a Golf Umbrella? — (Size and Dimensions vs Regular Umbrella)

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Golf is a game that often, depending on where you live, will be played in nonoptimal conditions. This is especially the case early and late in the season when the occasional rain can come.

To combat getting yourself soaking wet and having to cancel the round, a golf umbrella can be used. Many golfers ask us if a regular umbrella is sufficient or if a golf umbrella is a must, which we will cover in this article.

Golf Umbrella Vs Regular Umbrella

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The biggest differences between a normal and a golf umbrella are the size, material, stability, and grip. 


The most significant difference between a normal and a golf umbrella lies in size. A golf umbrella is much larger, and the arc length can be over 60 inches, which is more than 30% larger than a standard umbrella. Golf umbrellas are larger because they need to shelter both the golfer and the golf bag.


A normal umbrella the same size as a golf one would be very heavy. Golf umbrellas typically use different materials, such as a fiberglass shaft, to combat this. It’s also crucial to not use metal as that can become very dangerous if a lightning strike hits you, which is possible on an open or links golf course. 


Because golf umbrellas use sturdier materials, they usually have much better stability. The strong and wind-resistant designs also make it easier to hold the umbrella for long periods of time. Stability and a comfortable experience are essential, as you’ll otherwise risk fatiguing your hands and playing worse golf. 


Standard umbrellas usually have a curved or hooked handle to make them more comfortable to carry. This isn’t ideal for golf umbrellas since you want them to fit easily in a golf or travel bag. That’s why golf umbrellas almost always use a straight handle which is easier to handle and allows for a more neutral hand position.


There are multiple sizes to choose from depending on what your needs are. If you need a golf umbrella that is easy to travel with, we recommend getting a smaller size. On the other hand, if you plan only to keep your umbrella in the car or cart bag, we suggest getting the largest umbrella possible for the best result. 

How Big Is a Golf Umbrella?

The average golf umbrella has a canopy size of around 60 inches with a length of around 40 inches.

There are many different sizes, and the canopy size typically ranges from 54-68 inches, with lengths between 37-43 inches. 

These sizes are significantly larger than regular umbrellas, but despite the impressive size they are still very light. The larger golf umbrella usually weighs a bit under 2 pounds while the smaller ones come in at about 1.3 pounds.


Types of Golf Umbrellas

Just like golf umbrellas come in many sizes, they also come in many designs with different shapes, fabrics, and more. 


Golf umbrellas can have a different number of folds, and we always recommend getting a two-fold umbrella because of its better structure and durability.

Two-fold umbrellas are ideal for heavy rain and wind, which is what a golf umbrella is all about. 

Canopy Structure

Umbrellas usually have either one or two canopy layers that both come with ups and downs. For golf umbrellas, we highly recommend getting a double canopy umbrella. We cover this in more detail later in the article. 


While there aren’t any significant performance differences, golf umbrellas can be either round or square. Square is definitely less common, but it can be a great way for your umbrella to stand out more. 


Golf umbrellas, just like regular umbrellas, can either auto-open or be opened manually. Which one you should go for is entirely up to personal preference, but we enjoy the seamless experience of automatically opened umbrellas.


When choosing a golf umbrella, there are plenty of different fabrics to choose from. The best golf umbrellas from high-quality golf equipment manufacturers like Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade usually use top-of-the-line materials such as pongee or PVC. 


Golf umbrella handles can be either straight or curved. While most regular umbrellas are curved, we suggest opting for the straight handle for your golf umbrella to ensure that it fits in the golf bag or on the push cart.

Double Canopy Umbrella Vs Single Canopy

Golf umbrellas come in either single or double canopy designs. Most premium umbrellas use the double canopy system because of its air vents which makes the umbrella much more windproof.

That’s why we almost always recommend investing in a double canopy golf umbrella. 

Single canopy designs are generally cheaper and slightly lighter, but because golf umbrellas are so light, we don’t think the weight advantage needs to be considered. Choosing the single canopy design makes sense if you only see yourself playing golf in lighter rain and not-so-windy conditions. 

The Key Traits of a Great Golf Umbrella

Here are some of the key traits of a great golf umbrella to help you navigate through the golf equipment jungle.

Sufficient Size 

A small golf umbrella has little use as it won’t be able to keep you and your gear dry.

The average sized golf umbrella is enough, but if space isn’t an issue, we recommend getting the largest size possible. 

Double Canopy

Your golf umbrella must be able to withstand strong winds combined with heavy rain, which makes the double canopy design very useful. Double canopy umbrellas have tiny vents that enable air to flow through – making them more windproof. This design also significantly decreased the risk of the umbrella breaking. 

Straight Handle 

The golf umbrella should easily fit in all types of golf bags, which means that it needs to have a straight handle. Straight handles are also better for golf as it enables you to have your hands in a way that doesn’t cause fatigue, which could impact your golf swing.


Your hands are used a ton in the golf swing, which is why your golf umbrella must be lightweight. Otherwise, you risk tiring your hands out while holding the umbrella – making it harder to swing the golf club.

Reasons for Investing in a Golf Umbrella

Now that you know how a golf umbrella works and how they differentiate themselves from each other, it’s time to cover the four biggest reasons for investing in a golf quality umbrella. 


When playing golf in harsh conditions, there will sometimes be a risk of lightning strikes. This is especially the case on open courses, such as links golf. If you hold an umbrella, there is a risk of lightning striking you, so it’s crucial that it’s lightning-resistant, which most golf umbrellas are. 

Withstands Winds 

Because of the open landscape featured on most golf courses, it can be very windy.

Standard umbrellas usually lack the strength for this – making them break easily. Golf umbrellas on the other hand are built with solid structures that can withstand the strongest of winds. 

Large Size Keeps You Dry 

As previously mentioned, golf umbrellas tend to be significantly larger than ordinary umbrellas, which comes in very handy on the golf course. Since you need to keep both yourself and your golf gear dry, the large size is a must for an enjoyable round. 

Easy to Use and Pack 

Golf umbrellas are designed with packing and traveling in mind, which is why most of them use straight handles. This also creates a more comfortable experience when out on the golf course, as you enable your hand to stay in a neutral position.

FAQ Section

What’s the difference between a golf umbrella and a normal umbrella?

The main differences between a golf and a standard umbrella are size, material, stability, and grip. Golf umbrellas are much larger, more stable, and more durable than regular umbrellas. 

What makes a golf umbrella different?

Golf umbrellas are usually over 30% larger than a standard umbrella, which makes them better for protecting the golfer and the gear. They also use lighter materials that are lightning-proof, and they offer much better stability with a more comfortable grip.

What is a golf sized umbrella?

Golf sized umbrellas are larger than traditional umbrellas and offer a range of benefits for playing golf in rough weather conditions, such as being more stable and comfortable to use. 

Are golf umbrellas strong?

Golf umbrellas are very strong and usually much more robust than a regular umbrella. This is because of their sturdier design that must withstand heavy rain and strong winds out on the golf course.

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Golf is meant to be played in somewhat decent weather conditions, but that’s not always the case. Golf umbrellas’ large and strong design offers protection from heavy rain and strong winds – making them much more enjoyable to use than regular umbrellas. 

Hopefully, you now know more about why golf umbrellas are so great and the key traits to look for. Thank you for reading this article!


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