What Golf Travel Bags Do Pros Use?

what golf travel bags do pros use ideal golf club travel bags for airlines from tell me more golf expert golf coaches

PGA Tour golfers travel for more than thirty weeks out of the year, so they need a heavy-duty travel bag to secure their clubs. But, which ones do the pros use? We will go over some of the best travel bags and why some of their features are so important for all golfers on the go.

what golf travel bags do pros use ideal golf club travel bags for airlines from tell me more golf expert golf coaches

Pro Golfer’s Travel Bags

which ones do the professionals use and what golf travel bags do pros use

The most popular travel bag on the PGA Tour is made by Club Glove. Their bags can handle any golf bag large and small and have plenty of extra storage in the interior and exterior pockets for your golf shoes and other accessories.

When golfers are not using the travel bag from Club Glove, it folds easily to be stored in a hotel room or locker.

These bags secure your clubs and help prevent any damage that might happen at the airport or in transit elsewhere. Club Glove bags have in-line skate wheels for maneuverability in a busy airport or hotel.


Airlines do not always take the best care of travelers’ luggage. This is no different for travel covers for golf clubs.

The best golf travel bags have plenty of padding inside as well as a stiff arm.

The stiff arm allows the bag to hold its shape while it gets moved around. The more that the structure of the travel case can hold its shape, the less likely your club heads are to get damaged.

When I played on the mini-tours, I first bought a cheap travel bag with a soft cover and barely any padding. It was not the best decision because by the third flight my clubs started to show some damage from being tossed around. You have invested a lot in your clubs, so take care of them when you are on the move.

For your next golf trip, there are a few names that you can trust to care for your golf equipment.

OgioThis is an excellent bag brand. Their travel bags are known for their quality and durability. Air travel will wear on your clubs if you have a poorly built travel cover. With Ogio, they also make hard shell cases if that is your preference.

Samsonite – This brand makes high-quality luggage, so it only makes sense that they would offer a well-built travel golf bag. Whether you choose a hard shell or soft cover, these bags will protect your gear from TSA and airport damage. With sturdy wheel designs, the top of the bag can stay upright while you check-in and will move smoothly around your destination.

Caddydaddy Golf – While this is a lesser-known name in travel golf equipment, it is a good middle ground in terms of price and features. Most models offer the stiff arm and have positive reviews for the reasonable price of a Caddydaddy golf bag.

SKB – This brand is certainly worth a look, especially the hard shell polyethylene shell models. While the inside stays secure, the outside provides extra protection from accidents and those handling your clubs. The foam padding inside provides for your golf gear. There is an SKB ATA deluxe travel bag that has several excellent ratings and provides the ultimate protection from the unknown.

ClubGlove – A golf travel cover needs to be one of the most reliable pieces of equipment you have if you are a golfer that travels regularly. Whether you want a bag with a hard top or a soft case that can hold your stand bag steady, ClubGlove has what you need. It is the most relied upon brand, with many models having internal compression straps for extra security, and cushioning to keep your clubs from being knocked around a plane or airport.


Wheels Or No Wheels?

Some travel bags have a shoulder strap instead of wheels. If you can afford the additional cost of a bag with wheels you will be glad you made the investment before your next golf vacation. Whether they are in-line wheels or four wheels in the corners of the base, it helps to have peace of mind knowing that when you land you can roll your clubs to the rental car as easily as your carry-on. 

If you have ever taken a long flight and when you land you are tired and just want to get to the hotel, you know that you do not want to throw your clubs over your shoulder and lug them around the airport.

Hard Case Or No Hard Case?

As someone who has had both, I do not have a strong preference. The soft-sided golf travel bag with a stiff arm, easy storage, and well-built design and construction provide good protection as long as the inside has a good secure system. Soft cases that can stand up with a good wheel system are great to travel with and you will not mind getting around your destination.

Hard cases are like a fortress for your clubs. Nothing, aside from the TSA, is getting into that bag. A golf travel case with a hard shell provides industrial-strength protection. Often with hard cases, there is less storage room and the outside can get scratched. But inside your clubs are thanking you.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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Remember that by combining your clubs with a travel bag, you are likely to be over the weight limit for the airlines. However, that should not stop you from going on the golf trip that you have been planning. With so many different options, the competition has forced all of the makers of travel golf bags to become more innovative when designing. When you get to the golf course at your destination, you should feel confident in any of the brands we have recommended. 

Tell Me More Golf stands behind its reviews because we are a research-focused group that brings you useful information. Golf travel bags are no exception. 

Most come with a one-year warranty and some will even cover the replacement of a damaged club. I have never run into an issue with storage space, so feel free to put your rain gear and extra Titleist Pro-V1s in there. Like you, we are excited that the world is opening up again and we can travel to those golf destinations we’ve wanted to go to for the last two years. Invest in a quality travel bag and you can have the peace of mind that your clubs will be safe and undamaged.


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