Single Vs Double Strap For Your Golf Bag — (Comparing the Distribution of Weight)

single vs double strap for your golf bag and the even distribution of weight for your body while you are playing

When a golfer is in the market for a new golf bag, there are many different factors to consider before making a choice. Different styles of golf bags are available for golfers who like to play the game in different ways. Some bags are small and lightweight, with double straps that are designed to maintain comfort even after walking the golf course multiple times. 

Other bags are designed specifically to be attached to the back of a golf cart, and feature a single strap that is significantly shorter and more compact to neatly rest behind the back while secured.

single vs double strap for your golf bag and the even distribution of weight for your body while you are playing

Single Strap Or Double Strap?

single vs double strap for your golf bag single strap or multiple for golf accessories like what you should have

When choosing between a golf bag with a single strap and a double strap design, it is important to consider both where and how you play most of your golf. For the most part, a double strap golf bag is most suitable for golfers who often walk the course, and a single strap golf bag is better for golfers who usually ride on golf carts or use a push cart. 

A golf bag with a single strap will generally fit more neatly while strapped into a golf cart, push cart, or pull cart.

The strap on a single strap bag is usually shorter than those of a double strap bag, meaning that there will be less extra slack dangling behind the bag while strapped in. 

This is an especially important consideration for golfers who own pull and push carts, as an extra long strap dangling beneath the bag can become caught and tangled in the cart’s wheels. The single strap design will usually lay flat behind the bag, and not be at risk of causing a snag. 

Double strap bags are usually best fit for the golfer who prefers to walk the golf course. A bag with two straps rests over both shoulders of a golfer, making it more comfortable and easier to carry over long distances. These double strap bags are adjustable, and can be tinkered with until the most comfortable resting position is achieved. 

While most walkers find the double strap design to be more comfortable, there are others who have been using the single strap design for years, and find it difficult to adjust. The ability to switch a single strap golf bag from one shoulder to the other can make them the preferred choice for some, and it is completely a matter of personal preference.


The primary design function of the double strap bag is the ability to distribute its weight more evenly across a golfer’s back. While a single strap design puts all of the bag’s pressure on weight onto one side of the player’s body, a double strap shares the pressure between two shoulders, and the bag rests evenly on the lower back.

Having the bulk of the golf bag’s weight centered directly behind a golfer is preferable to having it all resting on one side because of the way the weight is carried. With the weight placed behind, a golfer can lean slightly forward to counterbalance the load, where weight to the side forces the golfer to lean left or right in an effort to counterbalance. 

Leaning straight forward to counterbalance weight is a much more natural stance for a person than to lean off to the side. By leaning forward, the load of the bag’s weight is distributed evenly throughout a player’s back and both shoulders. 

When a golfer leans to one side to counterbalance the weight of a golf bag, all the muscles on one side of the back contract to carry the load. This uneven distribution of weight forges the other side of the body to overcompensate, which can lead to back pain and shoulder discomfort, especially over long periods of time.

The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf urge golfers who walk the golf course using a single strap golf bag to spread the load of the bag evenly across the body by rotating shoulders regularly throughout the round. Two common techniques for this are switching shoulder every hole, and walking the front nine on one shoulder, and the back on the other. 


Comfort Of A Double Strap Configuration

Due to this even and ergonomic distribution of weight, many golfers find a golf bag with a dual strap system to be more comfortable when walking the golf course.

Dual strap systems almost always feature an adjustable plate at the intersection where the two straps cross.

This adjustable plate ensures that the two separate straps form an “X” shape across a golfer’s back, and it holds the two straps together where they intersect. This intersection is a key area that has a huge impact on the way the bag’s weight is distributed.

Being able to adjust this center back plate gives golfers the ability to fine tune the way that the bag’s pressure is carried on the back, and can be adjusted to achieve different results. Some walkers prefer to have the majority of the bag’s weight sit higher on their backs, while others prefer it lower.

