How To Ship A Golf Bag — (Cheapest Ways)

When it comes to shipping a golf bag, many golfers aren’t sure where to start. With so many different shipping companies offering a wide variety of different services, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your needs. 

In this article, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf take a look at some of the most popular options for shipping a golf bag, and break down which option is best for your specific needs.

how to ship a golf bag especially with usps or other clubs


Cheapest Way To Ship A Golf Bag

how to ship a golf bag with the cheapest way to ship from ship sticks or usps

While there are certain shipping companies, methods, and delivery options that will be more affordable than others for the most part, it is impossible to say for sure which option will be cheapest in every situation.

This is due to the large variance in bag size and weight, as well as delivery and shipping locations. 

Additionally, your specific time frame will play a part in the cost of shipping, as most companies offer different shipping speeds with different price tags. While every case is different, the team of experts at Tell Me More Golf has researched each option extensively, and break down which option is best for your particular situation. 

Ship Sticks

In most situations, a good place to start is with a company called Ship Sticks. This company specializes in the shipment of golf clubs, and they claim to charge around 60% as much as the post office in most cases. 

They are not a traditional shipping company, and actually use some of the other companies outlined in this article to fulfill shipments. The company was voted “best golf club shipper” for six consecutive years by the popular magazine Golf Digest. 

One of the unique benefits of Ship Sticks is the ability to ship your golf bag directly to a participating pro shop, leaving your clubs ready for you at the course. For these reasons, Ship Sticks should always be checked first before shipping a bag of golf clubs. 

This option is particularly helpful when traveling for a golf trip, as the convenience of a direct to pro shop shipment saves golfers the hassle of carrying their bulky golf bags while traveling. 


USPS is one of the best options for golfers who aren’t in a rush to get their golf bag to its destination. Because they offer a wide variety of shipping options, there are options that can take up to eight business days to be delivered. 

These slower shipping options can come with some of the lowest price tags on the market, and are recommended for the golfer whose number one priority is budget when shipping their golf bag. 


While FedEx may not always offer the lowest shipping costs, there are certain situations that can make these large shipping companies the most affordable option. 

Some golfers do not own or have access to a personal vehicle, and a boxed up bag full of golf clubs can be too large and heavy to carry into a shipping store, or brought on public transportation. In these cases, the convenience of Fedex’s at home pickup can save the cost of renting a vehicle to transport the clubs to the shipment center. 


UPS is another service that ships golf clubs, though it is usually not the most affordable option. The main advantage to shipping with UPS is the option to have your golf bag packed up by a UPS shipping professional. 

If you were to pack up your golf bag and full set of clubs yourself, they could become damaged if you pack incorrectly. Paying a little extra up front can be much more affordable than replacing broken or damaged clubs. For this reason, UPS is the best option for golfers who are not 100% confident in safely packing their clubs on their own. 

Golf Clubs on an Airline

When you are flying to your destination, bringing your golf clubs as a piece of checked luggage is often the most affordable and convenient option. The cost of checking a bag varies per airline, and will usually cost between $30 and $80. 

This is oftentimes the most affordable option, and best for golfers that prefer to keep their clubs by their side while traveling. Some golfers find carrying their clubs around while traveling to be a hassle, while others find it comforting. 

Driving Your Golf Clubs 

If your destination is close enough that it makes sense to drive, packing your golf clubs away in the trunk of your car can also save money and hassle. Road trips can be a great way to visit new golf destinations, and the added weight won’t cost you too much more at the gas pump.

While coast-to-coast travels may not be realistic by car for golfers who need to get to their destinations quickly, there are many situations where driving is the best option. Along with saving money on shipping cost, you’ll have the added convenience of your own car to get around while at your destination.


If you are not in a rush and don’t mind a bit of DIY work, using the United States Postal Service to ship your golf bag can be the least expensive option. Unlike UPS or FedEx, the post office does not offer services to help you with packing, and there is no guide online to help you prepare your clubs.

You should begin by measuring all sides of your golf bag, and finding the correct size box to use.

You can use a cardboard box of your own, or buy one from the post office beforehand. 

