Ping Hoofer vs Hoofer Lite Review — (Golf Instructor’s Tips)

Ping Hoofer vs Hoofer Lite Review and Comparison Chart from Tell Me More Golf Instructors

As the head professional at Tell Me More Golf, I receive many questions about the best golf gear, especially when choosing the right golf bag.

Two of the most frequently mentioned names are Ping Hoofer and Hoofer Lite, highly regarded by golfers worldwide.

Choosing between these premium bags can be challenging as they exhibit top-notch quality, functionality, and stylish design.

This article discusses the benefits and potential drawbacks, helping you decide on the Ping Hoofer versus Hoofer Lite debate.

Ping Hoofer vs. Hoofer Lite Compared

When comparing the Ping Hoofer vs. Hoofer Lite, it’s evident that both golf bags are top-tier products, each offering unique benefits that suit different golfers.

The Ping Hoofer, priced at $275, weighs 5.5 lbs and impresses with its substantial storage, featuring 11 pockets and 22L pocket volume.

It also has a 5-way top to minimize club tangle.

Conversely, the Hoofer Lite is lighter at just 5 lbs and costs $245. In addition, it offers 7 pockets with a 19L volume and a 4-way top to manage club organization.

These Ping golf bags can compete with any golf bag on the market, including those from perennial heavyweights like Callaway, TaylorMade, Sun Mountain, and Titleist.

Both provide excellent value, comfort, and functionality, making the decision a personal preference.


Ping Hoofer Benefits and Cons

The Ping Hoofer is appreciated for its substantial storage capacity, boasting 11 pockets and a 22L pocket volume. As a result, it offers golfers ample room for all necessary equipment.

However, its relatively heavier weight at 5.5 lbs compared to the Hoofer Lite and its slightly higher price point of $275 might deter golfers seeking a more lightweight, affordable option.


The Ping Hoofer, priced at $275, provides good value for its cost, given its premium build, ample storage, and comfort features. 

In addition, its price reflects the bag’s versatility and durability, making it a long-lasting investment for dedicated golfers.


The Ping Hoofer tips the scale at 5.5 lbs, slightly heavier than the Hoofer Lite. Despite this, its well-engineered back puck and shoulder straps evenly distribute the bag’s weight, ensuring a comfortable carry for most golfers.


One of the shining features of the Ping Hoofer is its generous storage space.

With 11 strategically located pockets and a pocket volume of 22L, it provides ample room for all your golf essentials—from golf balls to water bottles and even a rangefinder pocket

In addition, the top-access magnetic slip pocket and two valuables pockets further enhance its storage capabilities.

Club Tangle

The Hoofer sports a 5-way top with full-length dividers, efficiently organizing your clubs and minimizing the dreaded club tangling. However, the five dividers may not separate individual clubs as much as bags with more dividers.


The size of the Ping Hoofer is both an advantage and a potential drawback.

Its larger size allows for extra storage and easy access to your gear, but it might feel a bit bulky for golfers who prefer a compact bag.


Hoofer Lite Benefits and Cons

The Ping Hoofer Lite stands out for its lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 5 lbs. As a result, it is an excellent choice for golfers who prioritize ease of carry.

Yet, its reduced storage options, with only 7 pockets and a 19L pocket volume, and its higher price tag of $245 may not cater to golfers seeking more space for their gear.


The Ping Hoofer Lite, priced at $245, is an attractive choice for golfers looking for a more affordable yet still feature-rich golf bag.

Despite being more budget-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on the high-quality standards Ping is known for.


The Hoofer Lite truly shines in terms of weight. Coming in at just 5 lbs, it’s lighter than the standard Hoofer, making it a fantastic choice for golfers who value lightweight ease of operation, especially those who frequently walk the fairway and prefer to carry their bags.


The Hoofer Lite offers 7 pockets with a 19L pocket volume, less than the standard Hoofer but still provides plenty of space for your essentials.

These include an apparel pocket with a full-length zipper for easier access and a zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket.

Club Tangle

This model features a 4-way top with full-length dividers, fewer than the Hoofer. While this might lead to more club tangling, it’s a trade-off many are willing to accept for the bag’s lighter weight and smaller size.


The Hoofer Lite’s smaller size is one of its main benefits. This compact bag is designed for golfers who prefer a less bulky bag, and it’s back puck simplifies conversion to a single strap connector for effortless carrying.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many clubs fit in Ping Hoofer?

The Ping Hoofer is designed to comfortably hold a complete set of 14 golf clubs. Its 5-way top and full-length dividers provide excellent organization and prevent club tangle, making storing and accessing your clubs easy.

Are Ping Hoofer bags waterproof?

While the Ping Hoofer bags are not 100% waterproof, they are made with water-resistant 300D polyester that can withstand light rain. Additionally, they come with a built-in rain hood that provides extra protection for your clubs during wet conditions.

Can the Ping Hoofer fit on a trolley?

Yes, the Ping Hoofer is designed with a cart-strap pass-through that allows it to be easily secured to a golf cart or trolley. This feature ensures that all pockets remain accessible even when the bag is on a cart.

Where is the rain hood Ping Hoofer?

The rain hood in the Ping Hoofer is conveniently stored inside the cushioned hip pad. The hood can be tucked away when it’s not raining, providing extra padding for comfort.

Does the Ping Hoofer Lite have a rain cover?

Yes, the Ping Hoofer Lite also has a rain hood attached to the cushioned hip pad. The rain hood helps to keep your clubs dry during inclement weather, ensuring you can continue your game no matter the weather conditions.


The Ping Hoofer and the Ping Hoofer Lite are exceptional golf bags that balance comfort, durability, and functionality.

The Hoofer, with its increased storage and slightly heavier build, is suitable for golfers carrying more gear. At the same time, the lighter Hoofer Lite is perfect for those prioritizing ease of transport.

Both bags offer an intelligent design, including the cart-strap pass-through and in-built rain hood.
Regardless of which one you choose, both bags uphold Ping’s high-quality standards, promising reliability and performance on the golf course.


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