Whichever configuration you personally find to be most comfortable, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf highly recommend making sure that the back plate on your double strap golf bag stays centered on your back to ensure even weight distribution. The center plate can be adjusted higher or lower as needed, but should not drift side to side. 

Different Straps For Different Golf Bag Types

While there are hundreds of different golf bag models available today, nearly all of them will fit into four basic categories. Carry bags and stand bags can feature either a single or double strap, while cart bags and staff bags will nearly always feature a single shoulder strap. 

Carry Bags (Single or Double Strap)

Carry bags are some of the sleekest and most lightweight bags a golfer can buy. These minimalistic bags are designed to carry golf clubs, a handful of golf balls, and not much else. Some are even smaller, and designed to carry less than a full set of clubs. These small carry bags are commonly referred to as “Sunday bags” and are perfect for walking par 3 courses.

Stand Bags (Single or Double Strap)

Stand bags are carry bags that feature retractable legs which extend when the bottom of the bag is placed on the ground. While all stand bags can be considered carry bags, not all carry bags feature these retractable legs. By staying propped up like a kickstand, the bag sits at roughly a 45 degree angle making it easier for the golfer to access their clubs

Cart Bags (Single Strap)

Cart bags are designed to stay attached to golf carts and push carts, and generally feature more storage than carry or stand bags. Due to this added size, they also tend to weigh more which is less of an issue for golfers who only carry their bag to and from their vehicles. Cart bags are also more likely to offer premium features like full length dividers with dedicated putter slots.

Staff Bags (Single Strap)

Staff bags are commonly referred to as “Tour Bags,” as they are the style of bags carried by caddies on the PGA and LPGA Tours. These extra large and ultra-premium bags are designed to house everything a professional could possibly need during a competitive round of golf. Staff bags are the largest, and most expensive bags available, and are generally not used by amateurs. – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between single strap and double strap golf bags?

A single strap golf bag only features one strap, which is generally shorter and has more padding than a double strap bag. A double strap golf bag features two straps that are worn over each shoulder like a backpack, which helps distribute the weight of the clubs more evenly. 

How do you wear a 2 strap golf bag?

A two strap style golf bag is worn over both shoulders, similar to a backpack. The golf bag rests across the golfer’s lower back, and is usually angled nearly horizontally, with the top side slightly higher than the bottom. Some golfers angle their bags more dramatically, up to a 45 degree angle. No matter the angle, it is important that the top is higher to prevent clubs from falling out. 

How do you carry a golf bag with one strap?

A single strap style golf bag is worn over one shoulder, and most golfers will wear their strap over their dominant shoulder. The strap on these bags will be significantly shorter than those on a double strap bag, and will generally have more padding. A single strap bag rests somewhere near a golfer’s hip, and can be adjusted to rest higher or lower for maximum comfort. 

Do caddies prefer single or double straps?

The golf bags used on the PGA tour are called “staff bags” and are much larger than a standard golf bag, with much more internal storage. Additionally, these high end tour bags are made out of premium materials, and are almost always covered in the logos of the gofer’s sponsors. Staff bags are nearly always designed with a single strap, and are generously padded. 

While this is nearly always the case for caddies on the PGA Tour, there are also caddies that carry bags for everyday golfers at local courses. While these caddies most likely prefer a two strap design for better ergonomics, the primary concern of most caddies is the weight of the bag. 
Before playing a round where you know a caddie will be carrying your clubs, be sure to empty your bag of any equipment that will not be needed for the day, in order to minimize weight. This is the considerate thing to do for your caddy, and a staple of golf etiquette.

Conclusion: Research by

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Choosing the best golf bag for your region and preferred method of play is a great way to make sure your golf equipment is perfectly suited to your needs. Deciding between a single strap and double strap design is one of the most important considerations when picking a bag, and each design has different benefits. 

In general, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf recommend a double strap design for golfers who walk the course more often than they ride, as two straps distribute the weight of the bag more evenly across the back. Single strap designs are better for golfers who usually use golf carts or push carts, as the smaller strap will tuck away more easily when secured.


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