Once the appropriate shipping box has been selected, it is time to prepare the golf bag and clubs for shipment. All drivers and fairway woods with removable heads should be disassembled, and the club heads should be cushioned and placed safely inside the bag.

A great way to ensure the safety of the removed club heads is by placing them inside of their club head covers before packing them away. The remaining clubs should be wrapped with protective bubble wrap. 

First, wrap each club individually with a thin layer of bubble wrap and place them in the bag. Once all clubs are wrapped and inside the bag, bundle all of the clubs together with another layer of wrap. Use packing tape to secure the bundle, and the clubs are ready to be boxed. 

Begin boxing by placing a layer of packing paper, clothing, or any other cushioning into the bottom of the box. Place the golf bag on top of this padded base, and begin to fill in any empty space remaining in the box. Packing peanuts, inflatable air cushions, towels and clothing are all commonly used to fill in these upper voids in space. 

Once the golf bag is properly boxed up, seal both sides of the box with packing tape, and the package is ready for shipment. There are many different shipping options to choose from with USPS, with more expedited options costing significantly more, and slower options at the cheaper end of the spectrum. 

The most affordable option offered is called “USPS Retail Ground,” which can take as long as eight business days to be delivered.


How To Ship UPS Golf Clubs

UPS offers a different approach when it comes to shipping golf bags, and is the official club shipment service used by PGA Tour professionals like Louis Oosthuizen and Lee Westwood. 

While other services like FedEx and the post office require you to pack up your own golf equipment, UPS offers packing services where they do all the work for you. Simply drop your golf bag off at your local UPS store, and they will securely prepare it for shipment using their boxes and packing materials. 

The UPS store does charge a fee for the use of this service, which will vary from store to store since each UPS store is individually owned. 

There is also the option to box up the bag yourself, and bring it into the UPS store.

In these instances, you can have the team of packing experts at UPS take a look to determine if your package is packed properly to withstand the stresses incurred while shipping. 

If it is determined that your golf bag is not packed correctly and secured safely, you should have the experts in store repack your gear correctly. The most affordable option offered by UPS is called “Ground Shipping,” which can take up to five business days. 

For those in a hurry, there is also an “Overnight Shipping” option. Additionally, for those who are not shipping their clubs very far, there is an option called “Same-Day Local Delivery” for shipments within 100 miles.

How To Ship Fedex Golf Clubs

FedEx’s website has an entire page specifically dedicated to information regarding the shipment of golf clubs and bags. They recommend starting by taking detailed measurements of your bags length, width and height. 

Cart bags will generally be larger than stang bags, and will require a slightly larger box. If you already own a hard protective case for your golf bag, it will be up to you to make sure that everything inside the case is secured and protected safely. 

The team of experts at Tell Me More Golf recommend wrapping a towel around your golf clubs, and stuffing the upper area of your hard protective bag with clothing or other soft items. The goal is to fill all of the extra space in the bag, so as not to allow the clubs any room to rattle around and become damaged. 

If you do not own a hard shell protective travel case, FedEx can supply you with a hardened corrugated shipping container for an added fee.

The same steps outlined above for shipping with USPS should be followed to correctly pack up your equipment

Once your package is safely boxed with everything inside snugly cushioned, use packing tape to seal up the box and head out to your nearest FedEx Office location. If you are a FedEx account holder, you can estimate your shipping cost online, and then schedule an at-home pickup instead. 

There are a few different options to choose from when selecting a shipping service for your golf bag through Fedex. If you are in a rush, there are more expensive options that allow you to ship your bag out overnight, same day, or with “FedEx 2 Day.” 

The most cost effective method to ship a golf bag will be by selecting “FedEx Ground,” which has a one to five day delivery window anywhere in the continental US. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, the delivery window is between three and seven days.

Conclusion: Research by

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Here at Tell Me More Golf, we understand that it can be confusing to choose a shipping method for your golf bag. There are many different shipping companies offering different services, and keeping them all straight can be a headache. 

Keep this helpful guide handy next time you are getting ready to ship out your golf bag, and you’ll have all the information needed to make the right choice.





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