What Size Golf Bag Do I Need? — (How to Choose the Right Size)

what size golf bag do i need and how to choose the right golf bag

Your golf bag is an important piece of golf equipment, and it should carry all of the golf clubs and accessories you need to make it through a round of golf comfortably. There’s a size of golf bag for all types of players, from weekend duffers up to tour professionals. 

However, with so many different sizes and types of golf bags available, picking the best one for you can feel overwhelming. The staff here at Tell Me More Golf has put together this golf bag buying guide to help you choose the correct size golf bag for your golf game.

what size golf bag do i need and how to choose the right golf bag

How To Choose The Right Golf Bag Size

Choosing the right size golf bag for you is about matching the functionality you need and what style you like in a golf bag. The average golfer will not have a caddie to carry his bag during a round.

Therefore, understanding the different sizes of golf bags and what type of golf the golfer plays is critical.

There are three primary ways that most golfers play a round of golf. They carry their golf bag, use a push cart or pull cart, or ride in a golf cart. There are different golf bags for each style of golf that you play. Choosing the right golf bag size is an integral part of picking the right bag for how you play.

If You Carry Your Golf Bag

Because you’re carrying your golf bag and all of the golf equipment and accessories, you’ll want a lighter bag with a comfortable strap system to distribute the bag’s weight well. The Sunday bag and the stand or carry bag are the two best options for the golfer who wants to carry their golf bag.  

The Sunday bag, or Pencil bag, is the smallest type of golf bag and holds 5-7 clubs and a minimum of golf balls and other accessories. It has a single strap and a ball pocket, and that’s about it. It’s very popular with those who enjoy a minimalist golf style and don’t want to carry around a complete set of golf clubs.

The stand bag, also known as a carry bag, is larger and can hold all fourteen clubs. It is lightweight with a moderate amount of storage for your golf accessories. It also has deployable and retractable legs, so you can easily set it down and pick it up when playing.

If You Use a Push Cart or Pull Cart

The stand and staff bags are designed with wider bases, so they sit securely on push carts, pull carts, and the back of golf carts. They are designed for golfers who don’t want to carry their bags but still want to walk when they play a round of golf. Because you are not carrying the bag, it has more storage space than stand bags so that you can take more golf accessories. They often have specialized pockets for items like a water bottle, your range finder, and an umbrella holder.

Riding in a Golf Cart

The bottom on the back of a golf car is designed to hold golf bags securely in place, from a golf stand bag up to a tour staff bag. There is also a strap on the back of a golf cart that can slide underneath the handle or through a dedicated cart strap holder on the golf bag itself.

The number of pockets gives you easy access to your golf clubs and golf accessories during a round.


Starting with the center area at the top of the golf bag, where the golf clubs are stored, the average golf bag is 50 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. The Sunday golf bag will be about the same height and narrower diameter. The stand, cart, and staff bags will be of standard height and diameter.

What changes the overall size of the golf bag is the number and size number of pockets for storage space on the outside of the golf bag. The more storage pockets and the larger they are will make the overall size of the bag larger. In addition, more pockets and storage space will allow you to carry more golf accessories and make the bag heavier.


Size Comparisons

Let’s take a quick look at the different styles of golf bags and what makes them different in size.

Sunday Bag

The Sunday or pencil golf bag is the smallest style of bag available. They are standard height but have a slightly smaller diameter at the mouth and a single shoulder strap. It is designed for a minimalist experience and holds a half-set of clubs and a pocket for golf balls, golf tees, and not much else.

Stand Bag/Carry Bag

The golf stand bag, or carry bag, is about 50 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter at the top of the bag. It can carry a full complement of 14 clubs and has additional pockets. It is designed for golfers who like to walk and carry their bags when they play. It can have a valuables pocket, a pocket for your rangefinder, an apparel pocket, and other auxiliary pockets. They also have retractable legs so that you can sit down the bag and pick it up quickly. The stand bag is the go-to size golf bag for most golfers who like to walk and carry it when they play.

Cart Bag/Staff Bag

Cart bags and staff bags are also about 50 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. They also have wider bases that fit nicely onto push carts, pull carts, and on the back of a golf cart. In addition, they have more and more oversized storage pockets to hold more golf accessories than a stand bag and easy access to items. Some have specialized pockets, such as a cooler pocket to keep your tasty beverages frosty during a round of golf. A cart bag or a staff bag fits the bill nicely for those who like to push or ride when they play.

TellMeMoreGolf.com – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of a golf bag?

The golf bag is about 50 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. This measurement is taken from the mouth at the top of the bag where the golf clubs are stored. Then down to the base of the bag, or where it sits on the ground.

Golf bags differ in size in the number of pockets and the size of the storage space on the outside of the golf bag.

For most golfers, any golf bag, from a stand bag, to a cart bag, up to a staff bag, is all standard sized. However, because it does not carry a complete set of clubs, the Sunday bag is not considered a standard-sized golf bag.

How do I choose a golf cart bag?

The best golf cart bag is the one that has the functionality that you need. It should have full-length dividers for storing your clubs. In addition, it has enough storage space and an apparel pocket to keep your rain gear and rain hood.

Are golf bags different sizes?

Yes, golf bags come in different sizes. The smallest golf bag is the Sunday bag. The stand or carry bag is larger and can comfortably carry the full 14 clubs. The cart bag is larger and is designed to fit comfortably on push carts, pull carts, and golf carts. Finally, the Staff Bag is the giant version of the golf bag. Finally, the Staff Bag is the giant version of the golf bag. It can hold everything that a PGA tour player might need during a round of competitive golf.

What golf bags do the pros use?

The pros on the PGA Tour will typically use a Staff Bag, the largest style of the golf bag. Tour players need to be prepared for almost anything during a round, so they need more storage space. They can carry extra clothing, water-proof gear, golf balls, golf gloves, towels, an umbrella, and even golf shoes out onto the course. Tour Bags are also made with high-quality materials and are branded prominently with the player’s sponsors.

Conclusion: Research by Tellmemoregolf.com

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The size of the golf bag you need should be determined by how versatile it is and whether it has the functionality you need. A minimalist golfer will be fine with a Sunday bag as it is the lightest, and it carries the bare minimum required to play a round of golf.

The average golfer who likes to walk can use a stand bag to hold a complete set of clubs and several pockets to carry your golf accessories. If you’re going to use a push cart, a pull cart, or ride in a golf cart, you can look at larger models, such as the cart bag and the staff bag.

Look for well-respected manufacturers like Sun Mountain, Ping, Callaway, and Taylormade. They are well constructed and are made of high-quality materials that will last longer. Your golf bag should represent your style and match the style of golf that you play out on the golf course.



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