What Golf Towels Do The Pros Use? — (and What They Use Them For)

What Golf Towels Do the Pros Use Usually for Golfing Tournaments

When you’re watching the PGA tour on television, you’ll notice that the caddies are constantly using golf towels during a round. Caddies use golf towels to clean the player’s clubheads and golf balls and dry sweaty hands and golf grips between shots. It seems like a caddie or player is using a towel almost after every shot during a round.

Have you ever wondered what golf towels the professionals use? The Tell Me More golf team will let you know what kinds of golf towels the pros use and why they use the type of towel during a round.

What Golf Towels Do the Pros Use Usually for Golfing Tournaments

Which Golf Towels Do Pros Usually Use?

Every golfer or caddie has their preferred type of towel. In the past, cotton towels were the most popular type of golf towel used.

However, microfiber golf towels have recently become the most popular choice on the PGA Tour.

The microfiber material is very absorbent and dries more quickly than cotton towels. In addition, the waffle pattern on the towels lets them clean off dirt, grass, and sand from the clubhead in a non-abrasive fashion. 


Caddies on the PGA tour use towels constantly on the golf course during a round for many different purposes.

Cleaning Clubs

Foreign objects like water, dirt, sand or even grass on the clubface can affect how the golf ball comes off. Keeping the clubheads pristine and dry is why you’ll see the caddie clean the golf club after practically every shot.

Cleaning the Golf Ball

When it’s legal to clean the golf ball off, the caddie will do so. Dirt and grime on the golf ball can cause it to roll offline when putting the ball. When lift, clean, and place is in play, they will clean the ball between shots in the fairway.

Drying a Player’s Hands

It’s more challenging to hold onto the club when a player’s hands are wet from sweaty hands or playing in rainy conditions. Also, players hate when they feel like they can’t grip the club properly.

Drying the Grips on the Club

Wet grips make a club challenging to hold securely during the swing. In addition, even a little bit of moisture on the grip can make it slippery and difficult for the player to control.


What Is The Best Material For Golf Towels?

Microfiber material is the best material for golf towels. The microfiber design makes it both absorbent and allows it to dry quickly. In addition, the microfiber waffle pattern is non-abrasive and lint-free, making it easier to remove dirt, grime, and sand from golf clubs and golf balls.  

Microfiber material is also machine washable so that the towel can be used repeatedly.

Because microfiber golf towels evaporate quickly, they are great to use for cooling towels on hot, muggy days.  

Can I Use Any Towel For Golf?

Yes, you can use any towel for golf. While microfiber cloth is the most popular choice for golf-towels, you can use any clean rag you have lying around the house and you will most-likely be satisfied with its cleaning and drying capabilities.

What Towel Do Caddies Use?

Caddies and Pro Golfers will use several towels as golf accessories in the course of a round of golf.

Greens Towel

Caddies will keep a wet greens towel handy to clean the golf ball on the green for the golfer. Dirt, grime, and sand on a golf ball can impact how true the ball rolls on the green.

Large Towel

Caddies will keep a large towel, or caddy towel, available to help the golfers keep their hands, arms, and even face dry during a round. Sweaty hands make it difficult to grip the club properly. So they will also use a dry, large towel to keep grips dry.

Tri-Fold Towel

A tri-fold golf towel is popular with caddies because of its design. You can moisten the inside fold to wipe off clubheads and golf balls. The outside can stay dry and can be used to dry grips and sweaty hands.

Why Do Some Towels Have A Slit?

Some golf towels have a slit that golfers use to hang off a golf club instead of using a loop on the golf bag or clipping the towel onto the bag using a carabiner clip.

The slit gives players and caddies easy access to the towel while playing if the golf bag is secured on a golf cart and, the towel can get caught in the securing straps.

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Golf towels are an essential piece of golf equipment. A golfer can use a high-quality microfiber golf towel for many purposes on the golf course. The quality towel features, such as the waffle texture, make them great for cleaning off the clubhead or putter and the golf ball during the round.

Because microfiber golf towels are super absorbent and dry quickly, golfers can use them repeatedly to dry sweaty hands and slippery golf grips. Also, since water evaporates off of them efficiently, they are great to use as a cooling towel.

Titleist, Stadry, Frogger, TaylorMade, and Club Glove towels are high quality and come in different colors to suit your style. Keep a couple of microfiber golf towels in your golf bag because they can keep you dry, cool, and focused on your golf game.


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